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Markus Magnum
Player: @Markus Magnum
Seated Closeup.png
Character Build
Origin: Originicon mutation.png MUTATION
Archetype: Archetypeicon blaster.png BLASTER
Security Level: P Level 50.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Aleksey Nikolayev Rumyantsev
Known Aliases:
  • Gunslinger Ursa Major-117
  • Markus Magnum

Gender: Male
Species: Augmented Human
Ethnicity: East Slavic
Birthdate: [REDACTED]
Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Aleksandr [Father] [Deceased]
  • Ludmilla [Mother] [Deceased]
  • Nikolai [Brother] [Deceased]

Height: 7'
Weight: 295 lbs
Eyes: Slate Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Build: Athletic, Muscular
Physical Features:
  • Trimmed beard
  • Black armband tattoos
  • Circular scars on his back
  • Reinforced cobalt sunglasses

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret [Known only to a few]
Years Active: [REDACTED]
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Citizenship: United States [Provisional]
Education: Moscow Border Institute of the FSB
Occupation: Confidential
Marital Status: Partnered
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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- Compilation Authorized by Dark Watcher
- Scientific Consultation by Steven Sheridan, AKA 'Doctor Science'

This report details information found at the ruins of a safe house managed by The Malta Group discovered in the ruins of Galaxy City. In particular, the following report describes one operative – a Gunslinger designated ‘Ursa Major 117’ in Malta documentation – and his extensive genetic modifications.

HELM ANALYSIS: Compilation Overview

During a Longbow sweep of the Galaxy City Exclusion Zone’s Nebula District, an abandoned Malta safehouse were found, the base of a Tactical Operations Group codenamed GARM. HELM Analysis Division believe that this was an observation post, intended to safely monitor new 'Capes' as they were introduced to the various administrative organs of the FBSA, and away from more heavily trafficked areas like Peregrine Island and Atlas Park. Along with other items, the following reports were discovered, stored in a secure and hardened hard drive. These reports concern one of their newest operatives – a Gunslinger designated Ursa Major-117.

Aleksey Nikolayev Rumyantsev: A Brief History

Subject was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in [DATE REDACTED] to Aleksandr and Ludmilla, who lived in Sosnovy Bor, an affluent suburb. Upon reaching the age of 18, he was evaluated by Saint Petersburg conscription office. Since he was not immediately disqualified for being homosexual, HELM Analysis believes the Subject was not public with his sexual orientation at this time.


AO Superior Assassin's Mark.pngV badge Spetsnaz.pngAO Superior Stalker's Guile.png

Subject was recommended for the Russian Border Service. After further testing for 'potential', he was transferred to the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB.

Records from that point are sketchy, though it is believed that Subject graduated from the MBI's 5 year training regimen. It is interesting to note that MBI's training regimen was apparently altered for Subject to incorporate dual-wielding heavy pistols and SYSTEMA martial arts.

Records then show him as transferred to the Special Operations Center in Kubinka-2, serving in the Special Operations Forces. There are indications that he was involved in the Elbrus mountains SOF exercises in [DATE REDACTED]. Subject then disappeared from all official records.


Badge DayJobAcc Scientist.pngV badge Experiment.pngSpecial Titan Enhancement.png

HELM Analysis believes it was during this period that Subject was drafted into the FOLIANT II program. Though Subject's whereabouts were unknown at this time, detailed analysis of the follow-up interviews conducted at the Zigursky Maximum Security Prison lead us to believe that FOLIANT II was based out of Bulgaria through a series of dummy corporations covertly funded by the FSB.

HELM Analysis believes that these mutagenic compounds were created during the Soviet era's FOLIANT Program, and was further refined by the Russian Federation, which created the FOLIANT II Program. It is further believed that noted KGB geneticist Dmitri Krylov was heavily involved in the original FOLIANT Program. It is unknown what involvement Krylov had with FOLIANT II.

Once again, these interviews were quickly classified under OMEGA Protocols, though the Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument near the city of Shumen has been referenced multiple times and not redacted.


ParagonMarket PowerSet DualPistols.pngBadge villain malta.pngParagonMarket PowerSet MartialCombat.png

He was not seen again until his family vehicle was destroyed while crossing Saint Petersburg's Krotlin Island in an apparent assassination attempt. Unfortunately, his mother, father and brother were all instantly killed. HELM Analysis believes (and corroborating evidence was discovered at the safe house) that Subject's mutagen-assisted Healing Factor kept him from being killed in the blast.

At this point, a Malta Group TacOps strike team breached Russian airspace, landed a VTOL flyer by the wreckage, and managed to save him in a lightning-fast operation. The flyer escaped Russian airspace using highly-advanced stealth capabilities that allowed them to elude tracking by naval radar tracking stations at nearly Russian military bases.

HELM Analysis Division still believes this attempt was in connection with FOLIANT II, though the Russian FSB continue to deny involvement in the crime, and even deny that Subject was ever assigned to a SPETSNAZ SOC unit. Though some believe this to be an indicator that Subject was, in fact, an escapee from the secretive program, there are also factors which have cast doubt on this belief (detailed in separate reports).


