Inquisitor Arachnida

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Inquisitor Arachnida
Origin: '
Archetype: '
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Brielle Utari
Known Aliases: Bri, Brielladona, Brielli
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 133 lbs
Eye Color: Teak Wood
Hair Color: faded aquamarine
Biographical Data
Nationality: India
Occupation: Arbiter, Cookie and Chip baker (Part-time)
Place of Birth: Gujarat, India
Base of Operations: Nagaland, India
Marital Status: Undecided
Known Relatives: Files on them have been excommunicated
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Master Strategist, Logistics and Recovery Expert (1-5 years), General Arachnos Crab Spider Training (9 years),
Two half panel Digitized Tablets, Three separate pre-paid phones (one with the numbers of terrorist cells, one for Arachnos only lines + low APB status, one for personal.), full set of Crab Spider armor modified with respectively(mixed)


For the eyes of Arachnos Personnel Only, File Distribution No. 817-555421

[Story]Simple Mismanagement Ever Since That Day

From the various events of the destruction of many continent capital cities to the removal of the infiltration and exploits of the Praetorian wars, Bri took this as an aside to not let this stand, more so not allow certain capes, particularly LongBow from policing her left overs of the now crushed West Bengal and , she didn't like how the LongBow stook around and played game but not actually perma-stomping the aliens. The Rikti had disturbed and disrupted communications between the state areas across from the central India area and further was into Burma or at least upper (1. ANDRAHRA Pradesh, 19. Odisha, 28. West Bengal, 16. Meghalaya, 3. Assam, 17. Nagaland), know that they figured she was a metahuman in hiding, but refusal to op-in on their crazed crusade of "All good, no evil", she left the containment region done by the LongBow and choosing to make a run for it towards the open river fields out to the almost destroyed Meghalaya docking yards.

It was where an Arachnos scout was evidently present… with a few squads of Spiders and combined Crab Spiders. Knowing to stand her ground but also understanding what was going on, she said that, she could steal the boats remaining here that they had apparently rounded up a small majority of Indonesians before anyone knew what was going on.

Bri was no fool however, clear to her that for the most part: the television and frail radios monitors; most of this region was lost. The Maratha Light Infantry HQ's command generals knew this was serious very early on but yet the Longbow and capes choose to dick around and partially waste time. Not collectively doing enough some of the Fortuna read this as a sign for another chance at vengeance or at the very least, shackled control, Arachnos came with an offer; a clear one of retribution. After not only just the now bringing news of dissatisfactions of the LongBow's abridge set circumstances for excuses to leaving all stones unturned and the combination of secondary divisions from within outer faction parties giving annoyance. Bri accepted, "…I have nothing else but my mind full of potential ideas and exploits. My thoughts are nothing but apprehension but also dissatisfaction aware of these misgivings. Thanks due to a statement from LongBow, the middle echelon across both the Bengal and Indian government, letting this indignation run its course".

And even since that original day of founding for herself, she has been doing one of if not, the most important work next to some of the other Arbiters ever produced by organizations. All of which within itself of the middle hierarchy of Arachnos established.



She wholly believes in the consolation of accessible resources while at the same time, Bri believes it is also right to marshal in (or out) to several superhuman warriors, asset tools and even needs across the lines of command to have Arachnos control. To ensure that the resources that may be exploited, can be a fallback option upon in the near or distance future. This was the mentality that she currently in a means to achieve optimal success through the use of unorthodox tactics and analysis.

However despite this, she seem passionately loyal to Lord Recluse and his visions but doesn't preach on and on about it; say the most un-humbled but will harbor a harsh methodology when pressed.


Powers, Abilities, Feats.

Besides the basic or traditional guidelines that is entirely understand within the low to upper thresholds of Arachnos members, Bri however was opted in for additional structural disciplines once her role as a lowly Wolf Spider then Huntsman, this dividing her in tactical roles to the appropriate positions, it reminded her to keep in touch well within the notices of degrees set out as various doctrine and strategic methodology. That will eventually carried her later on during the covert-operative analysis and status between jobs, especially as an idiosyncratic in the general Arbiter juncture. As a important reminder; Bri like all the other Arbiters' echelons, are able to formulate their own decisions and views, like in example, requiring assets or material persons, items and freely share their views or ideology on how to approach "Dominating the world" in reason so it doesn't bring about friction and lowly imbalance.

After taking off on outer continental tours beyond Paragon, Bri advised taking in some contractual work from freelancers on notice and additionally pursuing leads of topics relating to or giving ground of previous attempts and suddenly uprising cases such as the accessing of Rikti Portal Technology to their homeworld for more weaponry parts/shield technology and the bizarre teams of 8 consisting on reoccurrence around the Peregrine Island. Normally, Arbiters are assigned by the top echelons with similar perspective & goals. She was kept onboard due a reliance of 'unorthodox tactics' edict against threats of such severity similarity. Somewhere around the time of 2011, the right eye appears to have been faked but good inspection showed it was torn apart during a counter assault against Agnicourt Longbow. This came from a pretty violent Warden pursuing her out of Marconeville, who later perished in a 1v1 versus a loose Crey experiment that escaped. Recorded June 10th, 2011.

