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Player: @Anomaly
[[Image:Thumbnail Karu.png|300px|]]
Character Build
Security Level:
Biographical Data
Real Name:
Alexander Michaels and Karu.
Known Aliases:
Human and Zur
Paragon City, Rhode Island.
Kenneth R Michaels.(Father) Marian L Michaels.(Mother) Multiple supers/mutants scattered around the States on his dad's side of the family. A lot of relatives on his mom's side of the family in Texas.
Glowing Cyan-Blue.
Jet Black.
Physical Build:
Skinny-lean-toned, Athletic.
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active:
Since he was 18, though never was in the spotlight or known about.
Base of Operations:
IT Bachelor Grad from PCU-Graduated in 2018.
Information Technology-At Home Job, Crimefighter.
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Kinetic Absorption, Symbiosis and Regeneration.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Smartphone and New Defenders Communicator.
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The son of the now-retired hero and Rikti War Veteran, Absolver and Hero Corp field agent, Ranger. Alexander isn't a stranger to heroics, protecting others or trying to do what's right. He's known to be a thorn in criminals' sides and an annoyance to evil-doers in general, he isn't one to back away from a fight if he knows it'll protect and help somebody in the end, even if it might be at the cost of his life. No matter how many hits he takes, he'll always try to get back up. Though he acts like a wallflower most of the time, he always tries to be the first one out the door to help the city and those in need, while usually being the last one to come back home.

While on the OTHER end of things, Karu is a biological symbiotic sentient alien lifeform, he acts like Alexander's jacket most of the time or some small plushie animal or being that can be seen on or around ALexander's person. The creature seems to enjoy doing whatever he wants, enjoying the life of a charity streaming and lazy gamer and doesn't seem to want to do anything harmful to anyone, that doesn't try to harm his host or those he considers friends. His tone is always cheerful, innocent, and kind, even if his words hardly aren't. He is quite strange and extremely blunt, hardly has a filter for that mouth.


Alexander is a young Caucasian male who has a healthy athletic lean build. With short messy black hair(which is hardly ever kept), natural grown-neat eyebrows and bright cyan-blue eyes, fair skin, and a youthful face. He has only one notable (old) injury and it can be found on his back, it is an old slash scar from his right shoulder blade down to his midsection-left side. Aside from that, he has no other injuries or even blemishes on his body. Has no signs of face, arm, legs, chest, or back facial hair anywhere. No mountain man vibes here.

Karu takes on any form he likes, but one of his default forms is his "Ditto-like Blob"-form, which is between 6inches to 1feet in height. He has four cyan eyes, two chibi-small arms, and a large unhinged smile with multiple rows of cyan teeth(or however many he wishes to grow). Other various forms he can take as well from a cowboy hat, a jacket, a plushie cat and/or panda, and even a supposed "Kaiju-form."


Personality Traits

  • Compassionate
  • Heroic
  • Courageous
  • Curious
  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Selflessness
  • Respectul


Kinetic Energy Absorption: Alexander is able to absorb kinetic energy, while also removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing himself, gaining the drained power to hasten himself while also using it as a power source in combat, too.

Kinetic Energy Empowerment/Energized Body:-He is able to enhance himself through absorbing energy and converting it into bodily energy to perform superhuman feats. He becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. When he comes into contact with kinetic energy, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing slight mutated body.

Kinetic Energy Capacitor:-Can store the energy in his body/cells to strengthen his body, usually uses it as a training method to see how much energy his body can hold.

Hyperkinetic Exertion:-Alexander can exert an enormous amount of force without much effort, these moments are when he pushes himself to the point it is more harmful to himself. But his body is slowly building up to it and getting stronger.

Impact Absorption:-He can absorb a perfectly inelastic collision, an object struck by a projectile will deform, and this deformation will absorb most, or even all, of the force of the collision. He can absorb physical impacts such as punches and kicks, weaponry such as batons, bullets, and hammers/other blunt weaponry, or even explosions.

Kinetic Conversion:-Alexander can absorb and channel kinetic energy and convert it, he usually uses this to create large protective bubble-like shields around himself and others.

