Emily Post Mortem

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Emily Post Mortem
Player: @Therra Arcson
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: '
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Emily Sullivan
Known Aliases: Em
Species: Human
Age: Mid-20s
Height: 5'6.5
Weight: 127
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Mortician, Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon
Base of Operations: Paragon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father, mother, brother
Known Powers
Awareness, ability to speak to spirits, limited summoning
Known Abilities
Dark "blasts" when needed
Suit. Notebook. Morgue and funerary equipment, modern and historic.

In game bio

Emily is the daughter of a mortician. She strongly believes in respecting those who have passed and making things easy for them and their families. Discovering she had the spark of magic, passed through her mother, and that it let her see those who had passed and what happened to them... well, she finds what happens to some of the dead more than a little rude and has decided to do something about it.


"Death runs in the family." It's Emily's cheeky way of saying she comes from a family of morticians. The nearby church grounds, graveyard and current funeral home have been in her family for centuries, and she can tell tales of almost every site there.

Her father noticed early on that she had a knack for the work they did, and handled their clients - both living and dead - with care and respect. Granted, it caused her to be labeled a "weirdo" at school, but Emily just shrugged it off - "Call me a weirdo now, but I'll be the last person taking care of you. Just remember that." It limited her dating, sure, but she was popular with the goth crowd, and the friends she made were solid friends who could take her 'oddness' with good humor and see the girl underneath.

Of course, her family learned a little later it wasn't just her natural compassion that caused her to treat the dead the way she did and not fear them - or most of them. In her early teens it came out she could tell things about the dead, things coroners had missed. And as they looked into it more, part of this was from a gift of being able to listen to - and speak to - the dead.

She never had any question in her mind about going into the family business. But at the urging of her family - and some of those she'd helped after they'd passed, some of whom have helped mentor her - she applied for a license as a registered hero. She now helps the PPD, Vanguard, the Midnighters, anyone who requests help with a case where someone has passed.


Emily's most noted for the ability to hear and speak with the departed, as well as picking up some things about their death - especially if it was unnatural.

She's grown a rapport with those who have passed, to where she can defend herself (or others) with abilities from the spirit world, including briefly calling for aid from spirits who are usually quite willing to help for a short time.

Emily's also purely good with people and the business on a completely human level.

Allies and Enemies

Em has made friends with some unlikely people. Many touch death in some way. She's had some people try to deceive her, but it's rather hard to do for most people with spirits agreeing or disagreeing with them that they don't see.

Of villain groups, she fights off the Banished Pantheon whenever possible. She finds what they do grotesque and the pinnacle of evil and will do whatever she can to stop them.

While she'll fight the Circle of Thorns, she more pities them than hates them. If she could help them come to terms with their history and send them to their rest, she would. The whole "banishing souls and stealing bodies" thing needs to be dealt with, though.

She is allied with and is sort of an honorary Midnighter.

IC comments

Sandra Thompson : "She was one of the first to actually believe I was trying to make up for ... well, everything. Having her to talk to has really helped. She's also the first friend in a while I've never had to either go to or break out of prison to see."