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We Come to Serve
Bunn with a Gun
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50+
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Harvey R. Abbot
Known Aliases: Bunn with a Gun, Big Bunn
Species: Kantu'an
Age: 30
Height: 8' 2"
Weight: 380 lbs
Eye Color: Shifts from Blue to Green
Hair Color: Light Walnut Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kantu'an
Occupation: Commander of the Kantu'a Warden Earth Expedition
Place of Birth: Kantu'a
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Paternal Grandfather, Parents, Var. Siblings, Wife.
Known Powers
Preternatural Aim. Lightning Reflexes. Precognitive judgement.
Known Abilities
Excellent Commander, very difficult to lie to successfully in person or remotely.
Variable yield energy rifle. Capable of full auto or single shot distant sniping

Leader of the Kantu'a Wardens Earth Expedition

Harvey R. Abbot (He's heard them, all folks) is an alien rabbitman, but gets along well enough with humans and MOST other aliens. Leader of the rabbitfolk from planet Kantu'a that came to Earth. Mostly kind and patient. His people came to Earth to aid mankind in their fight against the Rikti. They came to Kantu'a, caused death and destruction and he 'retired' his commission to come here with some friends to address them. He's brought a whole squad of powerful Rabbitfolk (and advanced Rabbitech) that are here to help Earth repel or destroy the Rikti once and for all. Most recently he has accepted a recommission and promotion in order to remain on Earth with his crew and his new Earth friends and wife- an Earth fae Cat lady of noble heritage. This may not be enough however to allow him to stay and he may soon need to journey home to Kantu'a to face his fate and possibly his destiny.


Early Life

Harvey is neither the oldest, nor the strongest of his brothers, but he was seen very early on in childhood as clearly the one that would be the leader of the pack. Not brash or loud, but all the others seemed to pay attention to him naturally, and he seemed to make good choices by default. Perhaps with the exception of the Birthday Cake Incident at his Aunt’s party… but that is unrelated.

His family is of a noble line. His Grandfather is the current Grand Duke of the Army of Kantu’a, Second in authority under the Rabbitus Rex Sovereign. Great-grandfather, and generations above held this title. Harvey’s father… served honorably in the military, proved to be a brilliant tactician and leader- and wanted nothing to do with that power. Shortly after attaining the rank of General, well before his father could put into motion any thoughts of the transition of power, Harvey’s father Reginald… retired. Moved to a quiet farming area with Harvey’s mother and the kids, and lived a modest life.

This of course did not sit well with Leonine, the grandfather and Grand Duke of the army. He exercised his right and named Harvey as potential successor in training. This enabled him to set Harvey aside for certain career options but not yet bound him to anything yet.

The Expedition to Earth and subsequent ‘early retirement’ at Colonel later would give Harvey a sense of freedom from what he’d considered a looming unwanted responsibility.

Rikti Attack on Kantu’a

The day the Rikti attacked Kantu’a changed the lives of everyone there. Harvey, like everyone else on staff, had almost zero time to react because of the utter lack of warning. Nevertheless his quick, decisive and un-panicked orders saved many lives that otherwise would have been lost. What little could be done with the Rikti appearing already so deep inside the defensive perimeter, was done as effectivly as possible in his areas of responsibility. He had one of the most frantic jobs of all, dividing his time between giving orders via Ops and actually fighting in the streets. Unconfirmed reports have it that he holds the highest single-rabbit kill count of Rikti for that day.

When the only enemy ship to escape was seen to have a path tracing towards Earth, his was the most influential voice in setting up the Expedition to chase them down. With so much disarray and the complications of getting permission for the Colonel to leave his current posting to lead the Expedition, his superiors agreed with a nod and a wink to accept his ‘retirement’ at a ridiculously early age so he could go.


Harvey tends to be quiet a lot of the time, soft spoken with just a hint of a drawl to his voice. He will still keep a quiet voice when things get serious, but you can hear the softness roll away and the hard edge take its place. The only shouting you tend to get is when it’s time to be heard over the noise of battle, barking orders and shouting the charge. If he’s leading in combat, he tends to lead from the front. When doing solo work, you’re not likely to hear him at all until it’s far too late.

He has an unusually peaceful way about him for a powerful alpha predator standing 8 feet 2 inches tall. One would think that children – particularly human children – and smaller animals would be terrified of him on sight just because of his imposing height. Yet, one can often witness him talking to adults with a kid he’s never met latched on to his ankle giggling as he talks to their parents, or maybe find him knelt down slipping a treat to a stray cat. Earth predators know instinctively that he is one of them and don’t think ‘Rabbit: prey’ when he encounters them. He has taken many walkabout treks in various parts of this world’s ecosystems to familiarize himself with the inhabitants and climate. While in Alaska, a cranky Polar bear challenged him as he walked past- his answering roar caused the bear to soil itself as it backpedaled away. Later drone footage captured a scene of him climbing a tall conifer to retrieve a Kodiak bear that’d gotten a leg caught. It bit at him at first but he’d spoken softly as he disentangled it and carried it down on his back. Once down He simply let it go and it watched him a bit before curling up next to him and sleeping. Other incidents include footage of him in Africa simply walking into a herd of elephants that crossed his path, and patting them, affectionately as he passed through. Several following him curiously and interacting affectionately. Later in this same excursion a poacher going after some rhinos had his hunting rifle mysteriously shot clean out of his hands from an unseen sniping position. The low, earth-shaking growl that followed convinced the poacher not to return.

