El Luzito

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El Luzito
Player: @Jayfast
Character Build
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Biographical Data
Real Name: Hektor Flores
Known Aliases: Heks, Luz
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Mexican / Caucasian
Birthdate: March 13th
Birthplace: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Relatives: *Arturo Flores [Abuelo] [Deceased]
  • Serena Flores [Abuela] [Deceased]
  • Anita Flores [Mother] [Deceased]
  • Joseph Rhys [Father] [Deceased]
  • Branden Rhys [Cousin]
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 257 lbs
Eyes: Brown (Light blue when using magic)
Hair: Black
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Meso-Endomorph
Physical Features: *Both ears have guages
  • Constellation like magic circuits when casting
  • Slight scaring on his right arm in constellation patterns
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret [Known only to close friends]
Years Active: >1 year
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Citizenship: United States
Education: Current student at Croatoa University

Bachelors of Science in Transmutation and Magical History

Occupation: *Full Time Hero w/ Phoenix Flight
  • College student
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
*Magic (See Abilities)
  • Enhanced physical capabilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
*Phoenix Flight Uniform
  • Warding Mask (See Equipment)
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"Little light, child of flowers, born with the heart of a dragon. Go forth into the world, and show them the strength of a kind heart."

-Abuela Serena


Hektor is the a member of the Flores family, who have a reputation of being dragon slayers utilizing a special brand of swordsmanship. As the last member of his bloodline, Hektor inherited the Flores family's special swordsmanship, along with the magical lineage from his father, Joseph Rhys. Hektor lives in an apartment in Faultline with his sickly grandfather, and up til recently acted as his sole caretaker. Thanks to his recent employment through Phoenix Flight, Hektor has managed to hire a nurse for his grandfather, freeing up some of his time and allowing him to put more focus on his own interest and activities.

Choosing to embrace his inheritance from both families, Hektor sought out his mentor, Jack Shaw, and trained under him as a combat mage. Currently, Hektor acts as an FBSA approved hero and member of Phoenix Flight where he utilizes his magical and physical talents to do a bit of good in the world.


Anxious, awkward, and fumbling somehow mingle together with a strong sense of justice and loyalty to make up the core of Hektor. Hektor often has a low opinion of himself, believing himself inferior in swordsmanship and magical talents compared to others in his life. This, along with a certain level of anxiety, makes Hektor come off as an awkward person in conversation who often stutters and stumbles over his words when speaking with others. Underneath all that though, is a caring, courageous, and loyal hero who wants to protect and care for those around him. Hektor doesn't hesitate to step between the people he cares about and danger, very literally considering how sturdy his body is. Hektor often cites his beliefs in heroism to his grandmother and grandfather, regularly quoting their words of wisdom with a loving smile on his face. He's someone who chose to utilize his gifts as a mage and swordsman for others, instead of living a peaceful life that his family wanted for him. Hektor feels deeply indebted to his grandfather and grandmother, and will do whatever he can to keep his grandfather cared for and happy.

El Luzito comes off very differently while on the job. Though it's common for mages to utilize forms of auto-hypnosis to quickly replicate and image spells, Luz takes this skill a step further to erase fear and doubt from his heart. Using the command phrase Ignition, start Luz takes on his heroic persona. His speech is slower and more measured while under the effects of auto-hypnosis, somewhat replacing the times he would normally stumble over his words with short silences that might come off as robotic to those who don't know him. Because he's had the fear of death trained out of him, Luz has a reckless streak under auto-hypnosis, quickly choosing to put himself between danger and his allies, even at the cost of physical harm. It might be due to his quick healing factor, but Luz ignores his injuries regularly as well, much to the chagrin of some of his healer friends.

Although he's in his mid-twenties, Hektor has very little knowledge of what he's interested in or dating due to spending a majority of his life taking care of his grandparents. His hobbies are very limited, often related to his job or training.


