Athanasia (Reunion)

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Player: @MaraAt1
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Threat Level: __
Personal Data
Real Name: Mara Nishimura
Known Aliases: Athanasia
Species: Human
Age: _________________yo.
Height: __________________m
Weight: _________________kg
Eye Color: _______oebja________
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Praetoria
Occupation: Powers Division Officer
Place of Birth: Neutropolis
Base of Operations: haqretebhaqvzcr e vny
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Amelia Visard
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Infiltration and information gathering
L-5 Beam Rifle, Repurposed IDF Armor

Mara Nishimura (aka. Athanasia) was a Powers Division member and a warrant officer working for the PPD. The police division needs her skill to bring down rogue metahumans. Not an easy task since fresh recruits quickly replaced captured resistance members. Luckily for her, a recruiter unwittingly brought Mara into their rank. Working as a double agent, she crippled and neutralized multiple terror cells operating in Neutropolis. Mara went on later to serve as an operative for The Ministry. She became a liaison to its agents, most of them worked as spies. Thanks to her network of allies and her tenacity, The Ministry managed to curb organized crimes. However, despite her excellent achievement, her luck ran out. A mole abducted Mara for a ransom. He wanted to trade her with a kingpin, who was serving in jail. Sadly, The Ministry's rescue team was too slow, and Mara had been missing ever since.

In-game Bio

Mara is always eager to prove herself. It is not surprising since her mother was a Powers Division member. Right now, her mother is serving a life sentence. Someone has thrown her mother in jail and made Mara work for them. Calling herself Athanasia, she hopes that one day she will find and rescue her. Whatever her motive is, Mara is now fighting for the good people of Praetoria. If she persists, she may achieve fame and greatness more than her mother ever had.

Mission Architect

Early Life

Mara was born on YYYYMMDD, in Neutropolis, Praetoria. Her parents, Keiji and Amelia, separated when Keiji uncovered his wife's infidelity. Amelia, a top dog of Powers Division, involved herself in an affair with several men. One of them was a resistance spy who was using her to steal intel and bypass security measures. Heartbroken, Keiji left Amelia to rot in jail and disowned his daughter. He abandoned Mara when she was ten, even though a DNA test confirmed Mara as her daughter.

Following her mother's footsteps, Mara joined the Powers Division. Unlike her mother, she didn't aim for the top. Mara genuinely cares about her colleagues and respects her seniors, including her mother's detractors. She still had to endure too many hardships, but she prevailed. Her charm afforded her many circles of friends, despite her checkered past. Within a year or so, Mara had built networks of friends and colleagues.


The young officer relied on her strength and skills to succeed in her tasks. Mara talked a lot whenever her friends are around. She had many circles providing her with news and gossips in Praetoria. This knowledge helped Mara in shaping her plan. If it did not do, she improvised a new one. Then again, Mara was also a psychic. She had her mother's gene. One of her abilities was well known: Mara could control how people perceive the flow of time. The rest of them were subtler; she could stop anyone from probing her mind, and her words compelled people to obey. However, it's important to note that Mara had spent years asking the judge to give her mother leniency, but her words did not sway the judge.

Cooperating with the PPD

Mara's first task was to curb the resistance activity in her area. The movement had splintered into two different camps. One of them was The Wardens. Mara regarded them as a more reasonable and better target to persuade. At least, both Mara and The Wardens highly valued Praetoria's safety. She would later use The Wardens for her ends once Mara had influenced them.

Mara picked a few trusted fellows as her inner circle. She proposed to infiltrate the resistance to gain enough influence. Once they had control, they would subvert The Wardens for their gain. Each member used a fake name to protect their safety. Mara took Athanasia as her call sign. Mara, as the leader, would secure funding for her teams and directed the cells. Members from PPD would pull a few strings to ensure smooth operations. The rest of the team from the Powers Division, including Mara, would slip into the targets.

Mara's plan worked. Despite a lack of expertise on their part, the team compromised many resistance cells in her area. Utilizing knowledge from those cells, Mara and her team drove out the Crusaders.

There was one problem. Mara misjudged her ability to keep the plot hidden. She was shocked when a senior officer recognized her as Athanasia. That officer was not the only one. Her superiors had figured out her deed, but they let it run its course. Luckily, the PPD let Mara out of the hook. Her effort had reduced the violence rate by foiling the extremist. It allowed them to focus on syndicated crimes. In the end, Mara got a commendation rather than jail time. Mara also won respect from her mother's old friends. PPD still had Mara grilled for 12 hours in the interrogation room before they congratulated her, though.

The Ministry Operative

Mara's job was to gather intel from her targets and send them to The Ministry. These data usually came from many sources, but most of them came from her target's brain. It was Mara's job to pull it out because this job required her unique skill. In a world where mind-probing is common, many people acquired the ability to seal their minds. A few ways to open their mind are exhaustion and pain, which Mara dutifully inflicted via her psychic powers while her colleague was taping their mind. She was not too happy about it; The Ministry promoted her from a PPD specialist to a glorified torture technician.

Nevertheless, the job had its benefits too. It required Mara to mingle with Praetoria's upper class. Emulating her mother's work years ago, Mara used her power to sway many of them, including a young accountant from Kantir Corp.

The job also allowed Mara to mend her bond with Keiji and the Nishimura. Her critics claimed that she applied a double standard when her family broke the law. The gambit worked. Most of the family warmly welcomed Mara since she had shown her support for them, although Keiji didn't buy it. Despite her effort, she could not impress her father.

Later in her career, Mara was investigating a new mind-control program. Its initial purpose was to calm an unruly mob, but someone altered the design. The early version forced its target to do tasks rather than merely gave a soothing vibe. The later version encoded itself into its victim's memory and activated after some time. In laymen's terms, it turned its victim into a sleeper agent. Worse, there is no way to trace anyone already affected by it.

Mara was very close to crack the case open when she received a distress call. She raced to aid her agent, but her luck ran out. When the rescue team arrived, both Mara and her agent had already gone. The agent, who turned out to be a mole, abducted Mara. He wanted The Ministry to release a kingpin in exchange for Mara's safety, but The Ministry did not respond to his demand. They dispatched a rescue team, but it was too late. The mole had hidden Mara (or her remain) before the rescue team could reach her. Since the incident, nobody has ever seen Mara again.

Rumors of Survival

There were a few rumors regarding Mara's fate; most of them came from Eltentown survivors. The stories started when militias confused a convoy carrying prisoners with medical supplies. The transport, which was going to Arclight Lab, was already empty when the militias caught it. Hours later, the Carnivals had rescued a woman in her late 40s and her daughter before they brought them to the compound. Both women claimed rogue scientists had run experiments on them before they fled. According to a witness, the daughter had many similarities to Mara. Their restraints and nullifier devices were also giveaways to their origin. The escapees joined the militia afterward. They had rescued many citizens from the slavers and many other dangers in First Ward until the Devouring Earth invaded. Most likely, both women sacrifice their lives to buy the citizens enough time to cross into Primal Earth.


Despite her shortcomings, Mara has repeatedly shown her skill and commitment to Praetoria. Her work in PPD set a new trend for other Powers Division members to work together. She had swayed many people to serve Praetoria in many ways. If the rumor is true, it showed her dedication. Even after unjust imprisonment, Mara remained loyal to the safety and well being of her people.