In combat, he tends to be all business: Find target. Focus. Eliminate. Repeat. That is unless the job’s a lark and he thinks the enemy requires humiliation, in which case that dry wit will make an appearance as he stealths from place to place taunting his foes as he eliminates the threats. He’s usually thinking at least 6 or 7 moves ahead, so it’s difficult to take him by surprise even if he seems to be having a bit of fun.

While he doesn’t get too worked up over needing to be respected other than in the chain-of-command necessities, he very much will take offense if you are disrespectful to those who he cares about. Also if you ever decide you need to just vanish in a sudden puff of directed energy from an unseen position, try making a credible threat against his loved ones.

Current Situation

When Harvey decided he wanted to marry Cybil Longercat of the fae Earth cat household of the Longercatte name, he needed to check in at home. This resulted in some uncomfortable ultimatums. He was required to reactivate his commission AND accept advancement to General (he’d been avoiding that for 3 promotion cycles) in order to be allowed to remain on Earth and in charge of the Expedition. He took this reluctantly, smelling a trap but willing to do whatever was needed in order to marry and to remain with his troops and his new friends and allies on Earth.

His instincts were unfortunately right on the mark, as the other boot dropped. He got word that his grandfather was in fact planning on invoking the succession and in such a way as to bind him in certain legal ways that would hobble his choices and in some ways leave him doing much of what the former Grand Duke wanted- not the way things Harvey would have it.

Rather than endure this, Harvey has chosen to seize the rannok by the horn and has gone home to Kantu’a quietly to meet with his father- who still has many allies, and to gather support so as to put forth an overwhelming legal challenge and claim the Grand Ducal title himself, and on his *own* terms, without being bound to the ways and intentions of some former occupant of the seat. When he’s ready, he’s going to send for Cybil, or come get her and perhaps some other allies, and make his move.

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Top Ace Sharpshooter: Absolute accuracy, and an uncanny tracking ability. As a sniper, legendarily has several times still bulls-eyed a target after it’s passed over the horizon. Firing as a riflebunn, he can run through a room and hit everything he aimed for seemingly without looking.

Stealth Hunter: He can vanish and reappear at will within a limited but sizeable range on a battlefield. Undetectable by virtually all known means when doing so. Extremely deadly when combined with sniper ability.

Tracker/Hunter: By smell, tracks, signs or the mood and reactions of nature around himself he can track pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime. They say he can track a shadow at midnight in a rainstorm.

Physical: Like all Kantu’ans, very high endurance, speed, reflexes, sensory acuity, and durability.

Weapon: Variable mode, variable yield, variable ammo rifle. Has a number of settings including one he claims reads ‘Inside Out’ which he says he doesn’t want to have to try. Other shots include Railgun, Directed energy, Standard Projectiles, Acid, and a tight anti-proton beam.

Gadgets: Uses mines, probes, and targeting assists that relay his targeting info to other team members.



Basil Bunnsworth III – A peer he met in his university days. Did not take him seriously at first, believing the Showbunn front that Basil tended to put up, Now one of his staunchest and most powerful allies.

Blue Ta'ala – Harvey has known Blue since they were youngsters. Back then she had no lack of siblings, but he nevertheless was a natural big brother to her in many ways. He mentored her in master tracking/hunting skills. He sees her as a little sister that has great potential that she doesn’t yet fully understand but he’s confident that she will.

Jh'ett Jett Bunn Airdrigh - A trusted officer he sent to Earth to help Blue run things in his own absence. Jett is competent and reliable- if quietly a bit of a prankster.

Cecil Spotsbunn – Even though Harvey is an ardent user of technology, and frequently does his own ad-hoc field repairs, half of what Spots says is a mystery to him. But he appreciated the rabbit’s knowledge and highly values his input. Considers him to be mission critical to the Expedition.

Ronin – A comrade in arms who also fights in stealth, they will often duo a mission and the unlucky enemy has no clue what hit them.

Jaque R. Abbot – Jaque is Harvey’s cousin and a powerful Cold manipulator.


Cybil Longercat – The lady of Spottes on Catte manor, leader of the CatGrrl Brigade, and of course, Harvey’s wife most recently. He still gets a kick out of how strange the fate that brought them together across galaxies. He hasn't the faintest what the future will hold for them, but long as they're together, he's fine with it.

Nykola Tesla – Alternate Earth version of the famed inventor Tesla. This is one of Blue’s closest friends and while he doesn’t ‘bother her much’ he keeps a watchful eye on her and several other of Blue’s friends, and does enjoy the rare moments of friendly chit-chat they get from time to time.

Stellar Flux – Another one of Blue’s circle, Harvey likes to see this one and makes it a point to give her a nod when they’re in a noisy room. He’s noted she tends to watch the room much as he does, and wonders how much of a hunter there might be in there, just watching.

Raider Magnus – The first Earth hero he met, the one that helped set the rabbits up with the proper contacts here on the planet. Magnus is a human, as far as Harvey can tell, that has been heroing for quite a while. Will consult him when needing some inside information on the Superhero Community.

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