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Belah Nain Profile.jpg
So many fun ideas in their minds!
Player: @Belah Nain
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Incarnate
Personal Data
Real Name: Belah Nain
Known Aliases: The Succubus of Smash, Beautiful Ruin, The Dominatrix of Destruction, Virtue's Bane
Species: Demon/Deity/Demiurge
Age: Human Civilization
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
Hair Color: Variable
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Embodiment of Primal Chaos, Protector of Life
Place of Birth: Primal Earth
Base of Operations: Paragon City and the Rogue Isles
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Several dimensional counterparts, considered 'sisters'
Known Powers
Sense urges, thoughts, and fantasies related to physical acts of destruction and/or vandalism
Known Abilities
Rapid physical regeneration, resistance, super strength, reflexes, and power imbuement
Possesses the titanic weapon of infinite shapes known as the "Talon of Ruin".
Serves as a minor patron herself, having given a portion of her power to several active supers in Paragon, the Rogue Isles, and Praetoria

The Succubus of Smash

"I have no idea why they call it 'mindless' destruction. Destruction's all I ever think of!"

At first glance, Belah Nain is no more than a pretty thug with airs of sophistication. After all, her name, roughly translated as "Destroying Beauty" is an apt description. Many take her as a blunt instrument that simply plows through everything in her path, heedless of the damage done and pain inflicted. A demon who feeds off of sex and violence. A monster clothed in empty glamour who would destroy the world if she thought it would make a pleasing sound.

Some of this is true. Yes she craves destruction and ruin. She needs it, but she needs it like mortals need food and water and air: for survival. She feeds off of these desires and acts, and in turn inspires more, creating a cycle of energy that sustains her, empowers her, allows her to empower others in turn, and ultimately means that death, pain, and suffering all diminish her. Were the world to be destroyed, she would quickly fade to nothing and simply cease to be.

For most of her existence she lived on a razor's edge: while there was chaos and ruin in abundance, it was tied to conflict and war, and so the benefits she would see from this were tainted by death and misery. What could have been feasts for her were reduced to crumbs and scraps; small, precious morsels she had to carefully choose to avoid poisoning herself. It was a bitter balance, and with the horrors of two world wars in rapid succession, she resigned herself to oblivion.

And then... something shifted. The later half of the 20th century began to give her something she'd never known before: spectacle. Her craft is at its best with a willing audience, and now there was a growing wave of events where thousands gathered to see destruction, guilt-free! Masses of people encouraging it! Cheering for it! Lusting for more! She felt a surge of power like nothing she'd known before, and with it found she now had the means and motive to protect this world and its people with everything she had.

Once a driver of creation, then an orphan at the table of War, now renewed and brought to new heights. Her new church is the monster truck rally, her modern offerings are the demolition derbies, and her confessionals are the rage rooms. Everything from a charity car bash to a building implosion is a festival in her name, and the crunch of metal and the tinkle of glass are hymns to her glory.

The world has changed, and The Succubus of Smash will defend it to the end.

A Complicated Dynamic

"Longbow uses flamethrowers on civilians, Arachnos deploys spider tanks everywhere, and they both call ME the dangerous one?!
Well, the more they shoot at me, the less they shoot at everyone else."

Legal Issues

With gangs like the Skulls, the Hellions, the Lost, the Freakshow and more all having members performing acts of vandalism constantly, Belah is always at a superhuman level of power. However, she knows they're still a threat to life, and has no issues at all with taking them down. She's accepted that combat and death are going to be constants in the world, but minimizing it via overwhelming force is going to head off far greater trouble down the road. That said, her blatant encouragement of property crime while being one of the strongest defenders of this and other worlds has been enough to send quite a few moral compasses spinning out of control, but allowances have been made and blind eyes turned to her very particular nutritional needs.

This dichotomy has caused ever-shifting rosters of friends and foes among heroes, villains, and gods.

Moral Responsibilities

"Does it surprise you that I have a concept of 'perversion'?
That I can be disgusted by a thing being twisted into its opposite?"

Belah sees destruction as a precursor to creative acts: Destroy the old, reforge it into something new. Celebrate the destruction, celebrate the creation. The Demolition Divas club is this philosophy made manifest.


Being a succubus--especially one who loves the interplay of sex and destruction as passionate acts--Belah is painfully aware of the darker implications of the interplay between sex and destruction as violent acts. To mitigate the damage, she has taken two, diverging paths. One of soft power, the other immeasurably hard.

In regards to the soft path: most of her profits from the club and more "specialty" items on her webstore are donated to shelters, charities, and various legal defense funds. She's also established a minor network of accounts that can move money around from more questionable groups that nonetheless have an interest in helping the vulnerable and at-risk. While she's occasionally called out for money laundering, insurance fraud, theft, and public indecency, she laughs it off and points to ironclad waivers, permits, and legal loopholes, often snarking about the Devil in the details.

When it comes to the hard path, she has access to Sindy Calabim; a demon of retribution who has been bound to Belah, the club, and everybody in it. Should any come to harm through a perversion of Belah's power, she will make sure that their lives will be a storm of ruin and madness until such a time as Belah calls her off.

Demolition Divas

"Sign the waiver, hand over your car keys, and enjoy the rush!"

Despite primarily feeding off of lust for destruction, it's still lust, and tying it to more traditional succubi activity was a natural step for her. Thus was born "Demolition Divas"; part burlesque club, part rage room, part rave, and part junkyard. An establishment where you can drop all inhibitions and go wild. Patrons are encouraged to pick up their favorite tool of destruction and have at it, aided and abetted by Belah's abilities. More generous (or rowdy) patrons may find that their vehicle is the center of attention for the next stage show, and that the staff is incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to showing off their skills (super-powered or otherwise), with full-time performers like Candi Crush, Artbreaker, and Strongtium-90 and "special guests" like Wrecking-Belle more than happy to test their mettle against someone else's precious metal.

(Im)mortal Enemies

"You need to do more than 'stop' or 'kill' Mot. It needs to be completely destroyed. Wiped from creation."

Belah's easygoing nature and tendency to both antagonize and aid on all sides of a conflict has given her a capricious reputation. While she's made several enemies over the course of her adventures, she has made very few constant, permanent enemies. That said, all foes pale in comparison to the ancient death god Mot. A creature of death and sterility, Mot is an end to life, and with it an end to creativity, excitement, thrill, and anticipation. All things that Belah lives for, and loves to bring out in people she's around. So while she seems an unlikely ally, she is also a steadfast ally, and has sworn an oath on her immortal life to see Mot cast down and destroyed.




  • References to her can be found in obscure books of demonology as a high Calabim (demon of destruction), and even more obscure books on ancient deities list her as a goddess of Chaos. She is essentially a minor deity or powerful demon, a patron of acts of destruction, chaos, entropy, and the pleasure of performing said acts. That said, she represents primordial chaos: the power of potential. Anything destroyed becomes inspiration or raw material for new creations.
  • Belah's secret passion is monster trucks. Under the right circumstances she will geek out over their history, construction, drivers, and everything else to do with them. She gives tractor pulls and monster truck events the majority of credit for saving her life, and making wanton destruction into enjoyable spectacle.
  • Individuals she has empowered or enhanced either directly or otherwise: