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Brett Holt
Player: @Adipup
(Homecoming - Everlasting server)
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Art drawn by @Adipup
Character Build
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Biographical Data
Real Name: Brett Holt
Known Aliases: N/A
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthdate: April 8th
Birthplace: Talos Island, Paragon City, USA
Relatives: • Darien Holt (father; magical)
• Florence Holt (mother; non-magical)
• Dana Holt (older sister; magical)
• Aria Holt (older sister; non-magical)
• Other relatives on both sides of the family
Height: 5'7"/1.7 m
Weight: ???
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Dark brown (dyed pink)
Complexion: Average
Physical Build: Bearish/Chubby
Physical Features: • Full but short beard
• Prominent nose
• Somewhat thick body hair
• Tattoos on back
• Wavy hair texture
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Not publicly known
Years Active: Since he was around 22
Base of Operations: Talos Island, Paragon City, USA
Citizenship: American and British (specifically Cornish)
Education: College degree (studied economics and business management)
Occupation: • Alchemist
• Shopkeeper
• Part-time hero
Marital Status: Dating Jack Shaw a.k.a. Unbroken Hound
Known Powers and Abilities
• Levitation
• Object summoning and dismissal
• Force field generation
• Other spells (see "Magic" section)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
• Potions and charms
• Pocket dimension handkerchief
• Body armor
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Brett Holt is an alchemist, shopkeeper and part-time hero currently residing in Talos Island.


Early years

Brett's family hails from the windy, cold cliffs of Cornwall, in South West England. They belong to a coven devoted to the study of magic, using their findings to improve the field as a whole. However, things changed when Darien Holt fell in love with a non-mage, Florence. While the coven was supportive of their relationship, Darien and Florence felt like raising children within the tower's walls would be stifling, especially if some of them didn't inherit Darien's magical ability. So, they decided to move to a diverse community that would serve their needs - Paragon City, USA. Brett is the youngest of three children, and he suspects that his foppish tendencies are a result of growing up with two sisters.

Brett was shy in his youth, only really opening up to his family and a few close friends. He had some edge to him, though, deciding to get his ears pierced and start dyeing his hair as a teenager. He also got his first tattoo when he turned eighteen, beginning the "constellation" of stars on his back. To him, the stars represent magic's endless realm of possibilities. They also refer to a nickname his parents gave him as a child, Starlight.

His love of alchemy stems from visits to his family's tower back in England, where he would be enamored with the older scholars' ability to create all sorts of wonders from seemingly mundane ingredients. Though, he always wondered why they didn't apply their craft more practically to solve people's problems. After graduating from college and leaving his parents with an empty nest, they decided to move back home, accompanied by one of his sisters, Dana. Brett chose to stay in Paragon City, as he wanted to do more with his gifts than sit in a lonely tower all day.

Present day

Brett is the owner of a magic shop on the outskirts of Talos (the mainland area) called Holt Apothecary. He crafts most of the shop's wares himself, including potions, charms and wards. Holt Apothecary is registered with Paragon City Hall as a hero supply base, and is a favorite of many supers for its healing potions and salves. One customer in particular likes to stock up on magical hair dye when he drops by.

He is currently affiliated with the Northern Star supergroup, acting as a supplier and support teammate for them, and occasionally does volunteer work for City Hall as a courier for supplies to hazard zones. He is also in a relationship with fellow magic scholar Unbroken Hound (real name Jack Shaw). Brett and Jack can talk for hours about magic, and they both (unfortunately) feed into each other's perfectionistic tendencies.


Brett is a kind, yet shy, person. He does not always understand sarcasm and humor, and tends to become reclusive when faced with problems he doesn't know how to solve. He feels the most at home while working hard in the familiar space of his workshop, though he's more than happy to socialize about magic, alchemy, cooking, good books, video games, and the like. He speaks with a Mid-Atlantic accent, due to being raised by British parents in America, and enunciates his words with care, avoiding contractions and slang most of the time.

Powers and abilities


Brett has practiced levitation well enough to not need an incantation to perform it anymore. He owns a magic handkerchief which acts as a collection of small pocket dimensions that he can summon from or dismiss to at will; all without needing it to be nearby or on his person. Other spells he knows (and their incantations) are:

Spell Incantation
Summon an object Arcesso
Dismiss an object Dimitto
Force field Defendo
Change costume Vestes
Fill/refill a container Satiata


Brett is an accomplished alchemist, though he usually sells his potions and charms to clients rather than using them all for himself. His workshop contains several bookshelves of recipe books and other magical tomes, which he uses in his craft. His in-game powersets are Empathy and Dark Blast, which are roleplayed as various splash potions that he throws with practiced aim.


  • He wears charms (rings) that provide some defense to psychic powers, so attempting to read his mind or communicate telepathically seldom work.
  • As mentioned above, he has a "constellation" of star-shaped tattoos going down his back. See the image gallery below for reference pictures.

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