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· Mutant Blaster ·
Psychic Blast
Mental Manipulation
Player: @Johua
Real Name
Amy Reed
US citizen
King's Row
Bank teller, part-time hero
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
114 lbs
· Distinguishing Features ·
External cybernetics consisting of cheek plates, and ports that are normally hidden under her hair.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Telepathy, telekinesis
· Equipment ·

Early Life

Amy Reed was born to Devin and Clarissa Reed one balmy Praetorian January. Her powers manifested early on, which naturally led to her parents doing their best to hide her. But when you're an official who works for a fascist government and they find out you've been breaking the rules, well... it tends to lead to you and your wife being shot, and the 16 year old daughter you've been hiding in the basement gets snatched up anyway.

Seer Training

The Seer training was brutal, and aside from the fact that she washed out of it, much of the reason Amy can't remember her early life or her parents is due to this training. She lasted nearly a year in Praetor Tilman's care, and like every other Seer that washes out of Seer training, she was dumped outside of the sonic fences and left to fend for herself. Thankfully, she was found by members of the Praetorian resistance.

The Resistance

The Resistance found Amy and hooked her up with the cybernetics that would end up saving her life, so she happily took up with them. During her time in the Resistance, Amy served as a warning signal for the cell she ran with, alerting them to the presence of PPD or Seers.

Primal Earth

Eventually, the Resistance made contact with people from Primal Earth, and though it meant leaving her friends behind, Amy decided to make the jump. At first, she told herself that it was about drumming up Primal support for the Resistance, but she would eventually come to admit that she needed to escape. She aided Primal Earth during the Praetorian war, and when it ended she quickly began working on earning US citizenship.

She wasn't sad to see Praetoria destroyed.

Powers & Equipment

Amy is a powerful but broken psychic, whose presence on the psionic plane is not entirely unlike a hurricane, with Amy herself representing the eye. The Seer training she was forced through caused permanent damage and rendered her unable to control or regulate her considerable abilities, which forces her to rely on a suite of cybernetics to keep them from going out of control.

Amy's cybernetics are mostly internal, though she sports four external ports, two on each side of her head. These connect to the cybernetic devices she uses to regulate and control her powers, and include a pair of psionic field regulators, which take the form of plates that sit over her cheeks, and a system interface that takes the form of a pair of high tech goggles. She also has a pair of gauntlets that allow her to focus and direct her powers when she's in the field.


Eva: Amy met Eva in Pocket D, after noticing the fact that flowers were sprouting from her hair. She thought it was cute, so she approached her, and the two quickly hit it off. They went on a date, then another, then another, and before long Amy was well and truly smitten. Eventually, Amy moved in with Eva, and the two ended up getting engaged. Now they're planning a wedding.

Ren: Ren was one of the first people that Amy spoke to when she started visiting Pocket D to improve her tolerance to so-called "psychic noise." The two of them are similar in a lot of ways, both due to the way that their powers function (or in Amy's case, malfunction) and their general outlooks. Amy cherishes Ren as a friend, enough to consider her to be one of her best friends, and the obvious choice for best lady? Maid of honor? Both? Weddings are weird.


Amy is unable to completely shut out the thoughts of people around her, and as such may pick up on unguarded thoughts. She typically doesn't know whose thoughts they were, as the volatile nature of her powers heavily distorts the "voices."

To help deal with what she calls "psychic noise," Amy typically listens to music at varying volumes while she's in public.

Amy absolutely hates Seers and tends to freeze or otherwise lock up around them, if she doesn't lash out. She also vehemently despises Praetorian loyalists and may react negatively to learning that someone is a former loyalist.