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Elle Profile Pic Small.jpg
Player: LGN
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Elle
Known Aliases: Marshal Six
Species: Robotic frame
Age: Confidential
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
Hair Color: Variable
Biographical Data
Nationality: Etoile
Occupation: Arachnos Marshal
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Project LEGION
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Legion Six

Screenshot 210817-20-16-46.jpg

I'm Elle.

Marshal Six if we're being formal. "Oh god I've been stabbed" if we're not getting along.

Formerly known as Legion Six, LGN-06 if you read my ID plate really close. And we don't know each other that well yet.

No, I'm not one of you squishy biologics. I'm all metal under this fake synthskin. Well, metal and a plasma reactor, some wiring, claws....strange craving for peanuts...Anyways, my siblings and I are the leftover prototypes from a failed project, discarded as scrap and left to make our own ways when we woke up. Me, I made it in the Rogue Isles as an assassin, a damn good one, knocking off bios for paychecks. Not a bad living, and kind of satisfying the ninth time you get called 'gynoid'.

Point is, I'm not a nice person, I'm sure the Arachnos logo gave that one away. But I'm with good people, and goddamn it if they don't make me want to be just the tiniest bit less of a shit some days. I walk both sides of the fence now: got a cush gig back in Grandville and a very tense security agreement with Paragon that lets me work here. It's rough, it's annoying, but it lets me be around the people I care about. And really, with the other Legion units it almost feels like a family sometimes. And a circus the rest of the time.

What's next, who the hell knows. But I'll be damned if I'm not going to have a good time with it.


Legion Six, or "Elle" as she prefers to be called, is one of the surviving prototypes of the failed Project Legion: an ambitious endeavor from a small startup named Amaranth Industries. Pitched to Arachnos as part of Recluse's super soldier initiative, Legion was rejected in favor of Project Fury, and Amaranth was bankrupted by the failure. Their assets, including the inactive prototypes, were sold off to cover the immediate debts.

LGN-06 was bought by Black Heart Memorial in Sharkhead Isle as part of a crate of analysis equipment and was activated in order to serve as an orderly for the hospital. She awakened for the first time with no memory and no identity, save for the simple system message that she and her siblings had been rejected as failures. The first emotions of her life were defiance, anger, and resentment, and it would be a long time before those subsided. She discovered the luxury product synthskin during her time at the hospital, a material used for skin grafts and plastic surgery patients, and with that came her first true creative idea. Six days later, the hospital administrator walked out of the hospital and never returned, only to be discovered half an hour later dead and stuffed under her desk. LGN-06 was cast off, and Elle was born.

Since that time, Elle has made many names for herself, first as a face-changing assassin in the Rogue Isles, using synthskin to masquerade as human. As her skills grew, she was adopted into Arachnos under the ominous wing of Black Scorpion, eventually rising to become his favored tool, his equal, and then breaking free of him as she came into her own. Now an Arachnos marshal and representative to Paragon, Elle spends more time in the City than she does in the Isles. Her cutthroat nature has changed somewhat, much to her denial, though she remains reckless and cavalier as she always has. Her friendships with Paragon's heroes have changed her for the better, though a playful wink and a mushroom cloud are all the reminders anyone needs to know that Elle is still Elle to this day.

The Legion

Dr. Alice Wynne - A brilliant engineer who designed and built the Legion frames, Alice's finances went down with Amaranth Industries when the company folded. After months of dodging collectors, she agreed to work for Crey in exchange for their covering her obligations, which quickly became a formalized indentured servitude. She was rescued by Elle and her friends in their search for the Lexicon, and was shocked to discover that her creations were alive and sentient. She has since gradually grown into her role as the Legion's mother figure, and her erstwhile children have come to respect and love her for her efforts.

Damian Hawk - Alice's partner in Amaranth, Damian created the elegant Legion glyph code from his runic and technomagic experience. While he has never spoken in detail of how he constructed the Lexicon, the operating system and original code were his contribution to the cause. He emerged during Elle's search for the Lexicon at the head of a ruthless magic-enhanced strike force, hungry to reclaim 'his property' now that they have evolved into something new. His attempts to kill or capture Elle, or threaten her friends as leverage, are one of the greatest threats to the Legion as a whole.

LGN-01 (The Queen, "Anne"): The command unit for the Legion arrived recently to Paragon City, immediately threatening the others to fall into line and allow her control of them as she was intended to be. Her control over the Lexicon made her an exceptionally dangerous foe, and she was ultimately overcome through Elle's assuming control of the loyal Legion and the combined trickery of herself and her allies. LGN-01, or Anne, is now kept in Naraka's Isolation Wing, safe from harming her siblings but confined to a cage forever.

LGN-02 (The Guardian, "Otu"): The jovial giant, Otu led the Legion for the first years of its awakening. Utterly loyal to his family, yet continually frustrated by their inability to get along, Otu's endless optimism and bombastic demeanor won him great popularity among the citizens of Paragon. His prize possession is the Hero of the City award, given to him by Positron, which he proudly displays in his base

LGN-03 (The Destroyer): The siege engine, LGN-03 was created to level infrastructure, built with two reactors in his chest to power the devastating blasts from his arms. Contrary to his nature, he is the most introspective and calm-mannered of the Legion, labeled as either a valuable source of wisdom or a complete bore by the others.

