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“Are you sure this guy is around here?” “Quiet! You want the Corolax to hear you?” Corolax are not things you mess with. They’ve been here longer than man has been around, you either respect them or be dragged under. So Rat didn’t question Rainer about his warning as they go under a dock off the coast of Sharkhead Isle. Their job was to find someone, not get killed, so Rat kept his mouth shut. They found a cave where the pier and hill met. The entrance was covered in sea salt and seaweed that washed up to shore. But the closer you looked at the rocks surrounding the entrance, you can see what looked like claw marks. “This looks like a Corolax home,” said Rat. “The perfect place to go where you don’t want to be bothered.” Looking at the cave entrance, Rainer shouted, “Oi! We know you’re in there! Come out, we go. . . “ Rainer got cut off as the wind in his lungs was pushed out. A shadow had come out of the cave and stopped in front of Rainer while driving his fist into Rainer’s stomach. He fell to his knees gasping for air while trying to stay conscious. Rat was thrown to the ground by the sheer force of the punch. He sat back up and was looking at the back of the “shadow” and he blood ran cold. The figure he was looking at had the uncanny appearance of Captain Mako. “Please, Mr. Mako, we didn’t mean no harm! We was just looking for Deadreef!” Rat begged as he went on his knees face down, completely submissive. “What do you want with Deadreef?” said the man. “We need him to kill a man,” squeaked Rat. “What do you have to offer?” “Offer? We was just told, to tell you who to kill” “Then this is a waste of time,” the man was turning around to go back into the cave, when Rainer grabbed him by the leg. The man turned to face Rainer, he was still gasping for air but managed to look up at the man. “Trust us, this is not a waste of time. . . Deadreef.” Dead Reef turned around to face Rainer, as he was getting up. Still holding his stomach, he managed to continue despite the pain, “We know you want to beat Mako, and we can give you that chance.” “I’m not interested in beating my mentor. I want to surpass him, make a name for myself as he has.” Dead Reef stated. “Fine, surpass him. We have a deal for you that could give you that chance.” Said Rainer. “We have a man that needs to be killed. A man that has bested your mentor on one on one but was defeated when Mako rallied his mates and took him down. To Mako’s knowledge this man is dead, but the bastard survived and is working in the shadows to get his revenge on Mako and the men who followed him.” “How do you know this man is still alive and not some wannabe?” “Oh, I know it’s him. I was part of that group of men that fought at Mako’s side to defeat him. He was the original captain of the Black Powder. He was a tyrant that would kill his mates if they even breathed the wrong way. Mako was the only one who stood up to him but was constantly bested by him. Even though Mako doesn’t care too much for anyone, he was intelligent. He knew that by rallying the remaining men defeating the captain would be a guarantee. We succeeded, and the captain’s body was thrown overboard. Mako took the position of Captain and the rest was history. Or so we thought. Recently, many of the men were receiving strange pieces of paper with the symbol of the Black Powder, drawn in blood. Then one by one, they have disappeared. Rat and I have received the papers too, who knows how long we’ve got. But we need this man dead, and you’re the one who can do it.” “Why aren’t you asking Barracuda? As much as I hate to admit it, she’s Mako’s favorite at the moment.” Asked Deadreef. “Barracuda only has interests in her endeavors, she wouldn’t do this even if it meant that Mako could lose his life. You, however, you want to prove yourself better than Mako. What better way, than by defeating the man your mentor couldn’t defeat?” Dead Reef took a look at the men, they were good at hiding it, but he could smell the fear within them. As much as this was a sad attempt to keep themselves alive, the opportunity of besting Mako don’t come that often. The thought of finally showing Mako that not only is Deadreef a good disciple but an actual rival? As cool and collected as Dead Reef seem to be, he was getting really pumped. “What is this man’s name?” said Dead Reef with the straightest face he can muster. . . .