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Player: @User:Stormfall
Character Build
Security Level:
Biographical Data
Real Name:
Fernando Romero Rivera Montesinos
Known Aliases:
Fer, Fern, Ferny, Príncipe de México, Cadaver, Deadguy, Dead dude, Corpsey, etc.
(Physically 25)
Undead Mutant
June 20
Monterrey, Mexico
Jose Montesinos (Father, deceased), Mariella Montesinos (Mother, deceased), Pablo "Bronzeman" Rivera (Maternal Uncle), Javier Rivera (Cousin), Sofia Rivera (Cousin)
Physical Build:
Physical Features:
Milk green skin, yellow eyes, lukewarm to cold body temperature
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Secret, Legally deceased
Years Active:
Base of Operations:
North and South America
Businessman, Drug Lord, Adventurer
Marital Status:
Single, never married
Known Powers and Abilities
Life-Force Manipulation: Life-Force Absorption, Life-Force Projection. Agelessness and Immortality. Unliving Physiology: Superhuman Endurance and Stamina, Superhuman Regeneration, Peak Physiology and Senses. Deathsight.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Before the Prince

Before he became known as the "King of Mexico", Jose Montesinos grew up in a dirt poor childhood surrounded by criminal activities and unstable living conditions. It became clear from an early age that his only way of surviving was to make money in the drug game, much like his murdered father. Much like his father Jose started his criminal career as a runner and smuggler for one of the local gangs that worked under a prominent cartel vendor. Unlike his father, Jose's superior emotional intelligence enabled him to gradually work his way up the ranks, proving his loyalty and ability to function under pressure. His experience firsthand became invaluable for what was soon to come.

By the time he was thirty, he became a trusted vendor himself of a Central American cartel, finding ways to revolutionize the business throughout the 80s. Satisfaction did not come easy to him however, due to the lack of ambition of his partners. This drove Jose to stage a perfect setup utilizing whatever resources he had at the time, and after an alleged mass murder of the major vendors at the hands of rivals, Jose stepped into an immediate leadership role, promising his closest allies prominent positions, and becoming the drug Kingpin of the renamed Montesinos Cartel. His sights went beyond that of the formerly weak network of Factions, and Jose would find success and expansion in a particular market that many overlooked due to it's recent surge in uncharted waters - metadrugs (a blanket term used to describe any illegal substance that promotes or enhances metahuman or superhuman attributes).

Even as Jose sat upon his throne in his home country appropriating remuneration to his old neighbourhood, the Montesinos Cartel reached all across Central and South America. Carving out his own niche that avoided stepping on the toes of potential rivals made success blossom to levels he always aspired to. By the early 90s he fell in love with, and soon married a woman named Mariella Rivera, the sister of one of his closest friends in the business Pablo "Bronzeman" Rivera. The newly-weds relocated to a luxury mansion in Monterrey so that they could start a family.

The Stars were Bright, Fernando

Fernando Romero Rivera Montesinos was born on June 20th 1994; the only child of the "King of Mexico", as the then 40 year old Jose Montesinos only needed one heir to inherit the now family and friend driven cartel he was building to the sky. Fernando's early childhood was mostly sheltered from his father's business dealings, and he would enjoy all that money could buy: the best schools, the best toys, the best of everything. It wasn't until his 14th birthday that his father began to introduce him into the operation behind the business that fueled his very life. Against his mother's wishes, Fernando spent his teenage years learning how to utilize firearms, and was enrolled in self-defense classes. Despite him not showing any particular interest in the business and instead being drawn to animals, Jose was determined to ensure that his son was ready for the life he was born into, and the empire that he would one day inherit.

While things were peachy at home, the Montesinos Cartel had a growing problem; a shadow that loomed over Jose's days with his son. A rival cartel, known as the Pale Rose, began to step into the market of moving various metadrugs across borders, proving to be the threat of direct competition. Rather than approaching the situation with blind force, Jose instead opted to dedicate time and energy to eventually establish a truce and partnership, figuring out that by working together, they could maximize their profits. Jose used the situation as a learning opportunity for Fernando, opting to have him present by his side virtually at all times during this period for some hands on education. This was the start of Fernando's real introduction into the business, and throughout his teenage years he was expected to balance his education as well as whatever other hobbies he found time to enjoy, with the ever-growing list of responsibilities afforded to him by his father.

He came to be known as the "Prince of Mexico", the royalty-themed nickname like Jose in kind. While from the outside looking in Fernando's life seemed perfect despite the origins of said life, he began to find it more difficult to fight the inner turbulence within regarding his sexuality; a secret that he kept close in fear of rejection or the shaming of the Montesinos name. Many attempts to push girls and young women his way always failed, and the only method he could use to avoid anything remotely girl-related was to fall back on the excuse of his work coming before his personal life - prompting Fernando to over achieve in the Cartel for the singular goal of not having his love-life become something he couldn't bare. Though never fully comfortable with his own conscience, he had little choice but to commit a variety of acts some would consider at worst heinous, and at best problematic.

