Captain Coggs

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The Captain in front of his ship, The Moisty Maiden, within the Pirate Cove
Captain Coggs
Player: @CptCoggs
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: Arch-Villain
Personal Data
Real Name: Artemis Coggs
Known Aliases: Cap'n Coggs
Species: Human
Age: 400+ (exact unknown)
Height: 175cm
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: Pale Green
Hair Color: Brown Dreadlocks
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kingdom of England
Occupation: Pirate
Place of Birth: Kingdom of England
Base of Operations: Pirate Cove (Just Outside of Rogue Isle)
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Wife (Lady Coggs) / Adopted Daughter (Alessa)
Known Powers
Control of the Seas
Known Abilities
Expert Strategist and highly knowledgeable in Curses
The Moisty Maiden (Brigantine)

Captain Coggs

Pirate Lord of the Rogue Isles



Born in the late 1600's, he grew up on a quiet port town in Swansea.

He used to enjoy taking trips out with the local fisheries, learning all about sailing, the ocean and spend evenings collecting treasures that wash upon the shore.
It was a peaceful life.

That was, until Dread Pirate Vane and his crew ransacked the town.
Killing many, capturing few. Little Coggs amongst the captives.

Vane took a shine to this young boy, seeing the fire in his eyes, and his will to survive!
Even when being dragged aboard, at only 12 years old, he gave a sea-hardened pirate a black-eye!

Captain Vane took the little boy under his wing. Taught him all his tricks, the way of the sea's, and too many of his secrets.

A few years later, the boy was a man, and admired aboard the ship as Captain Vane's Quatermaster!
But what Vane didnt realise, is this whole time, little Coggs was just looking for his time to strike..

And he found it.
Vanes Secret...
His immortality...
Could be taken...

Visual Appearence:

Pale leathery shark like skin covers his body, with some patches looking more like a dark green sharks skin than human skin. 

Scars cover his body that seem to have cracked open, glowing with a ghostly pale green color which seems to brighten dependant on his current mood.

Hardened vein like skin covers parts of his face and his eyes appear to be similar to his scars in nature, emitting the same pale green glow. 

He has long brown Dreadlocks that he keeps up in a bandana and wears an eyepatch, which some sources say is not due to lack of an eye, but instead to allow him to never have to adjust to low light, simply switching the eye his patch sits upon when entering darker areas.

He is usually seen wearing a dark sea green colour with charcoal greys for his clothes, and although mostly seems to enjoy showing off his markings, does occasionally wear an embroided long coat bearing his ships flags sigil on his cloak.

Power Backstory:

After gaining immortality, he spent many years sailing between the Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean Seas taking anything he saw fit to be his. A predator on the waves, unstoppable and feared. 
But he always saught more. He may be immortal, but not unkillable. 

His crew was fat and content on the riches they had, but Captain Artemis Coggs still hungered. Eventually seeking answers in the Arcane and lost forbidden Rituals. The Moisty Maiden, his retrofitted brigantine, and its crew, began sailing in search of any rumours of lost and powerful artifacts, which began his collection. 

At first, he began to lose power and strength, as many of these artifacts were cursed, until he discovered something. 
Curses counteract each other.
The more curses you gain, the more you can counteract the downsides of them.

Cursed to never walk on land and remain in the ocean, he became a creature of the sea. Gaining Shark-like skin, and the ability to breathe water. Cursed again to never be able to swim the seas and be forced to remain on land, the curse counteracted. Now able to freely travel between both, breathe both Air and Water, and still maintain his Shark-like leathery skin. 

This was one of the many counteracting curses he gained over the 400+ years of his life. 

Slowly, he gained knowledge on turning his ship into a living being, voodoo rituals that turn his men into unstoppable beasts, how to travel between the materal, and the immatereal realms, and even control over the oceans themselves.

Turning a once feared Pirate Scourge, into an Ethereal Dread Pirate legend. The many curses cracking his skin, glowing an inhuman pale green, and little remaining of his humanity left.