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Blue Hood.png
The Battle-Hardened, Brave
Blue Hood
Player: @HNBC
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Stacy Saunders
Known Aliases: The Flechette (formerly)
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Bluish Green
Hair Color: Light Brown, dyed Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Vigilante, Mechanic/Inventor
Place of Birth: Manhattan, NY
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Simon Saunders/ The Fletcher I (Grandfather), Samuel Saunders/The Fletcher II (Father, MIA), Maureen Saunders (Mother, deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Expert Marksmanship, Enhanced Accuracy, Peak Human Eyesight/Strength/Endurance/Agility/Parkour/Balance/Stamina/Reflexes/Dexterity/Intellect/Stealth, Inventing and Acrobatics Training
Recurve Bow, Quiver, Tech-Specs, Voice Filter, Hovercycle, P.E.A.R.L. (Personal Encryption Android designed for Recon and Logistics), Trick Arrows


Stacy has a slightly thin, yet slender frame with attractive curves and toned muscles from years of sidekick training. When out of her hero costume, one would notice her dyed blonde hair in a short, exquisite style. While dressed for heroics, she would be wearing a grey and dark blue spandex costume, complete with her custom quiver, tactical belt, goggles and her grey mask and namesake blue hood. The bottoms of her boots, as well as her whole outfit has a thin coating of non-stick film to prevent her glue and oil arrows from sticking to her costume.


Stacy is a woman that's determined to do what is right, despite what the law says. A bit rebellious yet organized, she has her own set of rules that she follows. Despite her aloof and slightly cynical demeanor, Stacy is a nice person, although she tends to be quiet and observant. Her early experience as a sidekick had a negative effect on her as the constant training and homeschooling left her socially stunted. Often keeping to herself Stacy tends to sometimes have issues with maintaining conversations and expressing her emotions. Most of the time she can be a bit blunt when speaking, she tends to have a semi-working filter. She also is willing to show respect those with a clear code of honor, justice and morality. Due to her past relations with Crey Industries, she has a clear dislike for the Corporation for using her creations for corrupt means.

Her morality also can be best described as "Chaotic Good". She doesn't kill people, only doing so as an absolutely last resort.


When Stacy was 10 years old, she was indoctrinated into heroics by her father the Fletcher II. Unaware of the risks that came with heroic activity, she started her sidekick career as wide-eyed idealist who thought it would be fun. Homeschooled and trained in archery, acrobatics and gymnastics, she became an excellent sidekick to her father and mentor.

But after a few years of crimefighting, Stacy became rather disillusioned by it, and by the time she turned 15, retired from heroics after her father had gone MIA during an attack on Paragon City.

A few years later Stacy became an Olympic contender, while also working as an inventor for profit, designed tech and devices and selling her patents for cash. Unfortunately, Crey had gotten their hands on some of the weapons and patents she had designed and began using the tech for nefarious means.

Once more, Stacy took up her bow and quiver, unable to legally regain her patents from Crey, and decided to fight back and sabotage them. But she wanted to start anew with a clean slate and a new name. No longer Flechette, as she left that name behind her. She decided to give herself a more independent name:

The Blue Hood.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

  • Expert Marksmanship:
  • Enhanced Accuracy:
  • Peak Human Eyesight:
  • Peak Human Strength:
  • Peak Human Endurance/Stamina:
  • Peak Human Balance/Reflexes/Dexterity:
  • Peak Human Agility:
  • Parkour/Acrobatics Training:
  • High-Level Intellect:
  • Expert Investigator:
  • Skilled Inventor:
  • Stealth Tactics:


  • P.E.A.R.L.:
  • Hovercycle AKA "The Arrowhead": A sleek and custom-built blue and silver crotch rocket motorcycle. Designed with a hovercraft flight mode, auto-steering protocols, GPS, and a front-mounted grappling hook.
  • Trick Arsenal:
  • Collapsible Recurve Bow:
  • Quiver:
  • Voice Filter:
  • Tech-Specs: Blue Hood's Tech-Specs allow her to access information that P.E.A.R.L. can provide her when needed, they also serve well to help protect her identity and shield her eyes from certain attacks

Weaknesses & Limitations

  • Only Human
  • Reliance on Her Bow
  • Distant, Aloof Nature
  • Limited Arrows
  • Slight Lack of Social Skills
  • Hates Being Touched/Hugged



Name: Samuel Saunders

Alias: The Fletcher II

Relation: Father

Details: TBA

Name: Simon Saunders

Alias: The Fletcher I

Relation: Grandfather

Details: TBA

Name: Maureen Saunders

Alias: N/A

Relation: Mother

Details: TBA


Name: Personal Encryption Android designed for Reconnaissance and Logistics

Alias: P.E.A.R.L.