Hektor's physical appearance is a rather stark contrast to his meeker personality. He stands at a good 6'3" with a sturdy build that comes from his hobby of weightlifting and practicing combat forms. Hektor has dark hair and tanner skin from his Latino heritage with dark eyes that glimmer an aqua blue when channeling his magical energy through his body. Hektor tends to favor darker colors for clothing with accents of blue that's similar to his magic color, and has both of his ears pierced and gauged. Hektor utilizes magical circuits to channel and produce magical energy in his body. His circuits look similar to constellations on his skin that illuminate under his skin while channeling magical energy. Due to his tendency to push his body past its magical limits, Luz has a series of scars along his lower right arm in the pattern of his magical circuits.

In costume, Luz wears a bulletproof body suit that's relatively lightly armor aside from his left arm which he keeps a protected in a swordsman's guard, with a yellow sash around his waist. The most notable part of his costume is a black and blue mask that Luz wears, sometimes even while in casual clothes if he knows he's going to be around other superpowered individuals who don't know his secret identity.

Hektor has burn scars along his lower back from an incident in his childhood. There's a rune of translation ritually scarified onto the back of his neck by his mentor.


Hektor was born and raised in Paragon City, where he was raised and homeschooled by his mother and father. Hektor doesn't remember a majority of his childhood, citing that there seems to be a mental blockage due to trauma from the past. What Hektor does remember is that his family home burned down due to a backfire of his parent's magical experiments where both of his parents died. Hektor doesn't remember a lot about his parents, being too young to really have a lot of memories of them when they passed away. Since then, Hektor was raised by his grandmother and grandfather who raised him on stories of their bravery and exploits as traveling monster hunters. Wanting to find a use for his few talents and follow in his grandparents' footsteps, Hektor decided he wanted to become a superhero that embodied the ideals of kindness and justice that his grandparents instilled in him.

Hektor's grandfather has been ill with an unknown disease since before Hektor was born. When his grandmother died, Hektor began to spend most of his time taking care of his grandfather. He picked up a part-time job as soon as he was old enough, and spent a majority of his time making sure his grandfather was comfortable and cared for. Once Hektor had a bit of money saved up, and felt that his grandfather was in a comfortable place, he entered college to further his study of magic where he met his mentor, Jack Shaw. Hektor underwent rigorous training to become a combat mage before becoming a member of the supergroup Phoenix Flight.

Hektor currently acts as a full-time hero, utilizing his salary and benefits to take care of his grandfather. Thanks to this, Hektor is able to spend more time to himself now that he's sure his grandfather is cared for and watched over even when he's busy with school or work.


Polaris Style Swordsmanship

Dubbed the blade of the constellations, the Polaris Style of swordsmanship is a style of martial arts passed down through the Flores family. The swordsmanship utilizes a form of breathing technique that takes in ambient magical energy and reinforces the body to achieve higher level of swordsmanship that can go head to head with monsters, or dragons in the case of Arturo Flores. Although originally designed for longswords, Hektor and his mentor managed to adapt this style to work with a greatsword instead in order to match Hektor's preferred weaponry. Originally the Polaris Style was used with the family's sword, the Polaris Blade, but it was lost when Hektor's parents died. The polaris style utilizes a series of forms to achieve it's supernatural strength, utilizing the imagery of constellation and stars in order to guide the sword and body of the swordsman.

