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Art by Adrian!
Originicon mutation.png Archetypeicon controller.png
Eye of the Storm
CreateSymbol Hero.png
Player: @Amarlex
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Stephanie Grace
Known Aliases: None
Species: Mutant Human
Age: 30
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 204 lbs.
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superhero
Education: BA in English Literature
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Hometown: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Talos Island
Marital Status: Dating Polymer and Pleiades
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Psychokinesis, ESP, Telepathy, Engineered Body
Known Abilities
Athletics, Parapsychology
Utility Belt


Stephanie was born in California in 1993, and was put up for an adoption via a shady agency that fostered her to a pair of wealthy Christians living in Beverly Hills. Growing up in an emotionally neglectful and abusive household, particularly after the traumatic events of the Rikti War, Stephanie would often lash out violently at school, particularly against those she believed were behaving similarly to her parents: unjustly and unfairly. Despite the disciplinary trouble, she excelled in both academics and sports, playing varsity football in high school until her third eye grew in and her budding psychokinetic powers were deemed an 'unfair advantage', resulting in her removal from the team (although really, it was mainly a convenient excuse to remove the varsity team's most controversial and ill-behaved member).

Near the end of her senior year, she realized she was transgender and started DIY hormone therapy. After graduating, her parents discovered the pills by searching her room, which triggered a fight that ended when she telekinetically hurled her foster father through some drywall -- the first time she'd ever used her powers on another person. She stole some money from the house and got on a greyhound to Paragon City. After all, where else does a newly-minted metahuman go but there?

Despite arriving with little money and no place to stay, Stephanie managed to find a job and enrolled in Paragon University thanks to the help of the mutant rights organization Nation, who provided her with housing and a scholarship. Her behavioral problems continued, though, and she frequently used her powers to shoplift and steal when she was short on cash. That started to change when the Praetorians attacked Steel Canyon.

Stephanie was attending an off-campus class in a building near Blythe Square when Battle Maiden initiated her orbital drop assault on the city. The shockwave destabilized the building, and a nearby War Walker detonating caused it to collapse. Her entire classroom was buried in rubble and Stephanie was crushed beneath a steel beam. The near-death experienced caused her psychic powers to fully awaken in dramatic fashion -- she brute-force repaired her crushed ribcage and arm bones and rebuilt the destroyed high-rise from a pile of smoking rubble in a way that outside observers described as "like watching a demolition in reverse". Every occupant of the building survived that day, thanks to her.

Once the Praetorian War's front had shifted away from Paragon City and she'd been released from the hospital, she sought out contact with the FBSA. Something about the experience had changed her outlook; instead of an angry, marginalized mutant, in the moment she saved her classmates, she was a hero. She felt like she'd actually managed to fight back against the unfairness of the world in a significant way. After some counseling and advice from Szaiish, her assigned advisor, she decided to change her look and design a costume. Stephanie had a new way to push back against the unjust and unfair as a costumed superhero, focused on saving lives and helping others more than beating down crooks and gangsters:


Wait, "Brainforce"?

Yeah, the name Brainstorm came later, after she developed her signature psi-storm techniques.



Stephanie is usually extraverted and friendly, with a slight smile always on her face, and she can often give off the vibe that she's a bit aloof and airheaded. She tends to run her mouth a lot, and has a bad habit of saying inappropriate or slightly-too-mean things in casual conversation. Despite that, she does genuinely care about the feelings of others, and tries to make things right if she hurts someone.

She's usually easygoing and slow to anger, but she has a strong sense of justice and tends to get incensed when she feels people aren't being treated right. Though she tries her hardest to control it, she does have a bad habit of letting her old mean streak shine through when she's really furious.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill


Hero_PenelopeYin_Nexus_PsionicTornado.png Psychokinesis: Brainstorm claims to be one of the most powerful espers on the planet, and her PK is the foundation of that claim. She can generate forces in excess of 900 kilonewtons and has the range and precision to exert that force on minuscule objects with pinpoint accuracy from over a kilometer away.

  • Psi-Storms: The reason for her name. Brainstorm's signature psychic ability is her knack for weather manipulation, moving air masses and altering heat, electricity, and moisture levels in order to create unnatural weather phenomena.
  • Force Fields:
  • Bilocation/Teleportation:
  • Psionic Aptitude:

WidowTeamwork_MindLink.png ESP: With her third eye, Brainstorm is capable of seeing most of the electromagnetic spectrum along with various subtle and mystical phenomena. In magic terms, she has inherent True Sight. Instead of telepathically "hearing" thoughts, she instead can quite literally read the minds of others in her field of view.

  • Second Sight:
  • Uncanny Intuition:

Awakened_MindSiphon.png Telepathy: Compared to her staggering PK, Stephanie's telepathy isn't particularly astonishing. She can detect other psychics and has an ironclad mental defense, but she has little influence over the minds of others if they're unwilling to let her in.

  • Thought Broadcasting:
  • Astral Projection:

WidowTeamwork_Elude.png Engineered Body: Brainstorm's current body is not her original. Her powers burned the old one up from the inside out, and she had to have her brain transferred to a vat-grown prosthetic body. Although it's almost exactly the same, the doctor who created it added in various improvements over the baseline human form, with a minor healing factor, psionic energy 'vent' organs in her arms and legs, and mildly improved strength and reflexes.


WidowTeamwork_MentalTraining.png Athletics: Stephanie used to play varsity football until her mutation got her kicked off the team, and she never really stopped being a jock. She's a fair bit stronger than the average person and has the training and mindset to excel in physically demanding situations. She can bench like 320.

FortunataTeamwork_TacticalTrainingVengeance.png Parapsychology:


Ninjitsu_BlindingPowder.png Sensitive Eyes:

Ninjitsu_Caltrops.png Reduced Mobility:



UtilityBelt_LifeSupportSystem.png Utility Belt:


Steph drives a purple 1956 Ford F-100 panel truck. Sometimes instead of spending money on gas she'll just levitate it around with her telekinesis. It's fun!