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Contessa Blue Ta'ala 'Blazing Blue Bunny'
Blazing Blue Bunny
Origin: Magic (sort of)
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 50+
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Blue Ta'ala
Known Aliases: Triple B, B
Species: Kantu'an
Age: 23
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: Oddly variably 90lbs to several tons
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kantu'an
Occupation: 'Kicker of Arse', Commander in Kantu'an Expeditionary Force, Contessa
Place of Birth: Planet Kantu'a
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Engaged!!, fiancée not as dead as advertized!
Known Relatives: Parents. Had 6 brothers, 4 sisters. All but parents and 2 brothers lost in Rikti assault. Adopted Sister (human) Cat Grey
Known Powers
Phenomenal speed, strength and durability. Superhuman senses. Gets stronger after being overpowered.
Known Abilities
Recently developing focused specialized psionic communication with a battle partner. Pri
None. Virtually nothing can survive what she goes through.
Brave to a fault, loyal perhaps to an even higher fault. Lives with best friend/roommate, aforementioned battle partner.

Member of the Kantu'a Wardens Earth Expedition

High velocity pintsize powerhouse of bunn-bunn fury. Blazing Blue hails from a world of Bunnyfolk that was attacked by the Rikti some time ago. Most of her family was killed in front of her and she was too small and powerless to do anything about it. An offworlder dropped in and absolutely devastated the Rikti assault force, helped her hook up with other survivors, and... he gave her a wish. She doesn't remember the details but after the lightshow and the shouting she asked to be strong like the stranger. Ever since, she's grown stronger and stronger. Don't let her size fool you- she can rip a tank in half and punt it into orbit. She and a handful of other survivors have come to Earth to help end the Rikti.


Early Life

Blue Ta’ala was born to a fairly normal household of Kantu’an rabbitfolk. No one in her immediate family had super powers. She had 6 brothers and 4 sisters and by the time she was university age she was pursuing the start of a medical career.

Blue Ta’ala was not born with super powers, but was born with extra helpings of courage and attitude. On the small side for her kind, she didn’t tend to get bullied since she more than made up for a lack in stature with spark. This is likely what led her on the fateful day of the Rikti attack, at age 22, to risk her life diverting a Rikti Soldier’s intended attack against some schoolkittens by climbing the front of its armour and unloading the charge from a plasma torch directly in its face. The soldier retaliated by kicking her through a wall and would have finished her off, had not the Visitors arrived just then.

Rikti Attack on Kantu’a

As has been told elsewhere, the Visitors were from another universe and were likely diverted by the jump the Rikti made into this this universe. The leader, after checking on Blue led a counterattack of legendary proportions that all but wiped out the Rikti assault. When he returned, he gave the injured rabbit girl something to eat that healed her and took her somewhere where she was granted a wish. Upon returning, she was strong. She had wished to grow strong like him.

Loss and Decision to Head to the Stars to Save Others

The day’s heartache wasn’t over, as she would discover that of her siblings, she was down to just two brothers and that was all. Also her fiancée Rowan was killed in the Great Forest defending it against an assault of Dropships. These losses and her newfound growing power were likely the catalyst that made her choose to join her longtime friend Harvey’s expedition to the planet that seemed to be the next target: Earth.

The Return of Rowan

After over a year and a half since losing so many in the attack on Kantu'a, Rowan was not so much brought back to life as- given a temporal shortcut by one of Blue's Friends.


Rowan looked up, then looked back. "Back to the cavern, I'll handle this. Save the family!" He reached out to the trees, to some of the oldest, tallest ones. I'm sorry, old friends, this may hurt. But we need to stop that craft. He felt the assent of the elders, their readiness to beat back this infestation regardless of cost, and thanked them. Stretching his arms out to the side, he gathered energy, waiting, waiting... aiming, directing. He saw the blast, the bomb coming his way, releasing the energy to surround and crush the invaders' ship even as he screamed defiance at what he knew to be his death.

Blue... live well.

"AAAAHHHHHHH....." ... Rowan blinked in confused rabbit as the ground disappeared beneath his feet - and he fell into the grassy crater. Wha? He heard feet running his direction as he slowly got up. The sound of the invaders was gone, the smell of smoke an old memory on the wind. "Sir! Are you all... ROWAN?" He looked up at a very confused Ash. "... But ... you're dead..."


Rowan had been scooped out of time and forward to 'now' by one of Blue's best friends, Tahli. The intent had been to also bring him across intergalactic space TO Tahli but the spell went wrong there and injured her and another nearby. From that, she assumed the whole thing had failed until Rowan showed up a week later on Earth, having gone round to see the Count and Countess, Blue's parents, and collected the engagement armband she'd left enshrined in her room at home in memory of him. The wise archmage knew much may have changed and was prepared to stand aside if needs must though it break his hearts, yet his quiet faith remained as he journeyed to this Earth to find his doe and seek her hand once more.

