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Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker/Savage Melee/Super Reflexes
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Rex Stahl
Known Aliases: Mr. Stahl. "Green smelly thing". "The goblin". "Spring-Heeled Jack".
Species: Metahuman
Age: 26
Height: 160cm
Weight: 157 lbs
Eye Color: Green (human) / Yellow (villain)
Hair Color: Dark (human) / Bald (villain)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: CEO of StahLabs / Evil-doer
Place of Birth: Albany, NY.
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Rogue Islands.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: James and Leslie Stahl ( Parents. Status: Dead.)
Known Powers
Enhanced Strength / Alter Ego / Enhanced reflexes and senses / Invisibility / Super Jump / Sharp claws.
Known Abilities
Businessman. Acrobatics. Martial arts. Chemistry.

Rex Stahl, aka " Erkling ", is a Villain, very active in the slums of Cap au Diable. A young face among the local crime figures, Erkling is a slender, green-skinned humanoid with evil, grimacing features, covered in green fur, moving on all fours, but nonetheless, he is highly intelligent and malevolent. Known to be a menace to the weakest and most disadvantaged individuals, Erkling has developed a criminal reputation and is particularly despised by citizens and police officers alike. Sadistic, violent, playful, bestial and arrogant, Erkling is a formidable foe for anyone foolish enough to attempt to confront him on his home turf.

Early years

Rex is the heir of James and Leslie Stahl, founders of StahLabs, a pharmaceutical corporation that has become a pioneer in the market in just a few decades. A particularly loved child, Rex grew up in a loving, hard-working and socially valued family. However, as the only child of such a prestigious couple, many expectations were placed on his shoulders from an early age. However, despite all his efforts, he could not satisfy his parents as much as they would have liked. Terrified by the prospect of having to face so many responsibilities so early in his life, he is marked by so many demands and traumatized. After years of struggling with his responsibilities, Rex is suddenly thrust into the leadership of the family business when his parents die in a boating accident. While the board of directors advises him to stay out of the business, half-heartedly stating that he is weak and unable to act, he chooses to become the new CEO of StahLabs.

Birth of Erkling

After a single month as CEO, Rex is totally overwhelmed. The company's shares are falling, profits are falling. The board is demanding results from their CEO and demanding that he follow their instructions to turn things around. Becoming little more than a mindlessly obedient puppet in the hands of the shareholders, Rex breaks down completely and immerses himself in the products designed by the company in order to solve his confidence problem. He eventually discovered an experimental drug developed by employees of his company, created primarily to counteract shyness and social phobias. The formula works...too well! Rex gains confidence, self-control, willpower. And in a week, it is a metamorphosed Rex who is getting back on track under the nose of his shareholders who are beginning to wonder about him.

However, Rex eventually becomes addicted to his drug and the experimental stock begins to run out. He then begins his own development of the formula to keep himself in control of his business. He changes the formula several times, with terrible consequences for his image: his self-confidence grows to the point of excess. He gradually becomes arrogant and tyrannical towards his associates, until he slowly descends into more and more immoral methods to keep his company on track.

It was at a party he didn't want to attend that Rex crossed the line: He ended up isolating himself to take his medication, a new formula hastily composed, having begun to take fewer and fewer safety measures in his own work. Once ingested, it caused a violent alteration of his hormones and his organism, distorting his body, turning it green, causing his hair to fall out but exponentially increasing his body hair, causing his nails to turn into claws and his ears to grow. His musk was also radically affected, becoming a foul, overpowering secretion. Becoming a grotesque creature, a sinister reflection of himself.

Once he had recovered, he saw what he had become and, drunk with freedom and a deep desire to make his shareholders pay for all the evil they had done to him, set about sabotaging the whole evening. He terrorised the guests, announced loudly and clearly that he was Erkling, the evil goblin. For the first time, Rex felt he had achieved something. After sowing discord and throwing the shareholders off the penthouse balcony, Erkling disappeared...and Rex was found naked in the bathroom, humiliated by the press for the chaos the foul creature had caused.

After that, Rex became less visible, people thought he was traumatized by that horrible evening, but secretly he had continued to reproduce his formula to become Erkling. He had tasted freedom by abandoning, for a few hours, the very concepts of right and wrong to act according to his own pleasure and this was something he was not going to let go.

Powers & Abilities

Super Strength: Erkling possesses superhuman strength (lifting nine tons under optimal conditions).

Enhanced reflexes and senses:After developing his abilities, it appeared that Erkling was a "regressed" version of Man and therefore had many enhanced animal senses. He can hear more clearly, smell a scent over a long distance, move very quickly and with agility.

Invisibility: Erkling can become invisible at will.

Super Jump: Due to his surhuman abilities, Erkling can leap several kilometers and cover a long distance very quickly.

Claws: Erkling's claws can tear apart the toughest leather and even goes through steel.

Alter-Ego: Officially, Rex and Erkling are notorious enemies. Erkling can turn back into Rex Stahl anytime but he needs his serum to become Erkling again. Contrary to several opinions, Rex and Erkling are not two different personalities, Rex is Erkling.