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Gravemaster Logo.png

Gravemaster Profile.png
· Magic Tanker ·
Dark Armor
Titan Weapons
Real Name
Gavin Grimm
Paragon City, Rhode Island
The Twilight Sanctum
Guardian of the Dead
Legal Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Negative Energy Manipulation, Dimensional Travel, Mediumship
· Equipment ·
Vicar's Visage (Mask), Wrath of Night (Axe), Revenant's Raiment (Armor)
· Other Abilities ·
Writing, Music

While the dead sleep, he watches over them...

Gavin Grimm is a man leading two lives. Or rather: one-half.

By day he leads the life of an obituary writer for the Paragon Times, penning the last word for the City of Tomorrow's departed. He is known most for Statesman's award-winning obituary.

Almost none know of his even more macabre side: clad in black chainmail and bone-white armor, pursuing criminals of a peculiar sort under cover of night. This is the Gravemaster, guardian of the dead. Many Skulls and Vahzilok have met their end at the edge of his nightmarish axe...or worse. Though few would consider the Gravemaster a hero, there are those in this world and the next who vouch for his deeds, grisly though they are...

Powers & Abilities

Buff Mega Red.png Super Strength

Captain Vulcan's cybernetic enhancements imbue him with Herculean strength. The hero can manage upwards of forty tons when lifting from the ground, and about a third of that when in flight.

Buff Defense Red.png Enhanced Durability

Captain Vulcan's metallic skeleton, cybernetic components and his subdermal armor make him immune to small arms fire, and resistant to explosives and energy weapons.

Slow Red.png Suppression Field

Captain Vulcan is able to generate and discharge a massive amount of electricity in his local vicinity, making him a (half) human tesla coil. Cap can alter the voltage and range of this field to a couple meters or mere inches from his physical form, allowing him to shock and debilitate enemies who get too close. It also acts as an added defense against energy attacks, particularly electricity.

Buff Accuracy Red.png Laser Vision

Captain Vulcan's helmet can project a high-powered laser from its visor that can cut steel or burn opponents.

Buff Hit Points Red.png Self-Repair

Microbots in Captain Vulcan's body allow for a limited degree of self-repair and a sort of "robotic first aid" on-site. Otherwise, he can return to "the Shop" to receive major repairs to his systems, sometimes simply swapping out old, damaged components for new ones.

Buff Endurance Red.png Cybernetic Implants

Many of Captain Vulcan's organs have been augmented or entirely replaced by cybernetic components, including nearly half of his brain. He also has a few cybernetic "organs" that humans do not. This enables a whole range of abilties:

  • Computer and virtual interface
  • Recording, storing and sharing of sensory input
  • Enhanced sight and hearing beyond human norms
  • Ability to "see" in radio, sonar or infrared
  • Hypersonic flight by way of gravitic oscillator
  • Enhanced speed on foot


Exchange Transparent.png Machine Weaknesses

As he is part machine, Captain Vulcan is susceptible to the weaknesses of electronics and robotics, namely electromagnetism and intense radioactivity. Though his systems are hardened to a degree, no electronic system is completely immune and a sufficient level of ionizing radiation, magnetism or electricity can be a severe detriment. While Cap's Suppression Field is active, he is protected even further, but there are still levels he cannot resist. While his living cells may regenerate, his machine components do not and must be repaired like any other construct to remain functioning.

Debuff Perception.png Signal Interference

Being open to other sensory inputs can at times be as much a curse as it is a blessing. Sufficiently powerful or distorted signals can overwhelm Captain Vulcan's awareness, causing distress and even pain, much as a loud sound or bright light can debilitate a normal human.

Taunt Transparent.png Computer Brain

Nearly half of Captain Vulcan's brain is machine, and this lays him open to certain drawbacks that full-on humans do not have. If one obtains access to Cap's CPU, they could conceivably alter his base programming, which could change his behavior or disregulate his other abilities. He can also be overwhelmed by data, and will sometimes pause all other actions in order to process the load. His systems are built so that his organic brain can override these things, but it is incredibly difficult and Cap doesn't have much practice taking voluntary control of his systems.

Heal Suppression.png Outdated Technology

Though incredibly advanced for his time, much of Captain Vulcan's tech is difficult, perhaps impossible to upgrade with modern components. He and his proprietary Crey components are so integrated that to remove or swap certain pieces could permanently damage or even kill the Captain. Sufficient upgrades pose a danger to Cap's structural and systemic integrity, and would require an incredible grasp of cybernetics, robotics and computer science to perform properly. This means that for the foreseeable future, Captain Vulcan's abilities remain impressive, but fixed at their current levels, with little room to improve.

Teleport Transparent.png Only (Half) Human

The parts of Captain Vulcan that are still organic, while better protected, are no more or less resilient than an average humans. To a lesser degree, Cap can still get infections and come down with any number of human illnesses, and of course can sustain critical damage if these organic parts of him are targeted.

Confuse Transparent.png Programming Conflicts

Captain Vulcan's operation system has a few prime directives that govern or restrain his actions in lieu of his organic brain:

  • Serve the public trust
  • Protect the innocent
  • Uphold the law

These are organized in order to prioritize certain actions above others and minimize conflicts. Still, conflicts in which Captain Vulcan cannot default to his prime directives can give him pause - literally. A conflict between his directives or inability to classify a situation can lead to inaction while he processes the information, leading to a lull that could be exploited or lead to further danger for him or others. These are rare, but perilous if happened upon or exploited by others.