The Beginning After the End



  • (September 2019) Fernando requires several months to regain his physical and mental soundness after such a life-altering event renders him emotionally unstable and unable to recall most of the memories he had predating the activation of his latent mutation. It becomes necessary for him to learn about his new capabilities, and rules of his unliving/undead existence via trial and error. Gradually some of his memories return to him, and Fernando successfully pieces together the cause, and those responsible for his deceptive demise.
  • (April 2020) Fernando discovers that both his parents were assassinated by affiliates of the Pale Rose Cartel less than a month after his rebirth. In addition, his uncle has gone missing. He utilizes miscellaneous items, documents and files he recovered from a bunker hidden in Costa Rica. He learns about how his father suspected, and successfully started to track the direct involvement of Pale Rose's three Kingpins: Black Rose, Glass Rose and Gold Rose, in a potential plot to decimate the Montesinos Cartel, in addition to a few other outside vendors and their affiliates, and completely take over the metadrug business of the Americas.
  • (November 2020) Fernando's efforts in investigating and tracking within the shadows finally yields results, where he tracks down Black Rose into the Rogue Isles. Though initially losing track of him, his search is rejuvenated with the help of Leap-Frog, the first connection he made within the Isles. He successfully takes Black Rose hostage, torturing him for days on end and extracting valuable information regarding Pale Rose's intentions in tapping into the black markets of not only the Rogue Isles, but do business in Paragon City as well. He makes a ransom known to Pale rose, but at the trade-off, Cadavo double crosses the Pale Rose affiliates and kills every single one of them. Saving Black rose for last, he is dropped from the top of a high building into the shadows of the street to meet his maker.
  • (January 2021) Following his slaying of Black Rose sending the Pale Rose Cartel into a panic spin, Cadavo takes advantage of the Rogue Isles, building a relatively favourable reputation amongst some names, including Arachnos, committing to various thefts and assassinations for profit, albeit with some form of personal ethical code intact.
  • (July 2021) While Leap-Frog is hired once again to dig up information on his next target, Glass Rose's whereabouts, Cadavo decides to put his new roots to good use, seeking out assistance from a more substantial representative of Arachnos. This eventually leads to his first encounter with an individual known as Vampanzer in Pocket D.
  • (September 2021) After laying low for a few months, his contact Leap-Frog finally comes back with a potential lead.
  • (December 2021) It turns out that Leap-Frog is a bone-head, and the end result of their efforts after this false lead is meeting a random woman named Rose Glass. Cadavo pays her to pretend none of this ever happened.
  • (January 2022) The Montesinos Cartel is formally renamed to The Purple Skull Cartel (Calavera Morada)

Personality Profile

Fernando is known across the Montesinos Cartel as a 'soft one', specifically judged by his shameless love for animals. The family code is something he believes in, where loyalty of blood and life alike renders any form of betrayal from within triggering. Despite him developing certain atrocious qualities and necessities required for the lifestyle he was born into (quite capable of perceived cruelty or ruthlessness), he still possesses a certain personal ethical code.

He'll gladly help those he deems as friends and allies, and even provides his targets alternative options of resolving situations that don't involve murder (If someone with his literal or metaphorical gun to their head can convince him to take a different route of rectification, he's willing to consider it). Though Fernando can put a bounty on a man's head or pull the trigger himself and still sleep at night, he'll refuse to have any involvement in the harming anything "helpless" unless absolutely necessary.

He sometimes struggles between his emotions and logic, but in the end he usually commits actions that he'll feel good about. He's both a lover and a fighter, having no issue expressing various levels of liking, attraction and affection. After becoming the unliving mutant that he is, and will now forever be, Fernando developed a substantial depressive disorder mainly due to his severe memory loss. He can show increasing mental instability, and lose his sense of self in favour of raw instincts if he's starved of life-force long enough.



  • Purple Skull Cartel (Calavera Morada)


  • Pablo Rivera



  • Pale Rose Cartel (Rosa Pálida)



DarkCast_LifeDrain.png Life-Force Manipulation The focal point of Cadavo's mutation stems from his ability to both actively (targeting specific things) and passively absorb the life-force energy of substantial organisms in his general proximity, serving not only to feed his body's only requirement of sustenance, but can also be stored in excess within his body. Utilizing this life-force energy, he is capable of transferring it directly into others, augmenting a wide variety of physiological or metaphysical functions (depending on that specific being), or even project denser concentrations at enemies offensively. The act of using life-force energy is manifested through what has been described as dark green entrails that are sometimes shaped into arm-like or tentacle-like patterns as the representation of Cadavo's will; his need to give or take the energy to and from others.

