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Flashback (Becker Carlyle) is a supervillain who opposes the Vanquishers. His primary rival is Occultist. He first appeared during the events of "Flashback Backlash," which saw him mucking up the timeline due to his frequent temporal joyrides.

{ played by @Occultist }

NAME: Becker Carlyle
AGE: 41
OCCUPATION: Supercriminal
PLACE OF BIRTH: San Francisco, CA

  • Time Travel - possesses the capability to access different time periods.
  • Deja Vu - administers temporal electro-shocks to the brain that can physically trap individuals in memories and past experiences.


San Francisco, 1971 -- what a time to be alive! Nothing but good vibes, positive energy, and free-love to go around. Now, most cats would call that a sweet set-up, but ol' Becker Carlyle wasn't one for any of that 'do right by thy fellow man' crap. He was a real jive-talking son of a gun, and in his eyes, all this new age philosophy just made it easier to swindle suckers. A con artist by trade, Becker would fleece his way through life. Grifting and drifting were second nature to him. So he was destined, you might say, for a life of crime -- but no one ever thought he'd amount to much more than that.

Well, there was this one guy: an absolute kook that zapped his way into Becker's bathroom one day. He had a real groovy crystal with him and claimed it had sent him back in time. Far out. Now, this clock-surfing space-case started going on and on about how he was a Mender of Ouroboros or some such, and that he had come to warn Becker about how, in the future, he'd threaten to unravel time itself. Bo-ring. What that cat shoulda seen coming is that he would be the first domino to fall. Becker had his eyes on that crystal, so he grabbed a wrench and clobbered the man-out-of-time until he was a deadhead -- and I don't mean a fan of the band. It took some jury-rigging, but eventually Becker had that little time-hopping number working for him. All it took was a couple test runs to get the hang of it and it was so long 1970s. Becker started on a joyride through the timestream, swindling whoever and taking whatever from whenever he pleased. Sure that ruffled some feathers, but Becker wasn't just Becker anymore -- he was Flashback -- and most folks would think twice before they went after a guy who could deliver them a double dose of deja vu.


As it turns out, time can be a fickle mistress, and sooner or later, the fractured timelines and temporal fallout catch up to you. Flashback made a bit too much noise and got the attention of some real rough customers: The Vanquishers. That beef got so big that eventually Flashback was in the 1950s trying to put the moves on Ace's grandma! But before he could ask the little scamp "Who's your grandaddy?" -- the splinter timeline was undone. Becker was hosed and handed off to some freewheeling bounty hunters who turned him into those stuffed shirts with the Menders Time Police.

Poor Flashback spent a while in the temporal slammer until he got a cellmate: an egghead called Zero Chill. He and the youngster cooked up a plan that saw them overthrowing the head dillhole, Chief Marty Brass, by promising the Time Cops a much more lax lifestyle. The classic mutiny trick worked and Becker was now in charge of the whole kit and caboodle. He didn't know what to do with it though. Enter a saucy little sorcerer by the name of Prospero. The man wanted something yoinked from the past of the Occultist -- and in return, he promised to create a whole new reality for Becker to rule with his stoolies. It'd be Shangri-La for scumbags! Ka-ching!

Flashback, Zero Chill, Prospero, and the Time Cops pulled a fast one on the Vanquishers and led them on a chase through their own memories. What shoulda been a clean heist ended in a nasty scrap, and while Prospero got a taste of what he was after, Flashback and Zero Chill were flung into a time hole. Using whatever junk they could find, the two built a snazzy way out. Now the only question was... where were they headed next?