Polaris style techniques
Form Combo Description
First Form: Southern Cross, Crux Titan Sweep + Arc of Destruction Utilizing the image of the crossed constellation, the swordsman swings to knock away the target's defenses, before striking down with full force from above.
Second form: Venatici Rend armor + Follow through Utilizing the image of a hunting party, the swordsman enchants their strength to cut into their opponent's defenses, before launching them into the air.
Third Form: Borealis Defensive Sweep + Combat Teleport [Luck inspiration] Utilizing the image of the flowing sky, the swordsman channels magical energy into their blade and legs to leave a confusing trail of light from their blade that throws off their target and quickly moves out of the way.
Fourth Form: Orion('s belt) Defensive Sweep + Titan Sweep + Whirling Smash Utilizing the imagery of the mighty hunter's belt, the swordsman twists their body and momentum to cut through all targets around them.
Fifth Form: Pleiades Judgement: Vorpal Utilizing the image of the seven sisters, the swordsman channels their magic power into the edge of their blade and joints to make a high speed series of swings to strike a series of targets.
Sixth Form: Hydra Defensive Sweep + Whirling Smash + Judgement: Vorpal Utilizing the imagery of facing the many headed serpent, the swordsman channels their magical power through their body to speed up their reaction and swings. A defensive art that strikes and parries surrounding targets.
Seventh Form: Cygnus Combat teleport + Rend Armor Utilizing the image of the flying crane, the swordsman channels magical energy into their feet and the tip of their blade in order to accelerate themselves toward their target and quickly close the gap between them. They then extend their blade forward to break through an opponent's defenses.
Seventh Form Adapted: Aerial Cygnus Combat teleport + Super Jump + Rend Armor An adapted form of the seventh form developed by Luz to make up for his lack of mobility in the air. Luz channels his mana burst through his feet, boosting him through the air in a straight line to rush aerial targets.
Eighth form: Meteor Fall Titan Sweep + Follow through + Arc of Destruction Utilizing the image of a falling star, the swordsman turns their magical energy into strength that launches their target into the air, before crashing them back down to the earth with a heavy strike.
Ninth form: Polaris Judgement: Might The guiding star that shines brightly in the night sky, and the highest art of the Polaris style of swordsmanship. The swordsman gathers and channels a large amount of magical energy into their blade, before releasing it in a single burst.

Alongside the Polaris style of swordsmanship, Luz is trained in several other weapon and unarmed styles by his mentor to compliment his magical abilities.


Similar to his mentor, Hektor utilizes magical circuits in his body to act as pathways for magical energy to quickly channel magic through his body and into spells. Hektor commonly utilizes the image of a revolver firing to kick start his imagery and circuits. Though he's studied multiple forms of magic to be able to recognize them, Hektor is only specialized in a few forms of magic.


By channeling magical energy into an object or one's body, one can makeup for the weaknesses in the structure of an object to make it stronger and more durable. At advanced levels, reinforcement can improve specific concepts within an object, such as improving the flavor of food or how well a sponge could absorb water. Luz regularly utilizes body reinforcement to strengthen his physical body and healing to make himself a durable tank in combat. When activated, Luz increases his physical stats by a couple ranks.

  • Reinforcement | Overdose: A specialty spell designed by Luz's mentor. Due to his high amount of magical energy and sturdy body, Luz can already reinforce his body to a certain amount, however after a certain extent the body begins to take damage from being overcharged with magical energy. Luz uses this command word to bypass his limits, overcharging his body and improving his physical stats by another rank for a few minutes. Luz can utilize this this spell about three times in a short period before incurring serious penalties to his body and circuits.
Reinforcement / Redline: A heightened form of reinforcement that pushes Luz's body to its absolute limits. Luz ignores all of his mental safeties and squeezes every bit of magical energy in his body into his muscles, bones, skin, and nerves. This level of reinforcement has high consequences though, and Luz can only use it once before being left incapacitated. In return, Luz utilizes a massive boost to his physical and magical stats that could rival an incarnate level hero. Hektor has yet to utilize this spell in combat, due to the high prices it requires.


Projection, otherwise known as Gradation Air, is a magecraft art that generates a copy of an object or imagery by shaping magical energy into physical matter. Gradation refers to the fact that the object decays after being created, and Air refers to the fact that the object is composed of "nothing". By projecting the inner world into the outer world, it's possible to create equipment and materials on the fly. Normally, projection is viewed as a relatively useless art due to the fact that any materials or objects generated with it begin to decay as soon as they are no longer provided magical energy. Though he's unsure why, Luz has a strong leaning to projection type magic, which is useful for creating equipment in the field.

Projection utilizes a combination of scanning the object's composition, concept, and history; generating a schematic; storing it into the inner world/mind of the mage; and reproducing it through magical energy. Due to his level of interfacing with objects, Luz specializes in reading the history of objects as though it was a form of psychometry, which allows him to experience the history of the weapon. However, more cursed weapons tend to have more traumatic memories, which can leave psychic damage on Luz. When combined with schematics or utilizing physical materials, Luz is able to edit equipment he's scanned and generate a new schematic. Supposedly the user of projection is able to install the history of the weapon in their own body, however for some reason Luz is unable to replicate the history of a weapon's wielder into his body, thus relying on his own training in weapon styles.

