Violet Ice

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Hero Icon Web.png
Violet Ice
· Mutant Sentinel ·
Water Assault
Ice Armor
Player: @Tomika
Real Name
Lace Opalia
Violet Ice
April 3rd, 2002
Modesto, California
Artist, Licensed Hero
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Father-Greg/Mother-Winter/Oldest brother-Malikei/Older sister-Snow/Younger sister-Tulip/Younger brother-Duval
Physical Traits
Crayon White
Apparent Age
115 lbs
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Ability to control water in all of it's states, including the temperature.
· Equipment ·
Costume, Smile



She was born a mutant. When I say that I mean yes her powers came in full to her when puberty hit, but her skin and hair were both pale white when she was born. Normally you would think this kind of things might scare or even upset the birth parents of such a child. Thankfully she was born to a loving couple whom both were mutants as well. This was not their first child, yet it was the first to show mutations from birth. The love that a child can get from parents who not only understand what our going through but have gone through it in some way or another can be an amazing thing to feel. If it wasn't for the outside world Lace would have never even known there was anything but love to be found from people. The community they lived in was at least half mutant, and the human half was completely comfortable with their neighbors.

School would have been more difficult if not for so many mutant children attending. There was even a couple ex-heroes on the teaching staff. They had retired due to either injury or simply wanting a change. Bullying wasn't UN-heard of, but it was dealt with instead of ignored. Other then the obvious things, her childhood was rather normal. Made friends, had sleep overs and went to birthday parties. Once her gifts kicked in things did change a little bit. People who would normally walk up and hug her stopped as it would give them the chills. It was the start of high school when her friends convinced her to try putting dye in her hair to give it some color. She loved the new look and tried a couple different colors and styles before settling on what she still does till this day.

During her second year of high school a friend of the family introduced her to a team of heroes about the same age as her. They hit it off right away and soon she was learning how to fight crime using her powers in conjunction with her team mates. It was a wonderful experience and helped her to evolve into the hero she wanted to be. Still room to grow and learn, she graduated from high school and made her way to Atlas in the hopes of joining a team and fight crime.


To most she will come across happy and care free. In reality she is shy and rather timid. Having a bad habit of nibbling on her lip and putting her hands in her pockets when nervous. Growing up in a full and loving family home helped her to become a kind person who wants to help others. She does have some habits that might seam strange to others as she was raised in a Wicken home. She isn't sure herself if she believes everything or wants to live the way her mother raised them but only time will tell.

Visual Appearance

Dress size: 2 Measurements: 34-23-34 inches (86-58-86 cm Shoe/Feet: 9.5 Bra size: 32B Cup: B Height: 5’7” (170 cm Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg

Powers and abilities

Other Capabilities