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Player: Belah Nain
Origin: Mutant/Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: '
Species: Succubus/Devouring Earth hybrid
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Crey Biotech
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Belah Nain (Genetic donor "Mother")
Known Powers
Known Abilities

“So! Doctor. Valerie. Glenn. I hear the project isn’t going so well. Care to explain?”

<long sigh>

“When you gave me the assignment to ‘clone a god’. You neglected to mention it was an ACTUAL god. Three quarters of the people your department fights get classified as ‘gods’. Marketing uses the word to classify the Paragon Protector Corps. It is a buzzword. A marketing gimmick. A genericized term that most executives and departments around here like to use as shorthand for ‘want power. Gimmie power. Oog. Ooog.’ And then, for once, to my surprise and horror, somebody used the term correctly. Long story short? You asked me to clone MAGIC. I am a geneticist. I am a scientist. The ‘Doctor’ in my title does not have ‘WITCH’ preceding it! I had to improvise with the genetic matrix."

“Please. Please. PLEASE tell me you did NOT use ‘tar’ as an ‘improvisation’."

“No. And I did not write a program to skim fractions of pennies off of bank transactions either. So would you like to insult me some more before you slink off to another ethanol lunch, or would you like to hear about the progress I’ve made?”

The Plan

Belah Nain was a thorn in Crey’s side.

The Succubus of Smash had successfully set back, destroyed, demolished, and otherwise obliterated several high-value projects at Crey Corporation, as well as personally delivering a beating to not only Countess Crey’s bodyguard and second-in-command Mr Hopkins, but Countess Crey herself.

This was, of course, an intolerable state of affairs. One that had in fact, just become deeply personal to an exceptionally powerful individual with access to unlimited resources and known for holding grudges

To soothe this injury, and in order to harness this level of power for herself, the Countess ordered a portion of Crey Biotech to divert resources from the Paragon Protectors Corps to duplicate this power. Duplication was chosen over capture and conversion based on risk assessments confirming Belah’s personality and abilities were too volatile to control.

After doing their best to obtain some kind of DNA sample, (a harder task than one would think with a succubus), the best they could accomplish was harvesting a secondhand sample obtained by a very large razorvine specimen during a battle with the creature known as Hamidon at a former Crey Facility in a region now called The Abyss.

It would have to do.

“After six months of hunting, we finally made some headway. The razorvine specimen, as expected, resulted in cross contamination. Possibly a lucky break as it turned out. The tendrils generated by our version rapidly shoot out, penetrate a target, and return biological material. This aids in healing, regeneration, and replenishment of cellular energy while purging fatigue toxins via transfer to the same target. In addition, the subject’s body generates an acid mist, concentrated to lethal levels in the claws. In an aroused mood, it can strip paint. In a killing mood it can melt steel.”

Project “Wargasm”

With the physical properties duplicated or analogized to a satisfactory level, now came the programming and conditioning phase. To properly duplicate a Succubus’ magic-based psychic abilities in general, and Belah’s more combat-oriented abilities specifically, Crey biotech had to be creative. Especially given that the body characteristics needed for raw physical power was not particularly suited for grafts from “donor” psychics.

“It’s been a year and a half, and unsurprisingly, we have had to make some sacrifices. Raw physical power is the preferred criteria, and giving the subject low-level empathic and mind control abilities was deemed unnecessary at best and a serious risk at worst. To duplicate the original’s … pronounced… battle lust, we performed minor alterations to the subject’s brain tissue and structure. Aggression, pain, and obedience are all routed through its pleasure centers via a combination of chemical alteration, post-hypnotic suggestion, and electrostimulation. It feels extreme pleasure when given orders from appropriate personnel, extreme pleasure when in battle, and hurting it only feeds into more aggression, and then back to pleasure from there. Coupled with incredible regenerative properties, it is a very dangerous weapon that lives to serve.”

Runaway Train

"And what would YOU happen to be?” - Belah Nain

Three months of lab testing and heavily-supervised field testing yielded consistent, top-mark results. The subject was a killing machine, and one that left no DNA trace or markers to lead back to Crey Biotech.

Unfortunately for Crey, no plan survives contact.

During a routine test; a search and destroy mission against a malfunctioning Paragon Protector in the “Venice” region of Paragon City, the subject encountered the original Belah Nain. The original had been searching the area for a large Devouring Earth (see attached note: Jurassik) and had been drawn to the intense pleasure felt by the subject in the performance of its duties.

What transpired between them is unknown, but the subject turned on its handlers, eviscerating the two Crisis Units assigned to monitor and contain, and then disappeared into the industrial landscape.

“You’re telling me you cloned a succubus... a sex demoness with psychic and empathic abilities, correct? You then rewired the clone to be PERMANENTLY TURNED-ON… and then DIDN’T consider that the original MIGHT FIND IT? WITH ITS PORN SENSE!? BECAUSE SUCCUBUS?! Get out of my sight!”

<sound of door closing>

“Hopkins. I have a task for you.”


The runaway, now codenamed "Beshemoth", is a killer. She takes pleasure in the hunt, the kill, and her own sense of power. Created to hunt supers, she is at home in Crey-controlled territories, stalking Paragon Protectors, Tanks, and other augmented or powered individuals. Belah Nain often observes her from a distance, trying to figure out a way to unlock Beshemoth's mind and free her from her programming without damaging the alterations that make her unique.