Divergent Chain

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Divergent Chain.png
Photo courtesy of the Paragon Times
Originicon magic.png The V archetypeicon brute.png
Divergent Chain
CreateSymbol Rogue.png
Player: @Betsumei
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50+
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Mistress of the Sacred Flame, Keeper of Holy Isotopes, worldkiller
Species: Genus Homo, species unknown
Age: At least 1000 years
Height: 190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Earth (ΥΥτ6) (no longer exists)
Occupation: Amassing power
Education: Confidential
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hometown: Throne, capital of Earth Double-Upsilon Tau 6
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Widow
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Magical ability to break and form atomic and subatomic bonds triggering intense exothermic chemical and nuclear reactions, superhuman strength and durability, trained in the ways of Mu mysticism by Scirocco.
Known Abilities
Believed to be a skilled chemist and physicist
Crown and chain of office, both composed of extradimensional metals similar to impervium
Note that much of this information is from unreliable sources, such as the subject herself

Early History

Note: No records from the subject's homeworld came through the portal with her, and survey attempts by Portal Corp researchers have found that the planet is currently in an uninhabitable state similar to Primal Earth's Hadean eon. No discoveries of hidden information sources are expected on this Earth, although efforts are underway to contact extraterrestrial civilizations in that dimension.

During her post-arrest interrogation, the subject claimed to have "risen from a life of fighting for survival" at some point "a millennia ago". Analysis of her personal effects reveals items that are hand- and mage-crafted, with no evidence of machining or other technological influence. It is not known if this is a sign that all members of her society were magic users, or if these items are indicative of general trends. Radioisotope dating of the items is complicated by an unknown but high amount of radiation exposure, and psychometry performed by MAGI has thus far proven too dangerous to continue.

Journey to Primal Earth

In the wake of "unprecedented and unwarranted rebellion" from her subjects, she claims to have bent the very forces of nature to her will to open a portal to escape as her "slight miscalculation" (rage-fueled magic tantrum) rent the continents from the mantle, dooming her homeworld to a swift and final mass extinction. The only proof she has to offer of this is the semi-molten state of her Earth, as once exiled to Paragon City, she quickly found that her magic, "power absolute" in her domain, depended heavily on physical laws not present on Primal Earth and was reduced to nearly nothing, and that her sovereignty over all Earths is not recognized by "the so-called state of 'Rhode Island' and its 'Paragon Police Department'." After a very brief stint in Zigursky Penitentiary over "a very minor misunderstanding" about some PPD officers "cremated antemortem", The Divergent Chain reacted quickly to an opportunity to seek out new power on Primal Earth, in order to "bring it and any who would oppose her to their knees." In her own words, "it’s just a matter of breaking enough atoms to find the right levers with which to bend this reality as well."

Life in the Rogue Isles

Since arriving at Mercy Island, Chain has quickly and tenaciously acquired many new skills, abilities, and contacts, although her temper and ambition still frequently get the best of her. She has shown a willingness to cooperate with the villainous organizations there, but only when it suits her whims, and with no loyalty whatsoever. FBSA analysis of her behaviour suggests that, with proper incentive and extremely careful management, she could be persuaded to put her considerable power behind positive causes. Suggested techniques include convincing her that such activities were her own idea (risk level: moderate), will help her subjugation of the Earth (risk level: moderate), that targets hold hostile intent towards her (risk level: low), or just paying her (risk level: low, as she has discovered that money is power in this world). Higher risk strategies such as using violence, psychic manipulation, and clumsy deception should be avoided as they have thus far accomplished little and resulted in mass casualties in every case in which they have been tried.