Kinetic Absorption Field:-Can generate a field that absorbs the kinetic energy of everything inside of it or around it, be it sound waves or vibrations that come from anything that creates motion. This usually hurts him though and makes it hard for him to focus, but he uses this with his bubble creation.

Regenerative Healing Factor:- Is able to use the Kinetic Energy to enhance his healing factor and heal quickly, though internal injuries take longer to do.

Enhanced Reflexes:-Due to his enhanced senses and agility, is usually able to dodge and react to danger quite efficiently.

Symbiosis:-Together Alexander and Karu make up the crime fighter known as Anomalie. Karu's symbiotic nature seems to take nothing from Alexander and the alien creature seems to sustain itself via consuming food/objects/matter.

Symbiotic Constructs/Shapeshifting/Transformation:-Karu can make all sorts of objects and constructs from his body along with shapeshifting into various forms, the more matter and more he trains, the faster his creations and shifting become. Karu's transformations seem to be limitless, as long as they're within his three fundamentals of matter. Size, weight, height... it all means nothing to him.

Symbiotic Solidification:-Karu can solidify or give solid-like properties with the level of solidity going from loose jello to metal-like hardness or beyond. He seems to only be able to do this with three out of four of the fundamentals of matter, those being Solids, Gas, and Liquid.

Symbiotic Connection/Sensory Sharing:-Karu and Alexander can feel each other's pain and even communicate in the mind, the pain sharing helps one or the other with helping the other heal.

Divided Mind:-Karu still retains his own mind and likes, even when bonded they're "one" in a sense, apart Karu seems to have his own thoughts and wants/needs. Usually video games.

Matter Manipulation:-Karu is able to shape and manipulate matter, i.e. anything in the universe that has substance and mass/physical form, starting from molecules and atoms. As long as it isn't Plasma.


Smartphone: Has a reinforced personal case on his phone which protects it from physical harm. The smartphone has 3TBs and has the Hero App installed on it, so he's able to get alerts, tips, and whatever else may need to come to his attention. And yes, he has multiple games and other apps on it, too.

New Defenders Communicator: State-of-the-art tech at its finest acting not only as identification but as communicator and tracking device, basically whatever a high tech watch-communicator can do.

Lense-Camera Glasses: These black framed and cyan-colored lense glasses are connected to Alexander's smartphone via wifi-connection, allowing him to see multiple tiny screens, so he can actually keep an eye on things.

Various Little Gadgets: Taser darts, Flash grenades, Smoke pellets, Tracking darts and Gas grenades.


Files about Anomalie through the eyes of Vanguard and Crey, also files about enemy groups Anomalie fights with or has fought with friends.

Vanguard File on the duo: [1]

CREY File: [2]

The Nothings-Paramilitary Terrorist Militia: [3]

Geneture a pharmaceutical company with too much money and time on their hands: [4]

Geneture's Projects Rebirth and Symbiosis: [5] and [6]


Alexander didn't have any powers for most of his youth, though he was born with glowing cyan eyes, a trademark for his father's side of the family, the glowing eye part at least. It was supposedly a sign of powers, or at least getting them someday. So it confused both his parents and the doctors when he wasn't immediately born with anything flashy, but of course, his parents loved and protected him all the same, and neither cared if he had powers or not. They were just mainly glad he was born safe and healthy, but the more Alexander grew and saw the world of heroes, the more he wished to be somebody like his father or even Statesman. Somebody strong, someone who was like a wall to protect the innocent and a force against evil. It was just that he always thought he needed flashy powers to do something, to fight, to make a difference, that he wasn't enough.

It wasn't till he was thirteen years old when Alexander's body began to "evolve" and began to show signs of slight abilities, he began to get stronger and faster. Strength, speed, durability, and senses. All of them happened at once, it made him freak out slightly, of course, not fully understanding what his body was going through. The FBSA doctors titled it "power puberty" and that his body would possibly go through multiple changes till adulthood, each one strengthening him and making him more akin to his father. But to Alexander, it was the final push he needed to start training(or at least try to), most of his close-quarter combat and quick takedowns were thanks to his mother, while his father would begin to teach him how to hold back against criminals and the Laws of Being a Hero(Rescue, No Killing, Being a Shield, etc).

