Dr. Rebellisch

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Dr. Rebellisch.jpeg
He's better than you. If he's not, he's going to be.
Dr. Rebellisch
Player: @Corlagon
Origin: Originicon science.png Science
Archetype: V archetypeicon dominator.png Dominator
Security Level: Align Status Hero.png 10
Personal Data
Real Name: Heribert Grutmann
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human (enhanced)
Age: Late fourties
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Federal Republic of Germany (legally deceased)
Occupation: Professional Hero, freelance interdisciplinary scientist
Place of Birth: Lengerich, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single, divorced
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Control over plant life
Known Abilities
Expertise in various sciences
Cold-based attack gloves
No additional information available.

Dr. Rebellisch is a Heroic Dominator on Reunion. His Power Sets are Plant Control and Icy Assault.

From Germany comes Dr. Rebellisch, interdisciplinary scientist and inventor, to show the Heroes of Paragon City how it's done!

(Actually, he's an ambitionist and outlaw who finally had to flee his country and decided to pose as a hero for a change.)

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