The more complicated the object is or the more powerful/magical of concepts present in the object, the higher the magical energy cost. For instance, a vial of sleeping agent is a relatively low cost as it's a natural element, but a bottle of holy water contains a divine blessing on it which exponentially increases the magical energy cost.

Luz memorizes the schematics as constellations, and generates the constellation in his hands or around him before he creates the object.

Luz states that he has limits of what he can generate, and is unable to generate anything on the level of a mythical artifact due to the high level of concepts located within the artifact. Luz cannot create perfect replicas of objects, and anything object he makes is often fragile compared to the original object that's copied. Though he's never tried, Luz believes he's limited to equipment and objects that he can hold in his hands as far as size limitations are concerned.

Hektor regularly expands his inventory whenever he comes across new equipment, but can only recreate superficial qualities unless he reads the history of the object. He avoids doing this for most equipment wielded by people, not wanting to pry into their history without their permission.

Mana Burst

Not so much a form of spell as it is simple trait of Luz's magical energy. Hektor can release a highly concentrated burst of magical energy from his hands, and regularly uses this burst for either mobility or as an attack. Most commonly, Hektor focuses his magical energy into a blade-like form that's been affectionately dubbed the Mana Edge. Oddly enough, the Mana Edge is a technique that Hektor has been able to use without any training.


Hektor CAN utilize other forms of magic, but the amount of magical energy and focus require is exponentially higher than other mages. He regularly studies and brushes up on other magical formula, theories, and styles in order to be able to understand magic that he comes across. While still incurring a higher cost of magical energy, Hektor is able to utilize enchantments and magical effects if it's through objects he's projected. Both Hektor and his master primarily study Alchemical Magecraft that utilizes concept and traits to generate spells and enchantments.

Due to an inherent interference caused by his parent's research in what's referred to as "Blood Codes", or artifacts that are bonded with a subject's blood, Hektor is unable to interface with spell formula normally like most other mages. Once Hektor begins to recognize his "Blood Code" due to his interactions with a certain rival, he starts to study astrological magic and begins to replicate certain rune spells using constellations. Most notably he replicates his mentor's favorite rune spell: Shoal of Four Branches, which curses him and his opponent into a one on one duel and injures them both if the circle is broken.

Enhanced Physique and Heart

Although he regularly works out and practices combat styles, Hektor naturally possesses a sturdier body that is capable of handling large amounts of magical energy. Like his mentor, Hektor's heart doubles a mana engine that can pump out an almost limitless amount of mana like a magical creature is able to. His body is, however, distinctly still human, meaning that he can only handle so much magical energy at a time and has to physically recover through spells, consumables, or rest like anyone else when he meets his limits.

Hektor's heart is due to the dragon's blood from his grandfather, who was drenched with corrupted dragon's blood during the fight that earned him the title of Dragon Slayer. Though his grandfather was cursed by the corrupted blood, the wish of the corrupted dragon who was his old companion turned into a blessing for Hektor and gave him the heart of a dragon. Hektor is unaware of the nature of his heart, and the corrupted blood that cursed his grandfather.


Warded Mask

A mask enchanted for Luz by his mentor to help him maintain his secret identity as a hero. The mask is warded with several different spells, making his facial features under the mask nondescript, hides him from lower levels of scrying, and giving him a moderate level of protection against psychics while he wears it.

Hektor has editted the mask so he can make eye emoticons using magic light.


  • Hektor is bilingual, and regularly switches between Spanish and English. He sometimes forgets words in either language, but his stuttering is unrelated.
  • Hektor's favorite color is blue.
  • Hektor admits that his only hobby outside of magic and work is working out. He can be regularly found at the gym outside of his job and classes.
  • Hektor regularly runs warm due to his magical energy generating heat within his body.
  • Hektor prefers drinking water with flavored electrolyte powder. His other preferred drink is Woodchuck Hard Apple Ciders
  • If he had a class, Hektor would be closer to a Magus or a Warlock in D&D. Good with magic and combat skills, but lacking in multiple skills outside of combat.