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Aetleria classic.jpeg
Outside context force of good
Player: @Corlagon
Origin: Originicon mutation.png Mutation
Archetype: Archetypeicon tanker.png Tanker
Security Level: Align Status Hero.png 23
Server: Union
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Aaliyah Brown
Species: Metahuman
Human mutant (officially)
Angel (mentally)
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Professional Hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Atlas Park, Paragon City, USA
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Flight, prophetic visions
Known Abilities
Highly skilled with shields and maces, leadership
Shield, war mace
No additional information available.

Aetleria is a Heroic Tanker on Reunion. Her Power Sets are Shield Defense and War Mace. She originally existed on Union.

According to herself, she is a millennia-old angel who has been thrown back in time from the 13th millennium and lost most of her powers in the process. However, she still has much experience with classic combat equipment, as well as visions of the near future.

Character History

Angel Career

Note: The following information is solely based on Aetleria's own accounts, and has not been confirmed by Freedom Corps.

Aetleria was originally a regular human, born around 2200 as Aaliyah Brown. In 2227, she assisted Heroes against the Soldiers of Pluto, a fascist group descended from Arachnos and the Council and was subsequently killed by them.

After her death, Aaliyah went to Heaven, where she eventually joined the angel warriors. Now going by the name of Aetleria, she watched over Earth, witnessing the extinction of humanity later in the dekamillennium and looking after the other intelligent species who had arrived in the meantime.

Aetleria's final mission was in 12074. Having manifested herself for what was supposed to be a simple scouting mission, she and her companions were ambushed. During the subsequent fight, Aetleria was apparently hit by a powerful spell that sent her about 10000 years into the past.

Hero Career

Aetleria awoke in February 2010, in the captivity of one of Paragon City's criminal gangs. The thugs mistook her for one of the local Heroes, but instead of killing her they tried to extort money from Freedom Corps. The result was that actual Heroes showed up and freed her.

Unfortunately for Aetleria, she was no longer connected to Heaven and had completely lost her magic powers. She had pretty much become a mortal again, only distinguished from normals humans by wings, but even these had become weak, and it would take her months before she was able to fly again. Unable to prove her identity, she was suspected by several Freedom Corps officials of attempting to spy on them. However, a physical examination revealed that the wings were more than quick and dirty attachments, as well as a brain "aberration". Aetleria was therefore classified as a mutant for the time being.

Aetleria managed to contact the Midnight Squad and eventually Ouroboros, but they refused to send her back to the future. The Menders even implied that her accounts were completely made up, although Aetleria would later suspect that they secretly used her information to "fix" the timeline according to their own goals. She then met Angel Tina, who was able to forward her story to the contemporary forces of Heaven. Their response however implied that Aetleria was to live among the mortals for an indeterminate amount of time. This order was somewhat disappointing for her, of course, but she was also glad to be able to live in the 21th century, a time that was relatively close to her "home". This had also been a major (albeit unadmitted) reason why she had not simply killed herself in order to reach the Netherworld.

Aetleria had lost her magic powers, but she still was an expert with classic combat equipment. With a simple shield and mace, she had no reason not to join the Paragon Heroes now. Risking her life in order to protect the people, she quickly proved to her doubters she was serious. In late May, she became involved with the Power Corps when she joined some of its members for a task force, and half a year later, she had risen to Captain.

Aetleria also rediscovered a special power that was a part of her body: Every now and then she would have a vision of an event interesting her in the near future. It would be possible for her to interfere, and thus be an unexpected saver of the day, much to the astonishment and anger of her enemies.

Following the destruction and re-formation of the multiverse, the Power Corps has ceased to exist. Former comrade Azure Huntress eventually brought Aetleria into a new Hero group she had agreed to co-lead, the Schwesternschaft nordamerikanischer Piratenengel (the SG's founder being the aforementioned Angel Tina – not many other people give it a name like that).

Personality and Motivation

Aetleria still considers herself an angel, regardless of her situation. While she hopes to eventually return to where she came from, protecting the people is her top priority. She repeatedly risks her life, although this is not too surprising as her current body is just another manifestation to her.

Despite her commitment, Aetleria is also known to act like a teenager occasionally. One employee of Freedom Corps even suspected her of schizophrenia shortly after her arrival, although she may simply still had been confused about what happened to her. She has also secretly admitted having partial memory loss; she is unable to tell whether this was caused by her incident or is simply a limitation of her body. She is also (possibly subconsciously) biased against certain organizations.

Powers and Abilities


Aetleria no longer possesses any superhuman combat powers, but her extensive experience with classical equipment (along with her commitment) makes up for this. She normally uses a mace and a shield and is versed especially with the latter to such an extent that she frequently takes her opponents by surprise.

She has also started to become known as a good leader.


As is traditional for angels, Aetleria's body is winged. She temporarily lost the ability to fly due to the incident that sent her back in time, but regained it after some months.

She also has prophetic visions that show her events of interest to her in the near future. She may be able to prevent these from happening, and has been known to foil crimes that had appeared to be "perfect". Interestingly, just the knowledge Aetleria recieves about an event might already cause an interference, making such prophecies self-preventing.




Aetleria does not think she should have "archenemies", as she strives to protect innocents from anyone, but she is (possibly subconsciously) biased against the following:

  • Arachnos, the Council – Forerunners of the Soldiers of Pluto, who were (or will be) responsible for her original death.
  • Crey Industries – Aetleria has always been suspicious of this company, although she cannot really say why.
  • Circle of Thorns – They're demons on Earth. She's an angel. 'Nuff said.