Well to start, the first sort of combined arms Bri would have is the Hunstman Mace she not stole but 'borrowed' actually, after a unfortunate dual misfire and use but even so from there, it was only a matter of storage it later for us. So, she kept the mace but forgo the helmet at least until things settled down. Now moving onto more pressing matters within the current timeframe, Bri has only used this Mace's power once in person or on-site herself. The aptitude and reliability of the weapon still maintains its core context and material use. Flaying alive with unnatured flammables of combined corrosive plasma blasts and/or bursts that always leave behind unusual markers on the walls or ground but this also contains the rather tougher tactical elements used for close quarters.

To say as such, it has been significantly tweak and modified to the point of almost being completely unnecessary and almost overkilled to those who've not kept their heads down and wits about themselves -- a combination of lethal fusion ray level plasma and ionized battery. Multiplied over by 5x then 10x. Barring the occasional speedsters and obnoxiousness of the ever going and leaving teleporter type characters, who can create a region of unreliability. Though, that is not want to say that she isn't going to her usually departments of storages and containers for the sake of restocking it's power supply had to be replenished.

As an aside, Bri has access to a time sensitive seismic bomb - medium radius up to about 400 meters. This was brought to her active attention by some off duty personnel within the Wolf Spiders excavation teams around Overbrook due to the fact that they had opened up a leakage of sieging and disregarded explosive materials. She then brought aboard these spiders then put in a request to go to the site personally for examination. True enough those loosely broken and segmented walls and loops back around from the prior facility before the attack left or buried costly miscellaneous demolitions job perks. She had wanted this for an advantage of hers alone, Bri goes about with the wolf spiders on retrieving it, checking out its active compounds, locating the dynamic requeuing source of its power and then pulling the damn things out from that burial site.

Arms + Armor

Fully armored, the biggest standout was always the chrome or chromium alloy mixed into a steel combination (on a varying yield of 210 mega pascals, a tensile strength of 300 mpa and a overall Mohs scale of 6.0) she made fit from a request at the HQ base in Nerva. This is enough to survive short range artillery, fully/nearly full burning down houses that collapses, and dual impact DPU at least for the moment that metahumans start to use other tricks.

Misc. Equipment

As an aside, Bri carries alone three additional items of note: One which is referred to as pre-paid phones though the connection and rate as which these lines are used, is set to talk and/or communicate with a known terrorist cell who has been stripping clean of any and/or all data related to newer recruits within the HeroCorp's more paid sections documents for once the time comes to intercede when necessary. The second is her mainly dual connected-to operations line which is used for Arachnos personnel be it either Crab, Wolf and even some chains-of-command members, the moment that there needs to be high alert status to become available to her, Bri by request of some tech-server personnel, was even able to get a secure line for on-use; a low-APB status with regard towards members she has contacted. The third and last one is a phone that is purely for off-duty purposes either; mailing and packages going to her house.

Public Information: All Clear.

This lists the information that is public available when received by registered Rogue Isle's citizenship.

The Out-cook of Boosting Morale

Apparently one day from the WSPDR News stations it was announced by a woman, proclaiming as a baker of delicious chips of mixed ingredients. Once the various members of the Spiders and Arachnos staff, it would become much to the surprise to see that "Accursed Arbiter" behind such shenanigans voice allowed… however much to the wider audience, the chips became a very well tenable solution for morale.

And now every other day starting from the second Thursday each month; Bri will at handout the following; (at least based from reports and a short interview by Amanda Vines of WSPDR news), exclaiming that…

"… I extracted Snakes venom prior to my time in Mercy, in later years found a way to detoxify it and with initially failures in tests; use it with sugar on plain edible chips to create a chewy honey flavored bites to munch on. If you are a Wolf Spider, you've probably have seen me handed out bags of these either in the early of the morning of 6-8am and 2pm. This is to increase the lost spirit of the morale of our men and women." - Date taken, September 6th, 2007. No other statements given by request.



Out of Pro-Arachnos attires…. Enter Goth Gal Bri? Sure! Sure enough, Bri is a heavily dedicated goth, mixed in with some grey whites. She also has multiple mouth, lip and tongue piercings. With the occasional one she puts up on her belly button. One her right forearm reads a tattoo labeled 'Reversal' in Indo-Aryan and flipped opposite of that is the same but in Dravidian. Large buckled up boots (at least 3) on the front with two razor spikes, a long trench coat with no sleeves mostly black and a singular T-shirt also either in deep grey or black; this shirt is specifically reads a band called "Mutiny". The alternatives would a black t-shirt with a band called 'Vacancy Voices Are Arising', a third t-shirt with just the face of Edward Scissors Hands and a fourth 'V for Vendetta' but the shape of this V goes from shoulder to shoulder. Her most given and favorite of the activities for on-display is her love and care of the Death Angel's t-shirts. With these ones being her favorites:



This sets up the list of all the current assets within her roles as a Arbiter:

  • Fortunata Soviana - Soon-to-be turned Tarantuala Mitress, Soviana has provided Archanida required useful information related matters across mysterious eight-men lightning group disturbing Arachnos operations, especially on Peregrine Island. Status: Traded of smaller Arachnos bot in-exchange for bugging one of the many various teams during other parts throughout the day.
  • TBA
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