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Theresa Adamova used to work as an assistant for a lead Crey scientist who was developing a serum which greatly increased a person's size. Feeling looked down on all her life at 4'10" (147cm) she dreamed big, and stole the prototype batches and formulas needed to create more serum. Theresa vanished and never looked back. Crey simply wrote off the loss, and she now uses the temporary enlarging effects of the serum for her own desires.

Real Name
Theresa Adamova
Philadelphia, USA
Peregrine Island, formerly Cap au Diable
Legal Status
Reformed criminal;
on probation
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Father, Mother, and younger brother
living in northeastern Philadelphia.
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
147cm (4'10");
2.4M (8') enlarged
43kg (100lbs);
128kg (282lbs) enlarged
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength and Stamina
(When Enlarged)
· Other Abilities ·
High IQ and an advanced understanding
of biochemistry, which she uses to
make growth serum.

"Hiya! I'm Theresa, never Terry! But most people just call me Bigger!"

The first time she had tried the formula on herself she was still wearing her clothes from her final day at work, despite having been on the run for over 30 hours and freshly arrived in Cap au Diable. Knowing she would need something to replace her ruined attire, she walked into a professional apparel store and walked out with an armful of clothes; nobody dared to stop her. The next time, the staff ran to the back office and returned with a large, burly man who stopped and met her gaze mid-theft.

“What the hell do you want me to do?” he cried at the clerk.
“I dunno Larry, but you gotta do something!” was the reply.
“No way. No way, no how. Look I might be big, but she’s BIGGER!
and without another word, Larry returned from whence he came and Theresa had been a “regular” ever since.

Commissions by Tovio Rogers and Soleilloo
Bigger - Tovio Rogers - Commission01.png The injector was in her hand as she approached her closet. She had accomplished so much already thanks to this serum. She was chief of science for an ancient, secret society. She’d traveled to other dimensions and even through time. She could harness the power of the gods! But only when she was bigger. Like this, when she was just little old Theresa? She didn’t have any of that power.

And should couldn’t just mainline injections one after the other. The cost to resource materials and access the equipment needed was exorbitant. Which was why she was going to rob a bank today. She had to. When she flung her closet doors flung open, a long row of nearly identical no-name business formal outfits greeted her. In the back of the rack were a pair of brightly colored costumes.

Bigger - Soleilloo - Commission.jpg

A Conclave pin caught her notice, and under it a note and a newspaper. She lifted the note up to read it.

"Heya guys!" Bigger’s loud, perky voice filled Glyphica’s imagination. "I’m like, so sorry about this but I’ve been thinking about it a ton and like.. I don’t think I can keep being a criminal any more. I’m just doing worse and worse stuff just so I can get people to look up to me.. and some people do! But most just see me as a bad guy. What’s the point of having a growth serum if people are just gonna keep looking down on me, anyways?
"And I miss my family. I miss Philly. I think I need to change what I’m doing, even if it’s gonna be hard. I’m gonna miss you guys too! Some of you have been really great friends! But I can’t keep going on like this. Also, Doc and Argiope, don’t worry: I’m not gonna tell a soul about it.

Big Hugs!

A few hearts and a simple-but-cute cat’s face were drawn at the bottom. Looking down at the newspaper seemed to confirm what she just read; the local rag out of Cap au Diable spinning the story to make Bigger out to be a laughing stock.

Bigger s Turn.png

Commission by Tovio Rogers and Astrubal
Bigger - Tovio Rogers - Commission02.png Presently she was knee-deep in unconscious Council soldiers and working to add more to the pile, alongside several other supers. It felt a bit odd to be back on this side of the law, but not bad. Even though she was still being tracked as part of her post-villain “rehabilitative probation” and was forced to work with pre-selected “guidance heroes” on one anti-fascist patrol after another, at least it was honest work. Theresa’s eyes squeezed shut as her fist made a meaty-sounding noise upon contact with a Council werewolf’s jaw. Her enlarged body automatically moved through the motions of combat.

Outside the Council base, the team leader led the after-action debrief. Theresa struggled to follow along. How many of these had she sat through already?

Bigger - Astrubal - Commission BG.png

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"So... that's kinda my story so far. No big deal, right?"

For mad scientist, Theresa loves to party.
Theresa also likes to LARP.
Let's not forget about Praetoria Theresa.
Bigger struts.gif Big Larper.png Omnimatrix.jpg
"Did someone say 'party?!'"
"It was ONE TIME."
"Sup? I don't grow."

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"It's time to get, Bigger!"