Once there, he found her newly gone into a hidden sabbatical to sort out her life's flailing choices in his absence and found himself warmly greeted by most of Blue's companions- with a few notable exceptions, though his patience, kindness, courage and grace soon won them over. When Blue returned from her time away, she found him waiting and momentarily shocked, soon she found her universe was, for the first time in forever it seemed- rightside up again.

The Wedding

After much discussion, Blue and Rowan approached Prinzeps and Jett, who are also getting married and Blue asked if her 'Bestest Bestie' would be interested in combining their wedding ceremonies into one day. Pri's only hesitation about her own marriage to Jett had been a holdover to her earlier memories with Blue and the belief that Blue would marry before her. This resolved the only ghost of discomfort Pri still had about her own wedding and better yet, it let her share best day ever with her best friend too.

So, it was decided the Besties Double Wedding is to be Friday, 23 September 2022, in the evening at Moon Mountain, a secret location that Blue and Jett have been working together to build a fantastic site for the Ceremony, the reception and party thereafter and - some rumour, the Bunnymoon suites are hidden there somewhere too. Basil Bunnsworth III will perform the ceremonies as the Grand Archmage and Sorcerer Extreme of the Realm. Afterward, it is rumoured he himself is taking his first actual vacation since before the internet was invented.

More later after the big day.

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Spunky, upbeat most of the time. Unless you’ve given her reason to do otherwise, she tends to look for the best in people. She notices people at the edge of crowds, either lurkers or ones that seem to want inclusion but seem to be strays too shy to put themselves forward. The latter, she will go over and welcome, and help to include. The former- she tracks with a hunter’s skill to make sure they’re not up to no good.

She’s brave, sometimes to the point of foolhardy but has the sheer power and durability to endure the over-reach most of the time. Usually the only thing she actually fears are rejection, or harm coming to those she loves while being unable to stop it. She is very loving and will do practically anything for those she considers dear.


Phenomenal Strength, Speed, Endurance, Durability, and Reflexes. It's not uncommon to see her, no spacesuit, engaging a capital ship or ships directly and winning. Has flown into the Sun to amuse herself or to clean off dangerous biological exposures. Claims it's beautiful but 'Really, unbelievably loud'

Very talented martial arts fighter, especially with her feet- though she will sometimes just go into Wrecking Ball mode. Combined with her speed, this is deadly. Often seems to be kicking a target from multiple directions at once, or will punt them a huge distance and already be at their destination waiting for them with a haymaker punch to finish them, or a side-kick to bring their ride to an abrupt and painful stop.

Ability to hold her breath for several hours. She seems to simply derive what she needs directly from her near-boundless energy. This lets her make long interplanetary and interstellar flights. As well as amusing herself under water for long periods.

Ability to channel and direct Ki Energy both offensively and defensively. This seems somewhat linked to her emotive state as well, so don't be downrange if you just fluffed her tail the wrong way.

Functionally immortal. She's actually died a couple of times- once tanking horrific psionic damage for Prinzeps, a handful of time in overwhelming battle. Thing is, it doesn't stick. After moments her power surges and she bursts back into action again- usually damaging any nearby enemies simply by rising, and finds she's stronger than before being knocked down.

She has developed odd psionic skill and is linked with a sort of telepath/empathic link with best friend and battle partner Prinzeps. She has been developing this and between the two of them it's fairly perfected, and while that link initially mostly rode upon Pri's ability, Blue's low level Psi has slowly grown to where she can reach out to her other Psi-sensitive friends at will.



Harvey R. Abbot – Sort of a cross between an older brother and mentor. He is a master-class hunter and taught her brilliantly long before she ever gained powers.

Basil Bunnsworth III – Another mentor, though visually and physically only a few years older, acts much like a doting uncle to Blue. Watches out for her.

Jh'ett Jett Bunn Airdrigh - The most recent transfer from Kantu'a, sent by Harvey. The Lt. Commander has quickly become one of her better friends and a trusted right hand.

Cecil Spotsbunn – Someone she kept an eye on knowing he was even more shy that she. Encouraged him often and relies on his technical expertise absolutely.

Ronin Usagi – Someone she respects highly for his martial skills.


Cat Grey – One of her earliest human friends, she is very close and in fact has adopted her legally as her sister and a member of the Ta’ala family. Cat isn't always the most visible part of her life but she's there when Blue needs her most.

Prinzeps – Blue’s best friend, roommate, and mind linked battle partner. Pri has a special history and the two help one another navigate human society with wit, humour, tears, and courage. The two are inseparable and Blue is a combination friend, big sis, pseudo-mom, and according to Pri, hero to her.

