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Player: @Drea

NAME: Kailani Anoa'i
KNOWN ALIASES: Baeside, Lani
BIRTHPLACE: Kailua, Oahu Hawaii
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Surfer, Model, Hero
AFFILIATIONS: Wipeout (Rival)


Can do a sort of martial arts that helps her focus water and chi into attacks.


Able to wrap herself in a mist of water that helps dampen damage towards her, among other things.


Born in the beautiful Kailua in Oahu, Hawaii, Kailani Anoa'i was destined to be in the water; a life as a surfer wasn't exactly planned for her, but her parents (both of Samoan descent) bought her her first surfboard when she was six years old and the rest, as they say, is history. A natural in the water and skilled in sensing the natural ebb and flow of the waves, Lani powered her way through junior circuits of surfing in her hometown and went on to greater fame down the line. It wasn't until she was fourteen that she realized there was a part of her that was speaking to the water and manipulating it, able to bend and shape the water and waves to her will. Though she never used it in competition once she realized it — and still succeeded, mind you — she now had powers that could be used to help others... and while it's not entirely her bag to go out of her way and stop crime, it ties in well with her day jobs now and leads to far more work.

As an adult, she now works as a professional surfer and a model and spokesperson for various products and clothing lines; the dream was all she ever wanted and spending time in the water is her oasis away from home. Her hectic schedule causes her more than its fair amount of stress, but she never lets anything truly break her calm. As soon as she got tapped for doing Hero work, those jobs became even more prominent; it turns out people wanted a heroine behind their lines as much as a model and a surfer. She's affectionately referred to as Baeside and took that on as her hero moniker.

Very in tune with her Samoan heritage and proud of where she came from, Lani tries to be grateful for all that's come her way, even if sometimes she can get a little snotty with her competition. A line of intricate tattoo work wraps around her body, from her shoulder and bicep down her arm, to a traditional Malu tattoo that covers her thighs down to her knees. Every tattoo is a symbol of her journey and she gets them updated often to reflect that.


Baeside's powers came through mutation and seem to have been there since birth, just unbeknownst to anyone around her. Perhaps a birthright or confused for mystical interference, but studies have proven that it's in fact in her genes.

A practitioner of Limalama, Lani's mutation gave her a way of improving upon this and channeling water and ki through her body to make her moves all the more powerful. Strangely enough, people don't always get wet when she's fighting them; it seems to be a choice on her end whether she makes the water actually sink into anyone's clothes or skin. A finite control to that degree makes her movements more fluid.
To go along with the manipulation of water in her attack, she's manifested the ability to form mist around herself that helps dampen the effect of attacks (magical, scientific, etc) and keep her safe from harm; the mist itself is semi-transparent but seems solid when collided with, and can be bent in such a way to slightly obscure her presence with the use of light refraction.
Somehow Lani ended up with a keen equilibrium and balance that keeps her from taking unnecessary topples. This has helped both in her hero life, as well as the modeling and surfing. Almost preternatural in how it presents, she has managed to trip over something, cartwheel away and land stable as hell a few feet away!

Her personality varies from Princess to Hardass on any given day, so it's hard to pin down just exactly how her mind works. She does fit in well with a few tropes, such as: Surfer Dude, Like, is Like, A Comma, Totally Radical, Storyboard Body, Fashion Model.

Kailani's attitude is something to behold. She is both fully self-aware of her beauty and talent and keen on not letting anyone take her down a peg if they think they can. While she sometimes seems haughty (or snotty in relation to her rivals) she isn't trying to be rude but instead being true to herself. She refuses to kowtow to anyone's necessity to make her feel less than, and so often she's seen as having a personality that's hard to get along with. But that's only with the people who are trying to take advantage of or tear her apart.
Along with the above, Baeside is known to quip and be quick-witted in battle, deciding to take the time to have some fun with it rather than going all grimdark and serious. It's not that she's frivolous; she's just very aware of the fact that anything can happen at any point and wishes to make sure she has fun up until like... the end! It's gotta be that way or she'd go insane.
Though there's generally a level of conceit that comes with being beautiful, and by definition Lani has all the hallmarks of being so, she doesn't use it as a weapon so much as she refuses to undersell herself. It has helped immensely in her modeling career and since then she hasn't had much trouble talking herself into further jobs; accepting that you're beautiful and being willing to use it is a good thing.
Almost never without a playlist queued up on her phone, Kailani has a pair of headphones that fold in on themselves and tuck safely into anything she's wearing so that if people get to be too much or she just needs an escape from what's going on she can slip them on and not be a part of the conversation for a while.

Affiliations have a way of being good, bad, or a combination of both for Kailani, especially given her professional career and trajectory.

Her first professional surfing (and modeling!) rival, Calvin rubs Lani the wrong way; there's something about his attitude that makes her immediately want to hit him or push him or anything as long as it gets him to stop bothering her. And yet, like most rivals, they sort of thrive on competition with each other. She's, admittedly, okay with his girlfriend Seaborne but it doesn't stop her and Calvin from constantly bickering and getting into petty arguments and competitions with one another.
It's hard to explain her connection to this man without delving further into her past (oocand waiting for things to be worked out on that end; will get back to this when we've got it all worked out, dude.
Island Models
Her first modeling agency and the one she still goes through to continue supporting her home island. Though their roster hasn't gotten too much bigger, the gigs that Lani herself is scoring have made it much easier for them to keep the lights on and allow people to get smaller jobs without needing to be dropped from contracts. She's like... attached.