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Player: @Adipup
(Homecoming - Everlasting server)
Art drawn by @Adipup
Character Build
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Biographical Data
Real Name: Wesarax "Wes" Golgaz
Known Aliases: Glacis
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Infernal
Ethnicity: Ice demon
Birthdate: November 20th
Birthplace: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, USA
Relatives: • Dazreth "Daz" Golgaz (father)
• Mojka Golgaz (mother)
• Other relatives? (he's unsure)
Height: 6'2"/1.88 m (minus his horns)
Weight: ???
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bluish black
Complexion: Light blue with white details
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: • Bright blue tongue
• Sharp fangs
• Full but short beard
• Light body hair
• White horns, tail and ears
• White ice-like markings on his chest, upper arms, stomach and back
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Not publicly known
Years Active: Since he was around 20
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon, Paragon City, USA
Citizenship: American
Education: High school diploma
Occupation: • Part-time hero
• Aspiring musician
Marital Status: Dating Branden Rhys a.k.a. Answerer
Known Powers and Abilities
• Ice and water manipulation
• Extreme temperature resistance
• Basic demonic magic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
• Ice-infused costume
• Quick change device
• Bass guitar
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Glacis (real name Wesarax "Wes" Golgaz) is a musician and part-time hero currently residing in Steel Canyon.


Early years

Before he was born, Wes' parents fled from Hell to the mortal world. Dazreth, a bureaucrat, and Mojka, a gladiator, wanted a better life for their future child then they had wrapped up in Hell's society. Wes grew up among humans as a result, and knows very little about life in the underworld - he's not even sure if he'd be allowed in if he wanted to visit. He's grateful for a comfortable life in Paragon City, but he secretly yearns for a better understanding of his kind and where his family came from.

Growing up as both a demon and gay, Wes often joked that religious fundamentalists would spontaneously burst into flames near him. It also made him feel like an outsider somewhat, and he found solace with other outcasts, often doing less-than-legal things in school. Consequently, he has a criminal record, but it only contains one count of shoplifting he did as a teenager, and one count of underage drinking. However, something that kept him from going down a life of petty crime is his love of music. He started playing bass guitar in middle school, and the current bass he owns was a high school graduation gift from his parents. Their supportive and hard-working nature inspires him to be a better man, and he became a registered superhero at the age of 20, adopting the codename "Glacis".

Present day

Wes continues to live in his hometown, Steel Canyon, as an adult, having taken up residence in a small apartment. He currently juggles two jobs to pay the bills - crimefighting and playing bass at a hipster coffee shop called Espresso Lane. A recent interview he had on Good Morning Paragon brought some welcome attention to him as a musician. At a friend's suggestion, he's also decided to hire a talent agent, Ted Banks (a.k.a. the Mysterious Mr. Banks), who specializes in representing superheroes.

While crimefighting, he's not affiliated with a supergroup, but he's also not opposed to working with other heroes, and he's a valuable ally on the battlefield with his ice powers. He has very little patience for criminal groups that enslave demons, like the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns.


Wes is an easygoing and mellow guy, if a bit quiet at times from his tendency to "zone out" when he relaxes. He tries to be a good listener, though, and is willing to lend an ear to any of his friends who need to vent. He's also flirtatious towards men he finds attractive, but his fear of commitment prevents him from pursuing serious romantic relationships, instead prefering to sleep around. However, he's decided to give dating a shot again, and is currently pursuing an open relationship with a good friend of his, Answerer (real name Branden Rhys).

In his spare time, he enjoys practicing on his bass, going to the gym, going out to bars and nightclubs, and occasionally pro wrestling. Wrestling is a new hobby for him, but he finds the gimmicks and costumes quite fun. He's currently training under a lucha libre legend, El Lone Lobo (real name Bruno Cortez), who has become one of his closest friends.

Having been raised in Paragon City, his first language is English, and his accent is squarely in the region of "American skater dude". He can also speak his parents' native tongue conversationally, which is a Slavic-sounding dialect of an Infernal language.


The white ice-like markings on his chest, upper arms, stomach and back (shown in the gallery below) are often mistaken for tattoos, but they are actually a form of vitiligo characteristic to his people. His ears, horns and tail are also stark white. To those that can detect it, Wes doesn't read as any more unholy or sinful than a normal human would, despite being a full demon. As a result, celestial magic interacts with him in unusual ways. Spells intended to affect evil beings in general will have no effect on him, but ones that specifically affect demons will. Even then, the result will be unpredictable. For example, a banishment spell might send him to Steel Canyon instead of Hell. However, a comrade of Wes proved that a mage can summon him if they know his full name.

Powers and abilities

Ice powers

Due to his heritage, Wes is adept in ice and water manipulation, able to freeze and liquefy it with some effort. He is also resistant to extreme temperatures, with a tolerance for both hot and cold that surpasses that of humans. One notable application of his ice powers is that he is able to form a pair of skates under his feet using densely packed ice, allowing for higher mobility over ice. He's fairly adept at ice skating and other winter sports as well, from years of practice with his powers.

His super suits, a creation of the folks at ICON, are made of ice-infused fabric that he can draw from if he's in a pinch.

Demonic magic

Wes' powers are demonic in origin, since they run in the family, but he has noticed some differences from the ones his parents use. Theirs appear more explicitly magical, forming sigils and runes out of the ice's crystalline structures, while his appear to be more mundane ice crystals. He has some experience with hellfrost (an unfathomably cold counterpart to hellfire), but it's dangerous to use considering how little training he's had with it.


  • His Void Skiff travel power is roleplayed as an ice platform or disk.

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