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Origin: magic
Archetype: multiple
Threat Level: 1-54
Personal Data
Real Name: Rachel, Judith, Pallas, Argine
Known Aliases: Queens of Suits (diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs)
Species: human
Age: 30’s
Height: 5’7”
Weight: never ask
Eye Color: blue, red, green, brown
Hair Color: blonde, red, black, brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: ???
Occupation: Criminal Royalty
Place of Birth: ???
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: widowed
Known Relatives: Kings of Suits (deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities



The Dames are a sisterhood of criminals that came into power through the playing card criminal underground known as the House of Suits. When this house of cards toppled in the aftermath of the 52 card pickup wars, the Dames and their new husbands the Kings of Suits would rise to power and rebuild the House. The House of Suits would rule the criminal underground of Europe for a time before setting their sites on America. Trying to expand to the US through Paragon City proved challenging due to the City of Heroes. Their failed attempt to expand to the US lead to imprisonment at the Ziggursky penitentiary. But their time in prison would be a short stay thanks to The Archnos prison break. The House strived under the Arachnos umbrella but decided to move their operations back to Europe.

Their return to the Rogue Isles and their introduction to the Getaways villain group can be explored through the AE mission - The Getaways: Confidence Games - The 3 Card Monte Missions.

Rachel Dames.pngRachel Dames

The Criminal Queen of Diamonds (Thieves).

Qoh.jpgJudith Dames

The Criminal Queen of Hearts (Organized Crime).

Qos card.jpgPallas Dames

The Criminal Queen of Spades (Assassins).

Qoc.jpgArgine Dames

The Criminal Queen of Clubs (Drug Trade).