After this event, Subject again drops out of sight, until he was spotted boarding an Arachnos flyer in the Galaxy City ruins. His activities in the Rogue Isles have been marked [CLASSIFIED], though his sudden surrender to Vanguard forces in the White Plains District's Rikti War Zone was a surprise. What he discussed with Lady Grey is also marked [CLASSIFIED], but HELM Analysis received a treasure trove of confidential information concerning Arachnos, the Arachnos Advanced Science Division (AASD), Project FURY, the Family, a new supervillain team and the Malta Group not long afterward. Subject was then released from Zigursky Prison to the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, where he received a new 'Cape name' of MARKUS MAGNUM and provisional American citizenship.

It is noteworthy that the Subject seemed drawn to investigate Arachnos agents and projects that specialized in so-called 'super-soldier programs'; Krylov's Creations and Project FURY are just two examples of this investigation pattern.


Helm Analysis believes that the Subject negotiated a 'supervised release' with Vanguard, the FBSA, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. After release from Zigursky Prison, the Subject was remanded to FBSA custody for analysis and testing.

FBSA Powers Origin Analysis Profiling

As per standard FBSA doctrine, Subject was first exposed to a range of tests to determine both his powersets and the Origins of said powers. His extensive genetic alterations were immediately noted, and, particularly after the Super molecule X particle was detected and studied, Subject's Origins were listed as Mutation.

FBSA Powers Analysis Profiling

Using FBSA Skillset Profiling, Subject has been designated a Blaster with a primary skillset of dual-wielding pistols, and a secondary skillset in Martial Arts [a modified version of the SYSTEMA martial arts system taught to SPETSNAZ-FSB and -GRU].

FBSA Meyers-Briggs Modified Alignment Profiling

He was assigned temporary housing with Praetorian refugees in Bricktown, though he has since moved into Kings Row. He has also become romantically involved, though the details of that romance are not, at present, germane to the current investigation.

Subject has worked with the New Praetorians, and has been given high marks for marksmanship, ability and skill. However, the Subject's so-called 'pragmatism' - which can be shockingly brutal - continues to count against him in Alignment Testing.

Longbow continues to agitate for Subject's arrest and prosecution for crimes he allegedly committed against their organization while in Arachnos' employ. These specific charges have been labelled [CLASSIFIED] and has, thus far, been sealed from public scrutiny.


NOTE 1: The FOLIANT II program [supported by the Russian Federation's GosNIIOKhT Institute] and possible connections to Arachnos' Project FURY will be made available in a separate report.
NOTE 2: The possibility that the Subject was a 'sleeper agent' for [REDACTED], despite his 'official record' above, will be made available in separate reports [REQUIRING OMEGA-LEVEL CLEARANCE].
NOTE 3: The ConspiracyLinks/Kholat Sakyl video dump analysis will be made available in separate reports.
NOTE 4: Known and theorized connections between Subject and the superhero known as 'Blue Spectrum' will be made available in separate reports.

HELM ANALYSIS: Malta Group Interests

It is important to note that Malta Group’s standard operational procedure relies on superior training and technology in its’ Operatives, rather than actual ‘superpowers’ – however, there are known ‘Supers’ who work for the organization, and Ursa Major-117 was apparently meant to be one of them.

A heavily armed Malta TacOps team breaching Russian airspace to save one person from an assassination attempt raises more questions than this report is prepared to answer. HELM Analysis believes that Malta was forewarned, but by whom? And for what purpose? And why this particular individual? There is some indication from the gathered data that these reports were surreptitiously gathered by Tac Ops Commander [REDACTED] and sent to a secure online drop box based out of a rotating series of Eastern European virtual machines and ‘burner’ servers, in addition to the physical backup copies found at the Malta Safe House. But why was he keeping backup records? These are valid questions, but answers are not yet clear.

HELM Analysis believe that the Malta Group Directors had taken a keen interest in Ursa Major-117’s mutations, far more so than long-term Augmented operators like Moment and their shapeshifting abilities.

This heightened interest in Ursa Major-117’s genetic modifications, particularly the ‘Supermolecule X’ has led some in HELM Analysis to postulate a theory that the Malta Directors wished to reverse-engineer the artificial supercell, possibly speaking to a plan of creating a ‘super serum’ which could then be controlled by the Malta Group exclusively and given to its’ operatives to grant a temporary boost in abilities, though these adaptions would be temporary and not nearly as successful as exhibited by Gunslinger Ursa Major-117. Long term goals might have included a version of this serum that would have created stable, permanent alterations to a subject’s genome, allowing for super-powered abilities to manifest permanently.

However, Malta Group has prided itself on its' independence of 'chemical solutions', and failures such as Superadyne which require repeated exposure with significant and detrimental side-effects are cautionary tales in and of themselves. Both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles are littered with the shattered remnants similar programs; the aforementioned Superadyne addicted Trolls, the Infected, the Lost, Freakshow, and so on. However, there have been recent successes in the field of augmented biosciences, as recent testing with the Freedom Corps series of Superpower-granting Serums have shown. This theory is not as outlandish as one might believe, though there are issues that have hampered reverse-engineering efforts (as detailed below).