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NOTE: The category "Mature Roleplay" should only be applied by the original authors. If you run across something that you think warrants either of these, please leave the author a note on the article's 'Talk' page to let them know your views. They may or may not agree, but at least they'll be aware of your concerns.

The following articles have been categorized by their authors as Mature Roleplay (MRP). This means the stories or character profiles so tagged may include the following:

  • Recreational drug use (legal or otherwise)
  • Overt sexual activity (consenting or otherwise)
  • Brutal violence, gore, dismemberment, or bodily injury
  • Gratuitous obscene language
  • Prolonged death and/or killing, especially if process of dying is described in detail
  • Sexual fetishes or 'kink' not usually accepted within the mainstream
  • Bodysculpting, tattoos, piercings, scarification, and/or branding of intimate areas
  • Overt transgender or intersex body traits (Futa)
  • Taboos or unconventional relationships/living arrangements (Ex. 'polyamorous', 'homosexual' or 'bisexual' should be mainstream enough to not warrant this tag, whereas 'incestuous' or 'polygamous' might need it.)
  • Physical, mental, psychological, or other types of coercion or conditioning
  • BDSM / Gorean "Ownership" of other characters, or "being owned by" other characters
  • other topics not listed here, at the page author's discretion

If any of the preceding topics bug you, you might wish to not read these articles in depth.

It is recommended with any MRP character, that you state your limits and the limits of your character before engaging in RP. That way everyone knows where the lines are drawn. You might also wish to divulge player ages as well, just to be safe.

This should not be a flag to find characters that will engage in cyber-sex!

Notes to Players

This category is entirely optional. If you would prefer to be specific about the "mature" aspects of your characters/stories, you can always do that instead, or in addition to, this category.

Warning-Mature.gif You may also consider using Template: Mature-content if your character page or story describes MRP topics or subject matter. This will put the "Mature content" banner (above) onto the page, at whatever position you place the template (say, before a section that might be considered 'Mature'). Again, this is optional. It is typed into your code, thus: