Beaconess Prior

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Beaconess Prior
Beaconess Prior
Player: @acanthis
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Master Mind
Security Level: 50+3
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Beatrice Lemon
Known Aliases: Celebration Me, Beaconess
Species: Human
Age: 45
Height: '
Weight: 100 lb
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Black American
Occupation: Leader of the Sesame Street Gang
Place of Birth: Evansville, IN
Base of Operations: Evansville, IN
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Wife of Zillah, Future Mother in Law to Atarus, Mother of Beaconess, Owner of Codger
Known Powers
Thugs, Empathy
Known Abilities

Praetorian, Beatrice Lemon is a refugee from a fallen world, formerly a Resistance sympathizer turned Top Dog turned Resistance leader.

Although a member of Sovereign, she’s not comfortable living or working there. She resides in the base of the Eternal Guardians, which is largely abandoned (she doesn’t even know who owns the place!) but lovely, and her private technology lab is located at One Statesman Plaza, Khalisti Wharf. Her day job is with The Department of Advanced Technology Application, but she is seldom at the office in Atlas Park.

Beaconess is an avid boater, with her boat being seen usually in Peregrine Island, and Independance Port.

Beaconess is a lycanthrope, infected as an elementary student but rescued by a crude hunter style hero, she’s since forgotten his name. This fact seldom comes up in her day to day at this point.

Beatrice grew up in former America, Evansville Indiana, Preatoria 47713 but moved to Nova Preatoria for university, where she studied zoology with a speciality in ornithology, later earning a PhD in Technology from Paragon University after becoming a refugee.

When the Destroyers set off bombs at a comic book convention, Beatrice's mind set changed. In that same cosplay Beatrice joined the power division as 'Anti-Magik' to stave off the resistance. When Reese expected her to publically execute Resistance Leaders, she instead made them into gladiators for public entertainment, narrowly keeping them alive.

Learning that White created the Destroyers made her again a incognito resistance sympathizer and she staged a daring escape for her gladiators - she then was identified helping Project Zero escape and joined the resistance, quickly gaining rank in a standard resistance outfit spray painted gold as the handle 'Sidecar', working on a new prototype flame sword technology, come to form by the conflict of presence by the ‘Night Ward’ and the ‘First Ward’, inspired by the legendary phoenix.

Leaving Preatoria with Calvin Scott, she eventually had to assist in his downfall. For a time she donned a new costume, advancing her 'flame sword' tech and continued to fight crime as 'Sidecar'.

Soon Beatrice found herself haunted by the demon Mot, and was swayed to go to the aid the Talons of Vengeance, who happened to be looking for an avatar for the Goddess Acanthis - the primal guardian of the Well of the Furies, who readily found Beatrice to be a harmonic match. Acanthis however was not pleased with the Talons mostly failed plan to use Mot as a tool, or Mot who triumphantly returned…

Acanthis and Beatrice even now continue to struggle for control of the host, never fully agreeing on who is in control. When Acanthis is mostly suppressed, Beatrice fights crime in her previous 'Anti-Magik' cosplay recreated by energy from the Well of Furies, when Acanthis has control the host body is twisted into an anamorphic bird. Sometimes they are a balance or agreement, and they fight primarily with the previous flame sword technology while still being an anamorph, but Acanthis insists upon donning clockwork wings for ‘battle balance’ and draws forth tail feathers from the Well of Furies.

The capital letter I is an insistence that Beatrice will never give up, it is emblazoned to remind her of her individual existence apart from Acanthis. The Well of Furies empowered Anti-Magik form represents Beatrices’ reclamation of self, this cosplay was created before her political views or any crime fighting attempts, before the Talons of Vengeance forced an intruder into her everyday life, and before life took her homeworld and her family from her.

"One will come as a Phoenix, but we will not see them. They will prove themselves in battle, turning many to ash" -Tsoo Herald

Beaconess, as ‘Anti-Majik’ became extremely adept at conquering control of her body against Acanthis, even learning through meditation to suppress her ability to grasp control during her sleep! Having conquered Acanthis, Beatrice started enjoying life, and learned how to ride a motorcycle, and that’s how she met Zillah.

Zillah and Beatrice began a romance, and were wed as Statesman’s Plaza. Eventually, they had a daughter together, Beverly Lemon (Beatrice did not take Zillah’s last name, who wants to be a Smith? Zillah Lemon works much better anyway)!

The very first evening upon bringing Baby Lemon home, she was taken, through magic or stealth, no trace was left. Three days later Beatrice is visited by Acanthis, larger than ever, fully in control of another host… and found herself unable to summon the blade of conflict… or any other abilities… knowing exactly what she encountered…

After explaining the encounter to ZIllah, he vows to destroy Acanthis and reclaim his daughter.

Beaconess and Zillah battle present day Acanthis in Cimerora, and with the help of Sister Solaris; Zillah is linked to the host of Acanthis, Beverly Lemon. Zillah finds Beverly has the same shape changing powers he does, and due to the vacuum within Beverly, having never been filled with experience before, clones himself into her mind. Beverly transmogrifies into a male clone of Zillah (Zillah does not ever change his ‘shape’, just his ‘size’), and instantly suppresses Acanthis. Calling himself Zillion, Beverly Lemon, the host, is free of Acanthis, and since he will not give birth, when he passes, it will take a millennium for Acanthis to gather enough energy to create a new host on our plane. After Zillion is formed, past Acanthis is drawn to the scene and battles with him, only to be destroyed / banished, past Acanthis vows to take one of his blood as a Beacon for her return, and that his containment of her future form at this time is one that is temporary… “I will ride the wave of the destruction of your true homeworld, and merge with the conflict from between the planes… the Beacon will be mine!”