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"The Baddest Toon Since Drawn Together"
Bun Kata/Bun-Kata/BunKata/Bun'Kata
Player: @Elxirion
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster/Scrapper
Security Level: 50/50/37/2
Personal Data
Real Name: Digby Ozwald
Known Aliases: Ozzy, Dig', Bun-Kata, Cartoon-boy, long-ears
Species: Cartoon Rabbit
Age: 62 years since first aired, claims to be 35
Height: 3' 5"
Weight: Anywhere from 35 to 350 Lbs., depending on what's funnier
Eye Color: Jet Black
Hair Color: Orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: Toontown
Occupation: Mercenary Toon-For-Hire
Place of Birth: Toontown
Base of Operations: Pocket D
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Dual Pistols, Devices, Experimentation, Munitions Mastery/Street Justice, Willpower, Experimentation, Fighting, Body Mastery/Dual Blades, Regeneration, Experimentation, Leadership, Energy Mastery/Assault Rifle, Devices
Known Abilities
Cartoon Physics, Suspension of Disbelief, Physical Improbability, Fourth-Wall Defiance
Pair of .50 AE Desert Eagle magnum pistols, Mk 2 Grenades, Anti-Tank Tripmines, Caltrops, Toxic-Web Grenades, Syringes, M202 Rockets (No launcher), Targetting Drone, Gun Drone controls, Designer "Toon" Shades, Juryrigged "Toon" Chainsaw-Swords, Custom-Fitted "Toon-ified" Vanguard Elite "Redding Rider" Rifle, Seemingly-Limitless .50 AE and 7.62x39mm "Parabellum" ammunition
Tends to crack wise at those around him, claims it's "in his nature as a toon to keep things funny", has shown an abrasive distaste for anything regarding Praetoria, claims it's "not a very fun place at all"

The cartoon realm - a place of boundless cheer, impossible antics, and shining skies, where song and dance were commonplace and everyone and everything had a smile on their face. However, it was a dull existence for the orange-furred rabbit who had seen it all, heard it all, sang it all... Digby Ozwald was a side-kick character to a prime-time rubberhose cartoon that originally aired decades ago, and has since seen multiple colorized restorations and reprints and DVD and Blu-ray remasters... None of it brought him any real joy, in that realm of origin, where the show stopped and the toons began. He was itching for something exciting and different to happen, wishing for some escape from the repetition of literally bending over backwards for a guffaw, something, ANYTHING. But, as is the fate of wishes made in cartoons, he got what he wanted... And lost what he had.

What seemed like another dull break on a rooftop near the edge turned "predictably tragic" as he leaned against the edge, only for it to give way, and cause him to tumble towards the cracked pavement below - a sidewalk he'd faceplanted many a time before and once again, was fated to kiss. Except, something different happened this time. When he crashed into the concrete, it gave under his hilarious impact, and broke apart into a black hole, sending him right through the ground, and into the Other Side. All anyone back on the surface saw was Digby go rocketing through the cement, and then the ground closing itself up - sweeping him under the rug like nothing happened. All the while, Digby went for a ride past myriad realities - watching dancing lights and strange colors sip past him, before a blinding existance rushed up to receive him in kind - But it was the furthest he'd ever get from his home.

Paragon City, in the modern day, is plagued with a myriad of criminals, thieves, ne'er-do-wells, and Villains, as well as those who lie between the lines. Everything from giant monsters to mechanical oddities, to magical creatures, to celestial horrors had been witnessed within the scope of the eastern side of the country. ...But a cartoon falling from the sky? And surviving terminal velocity into Atlas Park, nonetheless? Granted, Digby wound up in the downtown areas - a far-cry from the heroic safety of the city hall and its boundless saviors. Almost immediately was Digby beset on all sides by knives, bats, guns, and bombs. But... None of the threats were jokey, nothing inanimate had eyes or talked back. He was out of the Rubberhose woods, and in a place far grittier, more "tainted" and unfiltered by the rules of this reality. He no longer felt constrained by the cosmic forces of "PG-13". It was perfect.

Now, several years after the event referred to as "The Quantum Yoink", Digby has found his calling in this strange land - the calling of violence, a taste he'd never had before, and reveling in it. Of hedonism, unbridled so, with nothing filtering out his carnal desires. Of bringing fun to a world that's not saturated in colors or mired by constant singing, dancing mountains and trees and tables and cars and THINGS. He's free, let loose upon what everyone else has told him is "the real world", and he refuses to ever go back to his old life as a re-run. His weapon of choice, which has become a stable alongside his other armaments, are a pair of heavy magnum firearms - sterling chrome, chambered in .50 Action-Express, and taken "lovingly" from the first two smart-aleck muggers that thought to get the jump on such a jumpy character. Alongside such weapons of mass chaos are his twitchy cartoon tendencies, being able to perform the physically-impossible on a regular basis, and refusing to stay down from any extended amount of time on the grounds that "I'll be back next episode", as well as procurring the majority of his armaments from his pocket-dimensional hammerspace - a seemingly impossible liminal "portal" that allows the toon to acquire whatever he might need for the moment... ...Or sometimes giving him whatever it desires, depending on the level of "hilarity" in a given situation.

Digby Ozwald, now going off the gun-based monicker of "Bun Kata", is a cartoon for hire, his funds mostly going to sugary foods, sources of entertainment, or simply because he "wants to know what McDuck felt every time they ran that intro". A once classic happy-go-lucky hare, now slaked on sex, violence, and swearing - A classic case of a cartoon character turned to the darkside, of NC-17...