Rowan Penderwydd - Blue's lost love. The buck she was betrothed to marry and deeply in love with but died on Kantu'a during the events of the attack. He died taking out a mothership and defending others behind him- his last thoughts that she would live well after him. ....only now he's not as dead as he was- thanks to one of her best friends, Tahli Mailynx, who working with a friend opened a portal in time to the moments before Rowan died and summoned him to the future- now. Only they spell went wrong and it didn't bring him to them, just forward. So he was some days figuring out why he was in the Grove and over a year and a half had passed, caught up on news, and came to Earth. The reunions was... stirring. He and Blue are once again due to be married- this September in fact!

Cybil Longercat – The lady of Spottis-On-Catte manor, leader of the CatGrrl Brigade, and wife of the Wardens leader Harvey.

Rick ‘Brick’ Wall – Paragon Police officer with roots in Praetoria's past, Rick is your textbook strong silent type much of the time, unless he knows you well. The bulky figure of Brick Wall next to the diminutive rabbit makes a curious sight when they're hanging out, even though their roles in combat are fairly close to the same, visually they don't look it. Blue calls him Bro and considers him as a brother here in her new home.

Risa Beedm - The stunning songstress and the rowdy rabbit struck up a curiously loyal friendship in a relatively short amount of time. Sadly this was to end tragically when Risa left the know universe along with her entire clan, presumably never to be seen again. The suddenness and nature of the departure rocked our rabbit's world as they regarded one another as sisters.

Tahli Mailynx - Former infernal, now (in Blue's eyes) a rising angel. She's half fused with celestial energies and 100% adorably awesome. Tahli is fiercely loyal, brave to a fault, willing to do practically anything for a friend, and usually extremely patient.. the exception being waiting for treats and rewards. Very affectionate, also quick-tempered if she thinks someone's copping a 'tude with her or picking on a friend or loved one. She and Blue fell in together after the Risa disaster and were the pair of adorable scamps that were also powerhouses in disguise that faced down ridiculous odds and helped save their friends from certain doom again and again. Recently, seeing her friend was in so much turmoil over unresolved pain with the loss of Rowan, Tahli... did a Tahli and pulled Rowan out of the blast just before his death.

Nykola Tesla – Alternate Earth version of the famed inventor Tesla, wherein she led a different life, grew weary of it, and used one of her inventions to attempt to reach the future- accidentally crossing into our world in the process. For a long time they were considered dear friends as ‘fellow shorties’ but owing to some changes in their paths, Blue made a hard choice and stepped back, choosing to remain allies and promising she'd always come to aid if needed- but could no longer remain in her company.

Stellar Flux – Similar to Nykola’s story, but from the future, Lisa came back in time and also befriended Blue and are dear friends. For reasons known only to themselves, Blue is oddly protective of this friend.

Chloe – The first cybernetic life form Blue ever met and made friends with. Sometimes Blue has trouble reading her because body language tells are missing or vary from what she’s expecting, but they both have a similar sense of humour and geek out over retro 80s trivia.

LGN-06 'Elle' – The second cybernetic life form Blue of Blue’s acquaintance and one she holds extremely dear- partially because Blue believes there’s great good in her, something Elle herself seems to sometimes doubt. One of Blue's goals is to make sure Elle learns how truly valued and valuable she is- and to help her grow in any way she can. After a period of closeness, Blue now keeps a distant eye on her - and will keep her promise to never let her face a cold uncaring universe trapped and alone again, should the worst happen.

Wylde Fire - Mel is Blue’s pyromaniac pal that has the looks and the attitude to match her name. Hero with a wild side, they've been known to amuse themselves floating in Lava lakes.

Platinum Diva - The Pop megastar and inventor is one of Blue's pals and they sometimes are suspected of sharing technological breakthroughs. Secretly, they also are pranksters and when no one else is about, Diva is slowly learning to let her silly sense of humour loose around her bunny pal. Sadly for Blue and friends, Diva's life took her on a new path and she's gone into a quiet retirement far away. She is missed, but never forgotton.

Mind Fire/Wylde Trouble - A time/dimensional variant of Wylde Fire, Priness Mel has Psionic powers, an impressive intellect and skill with a bow. She has a special attachment to our little blue friend and considers her as part of her family.

Stellar Striker - Another Stellar, Cassie is from a dying future come back to fix the past before it gets out of hand. Calm, competent, generous to a fault, she's dear to Blue and one of her most trusted pals. Cassie, Princess Mel's other half, also claims Blue as family. As do their various kids.

Victory Garden - Piper Winslow and Blue were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off like long lost friends immediately. Piper- cheerful, optimistic, vivacious and friendly to a fault took right up with Blue. The green-haired beauty inherited powers..sort of- from her grandmother, a WW II era heroine of the same name. Her ability to grow plants anywhere on demand exceeds even that of her legendary grandma.

Healthstone - Adorable redheaded little sister of Piper, Heather Winslow came to visit her sister in the big city and Blue was one of her first friends here. A non-super upon arrival, she fell for one of Blue's fellow Kantu'ans, the young doctor Chip, but when tragedy struck and she nearly died, he saved her life as her mutation revealed itself and she is now a powerful hero in her own rights.

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