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Player: Arbane
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: AI_Xperiment-v0.9.3.FINAL
Known Aliases: Roomba, Scrubby
Species: Robot
Age: Online for six months and counting.
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 95 lbs
Eye Color: Red sensors
Hair Color: No
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Janitor
Place of Birth: Mercy City, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: "The Clubhouse", Nerva
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Electrical bursts
Known Abilities
Cleaning things, being rude
A mop and various other cleaning supplies

General Description

A diminutive robot that looks like it was cobbled together out of spare parts, with a bucket for a head.


Is a robot.
Has no common sense or social graces whatsoever.
Can electrify its chassis to kill small pests. Such as intruders to the base.

Origin Story

Possibly Techlord's single greatest act of Mad Science, he invented a radical new variety of self-modifying learning AI... and loaded it into a cheap body, handed it a mop, and told it to keep the base clean. He hasn't shut it down yet despite its occasionally homicidal behavior.

Recent Events

Is banned from purchasing anything since the time it somehow bought nerve gas from the Council. It was only prevented from using it 'for pest control' by Longbow raiding the Council base. The resulting shootout punctured the tank, leading to mass death on both sides.
Curie Critical has estimated that Scrubbot has a 25% chance of leading a robot uprising at some point, and a 3% chance of it being successful.