Relation: AI Assistant

Details: A small and sightly round robotic drone/AI Unit that works as Blue Hood information hub and scout

Name: Cobalt

Alias: Colby

Relation: Pet

Details: Cobalt is a young K9 German Shepherd that was wounded in the line of duty and given custom-designed tech prosthetics by Stacy.


Codename: Stitch-Face

Alias: Hanson Facia

Threat: Street-Level

Details: Once a prominent member of the Paragon Police Department and a firm believer of law, order and justice, Detective Hanson Facia was a friend on the force for Blue Hood, despite most of the PPD having distrust in her. He was also the ex-boyfriend of Stacy Saunders but had parted on amicable terms. One day Hanson was sent to root out corruption in the Rogue Isles undercover as a member of the Family, but the RIPD had caught wind of the operation and set up an ambush between the Rogue Cops and Family goons, horrifically scarring disfiguring the good detective's face as a message. Blue Hood was tailing the detective when he had noticed the ambush go down. She was able to call for help and get Hanson air-lifted to a Paragon Hospital, but by then it was too late to surgically repair Hanson's face as it had been burned, sliced and beaten. Even worse, the people responsible for this horrific act were unable to be arrested or prosecuted due to the Laws of the Etoile Isles. Mentally broken from the ordeal and his belief in the justice system forever shattered, Hanson Facia, the Handsome Face of the Paragon Undercover Operations Unit, massacred the hospital staff as he escaped and made his way to the Isles, taking over a small group of Family defectors. Going by the moniker "Stitch-Face", Hanson's main obsession involves vandalizing, destroying and otherwise "disfiguring" prominent faces, whether celebrities, pieces of art or sculpture, or otherwise.

Codename: Hop-Frog

Alias: Jean Rondeaux

Threat: Street-Level

Details: A former member of a travelling carnival from France. The fifth of a set of identical quintuplets and acrobats called "Le Frere Grenouille"(or The Frog Brothers). Each one of them were skilled acrobats, but the youngest of the quinter grew tired of being compared to his siblings. Seen himself as merely a part of something and not an individual person, he wanted to stand out from his family. Being rather greedy, whenever the carnival traveled abroad, he would steal from the villages and towns right before their caravan left. But his brothers still cared about him and still saw him as family. Attempting to talk with Jean, they incidentally found his stash of stolen goods and alerted local police about his crimes. Instead of surrendering, Jean fled. But eve nafter all this, his brothers still see him as family. Hop-Frog has since traveled to America, using his acrobatic skills for bigger and grander thefts.

Codename: Black Komodo

Alias: Lonnie Walton

Threat: Street-Level

Details: TBA

Codename: Mister Glasgow

Alias: Gideon Lee, Gordon Ryenne, Charles L. Heed, Richard Tusler, Samuel Mirk, Glenn Lazgo

Threat: ???

Details: TBA

Codename: Cross-Shot

Alias: Christopher Cross

Threat: Street-Level

Details: An avid hunter and former Vanguard sniper, Christopher Cross led a double life as a freelance assassin for better pay. But one day, the Blue Hood interfered with one of his contracts, costing him his reputation and his job with Vanguard, and wants revenge. An expert marksman and gunslinger, Cross-Shot rarely ever misses his mark.

Codename: The Great Kazam

Alias: Preston Chang

Threat: Street-Level

Details: The son of a retired stage magician, Preston wanted to become one like his father. But due to the rise of actual mages, he grew to despise them. Gaining a job as a skilled special effects designer, he was working on set for a movie about mages (a job he begrudgingly accepted because he needed the cash). But his innate hatred of actual mysticism subconsciously made him sabotage his work. This caused his special effects display to almost kill the actors dressed as wizards, and he was soon fired. Angry at the world for accepting the "cheaters" he decided to use his special effects expertise and stage acting to become The Great Kazam.

Codename: Hallen Wynne

Alias: The Blindspot Bandit

Threat: Street-Level

Details: A former Crey Scientist who uses "borrowed" Portal Corps technology to create small holes in space via discs on his costume, allowing him to partially send part of himself through. Usually using them for thefts and robberies.



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RP Hooks

  • Hates Crey, and Crey is after her.
  • Notable Vigilante, partially distrusted by various members of law enforcement.
  • Owns a motorcycle that she custom-built herself, which can turn into a hoverbike.
  • Father's Disappearance could have been possibly investigated by reporters.
  • "Supposed connection" to Flechette for those who do not know of her past.

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