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Player: @beaconess
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 50+3
Personal Data
Real Name: Acanthis
Known Aliases: Antic Ash / Ἀκανθίς / Thornette / Acanthyllis / Ἀκανθυλλίς
Species: The first Talon of Vengeance
Age: ~4000
Height: 7'10
Weight: 320 lb
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Yellow (feathers of a Citril Finch)
Biographical Data
Nationality: All
Occupation: Godess
Place of Birth: Greece
Base of Operations: Rome
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Daughter of Hippodamia and Autonous and sister to Anthus, Erodius, Schoeneus and Acanthus, Mother of the Talons of Vengeance
Known Powers
Willpower/Titan Weapon Scrapper. Bestowing of hexes. Certain combat buffs of untold origin.
Known Abilities
The Conflict Blade
Currently Acanthis is in struggle with Beaconess (Beverly Lemon), who was recovered from time traveling kidnap and given the memories of her father, Zillah

Centuries after being transformed Acanthis developed a bitter heart and the ability to polymorph, creating a new breed of man and bird. Acanthis was dispatched long ago, but her essence was recovered in the the prior Beaconess' (Beaconess Prior, Beatrice Lemon) scientific efforts on Preatoria to create the 'conflict blade', a blade created by the conflict of energy between the First Ward and the Night Ward, which is the weapon both the Beaconess and Acanthis wield. Acanthis engaged in a psychic struggle with Beatrice Lemon, which she ultimately lost. When Beatrice became pregnant by Zillah, Acanthis exited through the baby (Beverly Lemon) upon birth which was then kidnapped by the Talons of Vengeance, raised up in the past, and brought back again forward in time.

Acanthis and the Talons of Vengeance are the reason that there are no horses in Cimerora, the Rogue Islands, or Paragon City. (See Where are the horses?)

In an alternate timeline, Big Bird does not exists, instead having the role filled by Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse. Acanthis traveled back in time to influence Jim Henson and Kermit Love to come up with a different primary character, and created the divirgent time in which we now live, where Big Bird is the main character on the show.

Due to Acanthis interfering with the timeline, most shows prominitely displaying horses and entire modern equestrian enterprises did not come to fruition in the COX universe. The Kentuck Derby never existed, Mr. Ed was never aired, etc.

Mendor Silos considers Acanthis of primary concern.

Crimes: Murder, Kidnap, Hexing of humanity (bestowing curses to various bloodlines), Equistrian slaughter, Diverging the timeline

As told from Μεταμορφώσεων Συναγωγή (public domain) Autonous, son of Melaneus and Hippodamia, had as sons Erodius, Anthus, Schoeneus and Acanthus, with a daughter Acanthis to whom the gods granted great beauty. Autonous acquired many herds of horses which were pastured by his wife Hippodamia and their children. Now because he neglected husbandry, no crops were produced by the extensive lands of Autonous which bore only rushes and thistles. For this reason he named his children after such plants: Acanthus, Schoeneus and Acanthis, and his oldest son Erodius, because his lands had been eroded.

Erodius was extremely fond of these herds of horses which he pastured in the meadows. When Anthus, son of Autonous, drove the mares out of the meadows, keeping them out from their pastures, they were infuriated and set upon Anthus. They began to devour him as he uttered many a cry to the gods to save him. Now his father, panic-stricken through distress, faltered — as did the servant of the youth — and failed to drive off the mares. The mother went on battling with the mares, but because of weakness of body was unable to do anything to avert the slaughter.

While these people were bewailing Anthus who was hardly dead, Zeus and Apollo felt pity for them and turned them all into birds. Autonous was made a quail because, though father of Anthus, he had quailed at driving off the horses. The mother was turned into a lark with a crested head because she had headed for the mares to fight for her son against them. They turned Anthus himself, as well as Erudius, Schoeneur, Acanthus and Acanthyllis into birds called by the same names as they had before they were metamorphosed. They turned the servant who had attended Anthus into a heron [erōdios] — the same as happened to Erodius the brother of the lad, Anthus — but not the same sort of heron. For it is distinguishably smaller than the dark variety. Now this heron does not associate with the anthus bird just as the anthus bird does not associate with horses, because Anthus had suffered so much from horses. To this day when it hears a horse neigh, this bird flies away while imitating its cries.