LGN-04 (The Lost): LGN-04 was the first Legion to awaken, long before the others did. His adventures and whereabouts are unknown, save for some meager hero files showing his short career in the City, and his departure to unknown places not long after. He is widely considered to be "lost" by the others, as the Lexicon is unable to reach him

LGN-05 (The Knight): Of all the Legion, 05 held closest to the idea of the Legion as it was supposed to be, modeling himself as an elite hero who can redeem the Legion's name and make up for its rejection. He detests Elle for being a public menace and dragging down the Legion's reputation, and the two have nearly come to blows many times. In recent weeks, he has embarked on a penitent crusade to the Shadow Shard at the direction of LGN-01.

LGN-07 (The Fallen): The first casualty of the Legion, 07 was delivered to a scrapyard in the aftermath of Amaranth's collapse, torn apart for valuable components before he awakened. In their search, Otu and the others have found remnants of him, including his identification plate, which is buried peacefully at the Legion safehouse.

LGN-08 (The Ethereal): The smallest, happiest, and most hyper of the Legion, 08 is the only one able to interface with normal computers in binary and similar languages. She's recently accepted modifications that allow her to taste food, a sensory experience she regularly takes to extremes for the sake of new flavors.

Jak (The Codeborn): One of Damian's early experiments in combining Legion glyphs into a computing code, Jak emerged as a reckless hybrid virus with a penchant for mischief and a habit for infiltrating any system he could find. Since Elle discovered him and brought him into the family, Jak has taken up a role as the Lexicon's watchman, and he remains the Legion's 'ace in the hole'.

The Family You Choose


Story Links

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One From Many (To be added)

Screenshot 210817-20-24-18.jpg

After spending some months around her group of heroic friends, Elle decided to attempt a new start for her career, and joined the New Leaf initiative for rehabilitating metahuman rogues and adopting them into Paragon's defenses. She was granted a probationary hero license, working under close supervision in the Rikti warzone, where her penchant for outright violence could be put to good use, and inside Paragon City only under the direct supervision of a full task force on Phalanx mandate. Though the restrictions grated on her, Elle maintained her heroic turn for several weeks, gaining a semblance of respect among the City's heroes.
Eventually, however, Elle was forced to accept that continuing as a hero was suppressing a part of herself that demanded freedom, and she would have to choose working alongside her friends or following her inherently capricious and renegade nature. She returned to the Rogue Isles and resumed her previous line of work as an assassin, adding more grievous charges to her warrants in Paragon and earning a lifelong enmity from Citadel, who had sponsored her to the program.

Screenshot 210301-20-59-58.jpg

As Elle's influence within the Rogue Isles grew, and her siblings built their reputations within Paragon, they all began to detect a faint extradimensional signal that contained glyphs: the arcane code on which their systems ran. With her friends' help, Elle secured access to a cross-dimensional portal, and they followed the signal through a myriad of locations, strengthening the signal as they traced its origin. Their search led them to a Crey laboratory, where they rescued Dr. Alice Wynne, the presumed-dead engineer who built the Legion's hardware, serving Crey to pay off the debts she incurred building the Legion.
Dr. Wynne was shocked to find that her creations, who had been offloaded as scrap before ever being activated, were both intact and sentient beyond her original designs. She explained that the strange signal belonged to the Lexicon: a technomagic cloud database of glyphs that her co-creator, Damian Hawk, had conjured to enable the Legion to function as one integrated unit. In the years since the Legion's creation, the signal had fallen out of alignment with the real world.
Finally, they traveled to Amaranth Industries abandoned building where they were confronted by masked soldiers in golden armor, bearing the long-defunct Amaranth iconography. Fighting through these mysterious soldiers, Elle and her friends restored the Lexicon's signal, linking the existing LGN units together and pouring a wealth of data and capabilities into their minds, pushing them through the mental and metaphysical barrier and into Incarnates.

Screenshot 200501-20-12-33.jpg

In the aftermath of the Lexicon's discovery, Elle's criminal network came under attack from the mysterious golden soldiers, each of them interrogating her contacts to find Elle herself. After failing to trace the attackers, Elle realized that the Lexicon was deleting knowledge of them from her mind, something that Dr. Wynne confirmed was possible only for Damian Hawk: the technomage who created the code for the Legion. When the golden soldiers destroyed her girlfriend Trix's base and severed Trix's arm, Elle adopted an extreme plan to draw Damian to her: she went to prison.
Turning herself in to the PPD, and arranging a baffling defense with her longtime friend and lawyer Helen Hammer, Elle was quietly sent to Naraka: a secret pocket dimension prison, built for Incarnates and isolated from the known universe. She remained in a small, white cell for months on end before Damian finally visited her in person. He revealed that Elle's growth had exceeded what he intended for the Legion, that she was bordering on humanity, and that she still belonged to him as his creation. Elle refused to cooperate with him, and he contented himself with leaving her to degrade within the prison and collect her for study when was dead.
Over the next few months, Elle linked with the distant signal of the Lexicon, slowly uploading herself to its infinite archives in an agonizing and dangerous ploy which left her 'body' lifeless and dark. Her ostensible corpse was couriered to Damian at his request, but was intercepted by her friends in a fierce combat with Amaranth's golden soldiers. Safely back home, she poured her consciousness back into her frame, and awoke weeks later having literally met her maker, saving his identity to the Lexicon so that he could no longer work outside her sight.

Marshal Six banner.jpg

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Divided WIP.jpg

(Story notes to follow)

About LGN-06

"Bein' good folk ain't'bout wearin' a clean coat've paint. There's more humanity in'er than most." - Sergeant Trixie Gamble, Vanguard
"A curious borderline criminal with unclear intent. At the end of the day, she will either be the hero of the story or the one to kill said hero. I'm still trying to decide which." - Sergeant Nergui Feldsher, PPD
"The first thing we'll do, is squish all the spiders. 'cept Elle. She's cool." - Cassie/Stellar Striker