DarkArmor_SoulTransfer.png Unliving Physiology As long as Cadavo adequately feeds on life-force, the unliving state of his body affords him with first and foremost, nigh-limitless endurance and stamina, capable of constant physical action without the need to rest. His body remains in a physically ageless state capable of rapid physical regeneration from injury, and allows his body to simulate any action that a normal living man could accomplish where the life-force energy his body retains physically manifests as a milky white substance, a concentration of life-force that courses through his veins, much like the blood of the living. This substance is simply referred to as liquid life-force. Cadavo isn't plagued with the necessities of sleep, food or water consumption, or physical exercise to retain great health. His body also doesn't require him to breathe, and he only does so in order to speak (It's like second nature for him to play dead like a possum). His overall physiology remains at peak human performance on average, and can exceed such with an abundance of life-force energy enhancing him to metahuman levels.

Illusions_spectralTerror.png Deathsight Beyond Cadavo's peak-human sense of eyesight, he also possesses night-vision, and the even more advanced sense nicknamed 'Deathsight'. This supernaturalesque sense allows him to track the life-force signatures of others, and differentiate between the spectrum of living, unliving, undead and dead beings. This includes the perception of spiritual or ectoplasmic entities, and the ability to determine life (or unlife) spans.


MunitionsMastery_LRMRocket.png Weaponry From his training throughout his teens and early twenties, Cadavo is a skilled marksman and knowledgeable with the use and maintenance of weapons, capable of effectively utilizing a variety of small firearms, semi-automatic firearms, rocket launchers and even sniper rifles.

MartialArts_StormKick.png Self-Defense From his training throughout his teens and early twenties, Cadavo is an accomplished combatant and Judo martial artist. He also possesses some informal training in freestyle fighting and mixed martial arts, coached by his uncle Pablo.

Weapons and Equipment

MunitionsMastery_BodyArmor.png Miscellaneous Cadavo prefers to utilize his mutant abilities over weaponry, though will situationally make exceptions when it is warranted. Most commonly he possesses some form of communicator or communications technology, and his thematic outfit, despite the nature of his body, is woven with basic bulletproof and heatproof fibers by default. His spiked belt provides some utility to carry other situational items.

Weaknesses and Limitations

DarkMiasma_FearsomeAura.png The Hunger Prolonged periods of time without absorbing, or 'feeding on' life-force will cause Cadavo to slowly lose his memories, and his sense of control is replaced with basic instincts that poses the threat of him attacking and absorbing the energy from anyone indiscriminately. Even longer periods without sustenance can eventually cause him to physically deteriorate as well as mentally, and though he cannot truly die, his body would in theory place itself into a deep comatose sleep, relying on minuscule amounts of life-force from microorganisms, or the residue of his proximity as a whole regardless of barriers.

Illusions_Decieve.png Amnesia and Depression As a side-effect of his late-blooming activated mutant abilities, Cadavo has lost chunks of his memory relating to his life up until the attempted assassin upon him. Though he appears to be gradually recovering his lost memories through triggers and dreams, there are still many, many holes in his own timeline that he has yet to recover, which has triggered a depressive disorder.

Other Skills and Talents

Thugs_EnlistBoss.png Business Sense With access to any type of education he could ever want, Cadavo successfully earned his MBA at the private Escuela de Graduados en Administración y Dirección de Empresas, associated with the prestigious Monterrey Institute of Technology. His future ambitions may some day drive the desire to take the torch his father once carried after all, to continue their mark upon the world.

PsychicMastery_MindOverBody.png Bilingualism In addition to his native tongue, Cadavo is fluent in English as a second language, a must as far as his father was concerned.

BeastMastery_SummonWolves.png Animals From an early age Cadavo has expressed a love for animals, and with the means to do so, he could afford to buy and look after anything he wanted. As a true animal lover, he took time out of his own life to research the proper care of his pets of choice, and even had technicians come directly to his home for hands on learning. Canines, felines, reptiles, fish, rodents... he has knowledge that covers a variety of different kinds of fauna.


  • The character of "Fernando Montesinos" has existed, in some form or another (chat room characters, other games, etc.), for 15 or so years. Previously shown to have a grey skin tone, the specific alias of "Cadavo" and his modern trademark milk-green skin tone was realized during City of Villains live.
  • Though they don't have anything ICly to do with one another's stories, Lifespike can be considered the direct counterpart of Cadavo. While the latter is a mutant born into a rich criminal life that discovered his life-force related powers through tragedy/death, the former is a mutant born into a normal, lower middle class family that had a relatively easy time discovering his own life-force related powers. Cadavo is a criminal that has a conscience, caring side despite his dark appearance, and Lifespike has a darker vengeful side despite his heroic appearance.