At the age of fifteen, Alexander would've begun to sneak out on his own and attempted to patrol by himself, this usually went the route you'd expect... aka, he got his butt kicked a lot by multiple gangs or just regular petty criminals. And this usually meant, that both his parents literally had to ground him to stay at home while they tried to help or bandage him.

Once he was sixteen, Alexander's body changed once again and that's when his Kinetic Absorption began to show itself, it was then that he started to go after stronger gangs and tougher criminals. And that's also when his father began to teach him how to use his powers, too, in ways to protect innocent people. Alexander began to broaden his sights, he began to go from Atlas Park to both Kings Row and Steel Canyon trying to help out the other neighborhoods as best as he could, when he could. While also going to school, which was a task in itself.

And then once he was eighteen, he didn't know his life was going to take a sharp turn in a different direction. It seemed like a regular night in Kings Row, after taking down a drug bust that was happening between a group of Skulls and Trolls, before his eyes quite the sight of a group of Lost pulling a cart of what he thought was a dead body. He couldn't really get a good look, due to it being covered by a tarp, along with being up high on a nearby building. So he decided it would be a smart move to go down and investigate, and sadly the Lost wasn't too thrilled about somebody sticking their nose in their business, so a fight eventually broke out between the crimefighter and the alien-infected homeless. During the brawl, one of the largest Lost grabbed Alexander with their strange thumb-tendril and tossed him forcefully into the cart, luckily for Alexander, the impact of hitting the cart didn't harm him, but it did make the strange object on the cart fall off, hitting the ground with a loud thud, and in that instance, it was revealed that the Lost was wheeling around a meteorite.

The object would've cracked due to the impact of hitting the ground, which had caused a strange black liquid to leak out. At first, it seemed like a lifeless tar-like substance, before it instantly spazzed to life and clung onto the closest lifeform... which was Alexander, disappearing into the very pores of his skin. The young crimefighter didn't even see it or feel it, as he was more focused on the incoming Lost, the brawl lasted a few more moments, till the alien-infected gang felt like Alexander was no easy prey, while the young man felt slightly bad he ruined their "rock" and thought it was a body, but eventually the Lost retreated back into the sewer.

It didn't take but 24 hours for the black liquid that clung onto Alexander to reveal itself to be an actual symbiote by the name of "Karu", yes it named itself. The two had a slightly rocky start before becoming friends, but Alexander's family quickly took to Karu and gladly made him part of the family. Now the young mutant crime fighter and his symbiotic alien take on a new purpose, to protect their city and world, as best as they can.


  • Human-Introvert. Alien-Exovert.
  • Gamer Blob. Big Memester, too!
  • Loves to patrol. Needs social life.
  • Likes everyone, till given a reason not to.
  • Food lovers. Great cook.
  • Here to help. Always trying their best.
  • Gamer Alien. Streams on Twitch!
  • Got games on that phone.


Karu is a strange little symbiotic creature, he doesn't really seem to care too much about anything? That doesn't have to do with Pop Culture, video games, or something entertaining and fun! He is a very happy-go-lucky and sassy creature, ready to always talk back to any and everyone. Karu also seems to have memory problems, he knows he is in the four digits of age, but doesn't really remember any of his previous hosts or what he did with them. Sometimes he has a little memory of his past, but nothing ongoing.

But his species, the Zur, is also a mysterious and strange species. Hardly anything is known about this symbiotic race and it doesn't even seem they have an actual planet?

More Zur Info Here: [7]


The family business that Alexander was born into, Mach Inc is an incorporation that hopes to help supers and the world everywhere. Its buildings are found mostly in the States where the more supers operate, so it can branch out and help everyone, from helping with collateral damage to inventing and selling non-lethal weaponry for tech-based heroes. Mach Inc has been around since the 1940s and its current CEO is none other than Alexander's father, Kenneth.

More Mach Inc Info: [8]