Operative Warg

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"The hunt always begins when I put on the helmet."
Operative Warg.
Player: @Anomaly
Origin: Mutation.
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier.
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jonathan L Cooper.
Known Aliases: Warg.
Species: Mutated-Human/Mixed with War Wolf-DNA.
Age: 22
Height: 5'11
Weight: 133 in armor. 120 out.
Eye Color: Black-Sclera. Bright orange-Iris. Yellow-Pupil.
Hair Color: Black.
Biographical Data
Nationality: African-American.
Occupation: Soldier.
Place of Birth: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles.
Base of Operations: Port Oakes and St.Martial, Rogue Isles.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: Mother.(Alive) Two sisters. (Both Alive) Two brothers. (One Deceased) Step-Father(Alive) Real-Father.(Unknown)
Known Powers
Due to his mutation. Super senses, strength, speed, and agility. Regeneration. Retractable claws(finger-nails.)
Known Abilities
Expert hunter/tracker. Hand-to-hand combat. Animal-level senses and tendencies. Enhanced dexterity.
Huntsman-Issued armor. (Capeless) Custom-colored Arachnos-issued rifle. (Keeps holstered on his back. ICly) Custom-colored Huntsman mace. (Keeps sheathed/holstered on his right side.)
No additional information available.

Basic Info

Jonathan grew up in Port Oakes, Rogue Isles. He was used to being on the bottom of the food chain, he was used to hiding from those larger and tougher, he was used to the death and the depressing atmosphere of the Isles. It wasn't till he was in his early to middle teens when he wanted to join the ranks of Arachnos, so he started out as a courier for a few of the Arbiters between Mercy and Port, due to this job he was already earning respect and showing loyalty to the massive organization, which gave the young boy the means he needed to join the Wolf Soldiers.

Jonathan along with a squad he was stationed with was sent out to clean out a Council base that had angered an Arbiter and Lord Recluse himself, during the raid and carnage of the battle, Jonathan was captured and his squad was killed. For weeks hem went through various experiments and torture by the Council scientists, his DNA spliced with whatever they used to make War Wolves. But by using his Arachnos training, new vicious nature, and strength, he broke out from his captors and returned to Arachnos as the lone survivor of his squad.

Due to his reappearance and his continued loyalty to the organization... and his now more vicious fighting tactics, he was promoted to Huntsman. He is known to be a vicious, feral and brutal soldier, treating all his enemies/targets as nothing more than prey.


Jonathan has a rather slim-athletic but muscular build, toned and fit in all the right places, showing that he relies on cardio and swiftness than hard power and size. Hair is always braided up into cornrows, he always keeps it short and clean, so it won't give him problems when putting his helmet on. Eyebrows seem to be naturally non-bushy and his entire face is always clean shaved.

Has a strange round-button like nose, with floppy-looking dog ears(Like a Bloodhound), though even though they're floppy like when he hears movement and/or hears something they pop-up rather quickly. (Like a Doberman) He also has pearly white canine-like teeth, sharp and pointy. And yes he does have a long dog-like tongue, too. With two pierces in it, a ball-piercing (black metal with a red gem on it/facing out) and a loop/hoop piercing in front of it. (black metal)

Each finger has pointy black-ish(Not painted) fingernails, they're able to extend into one to two-inch claws.


Personality Traits

  • Bestial
  • Reserved
  • Reasoning
  • Curious
  • Patient
  • Loyal
  • Fierce
  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Disciplined
  • Respectul


Warg speaks in a rather growl-ish, monotone and unmoving way. He seems to always stand at attention or straight up, hardly ever slumping or losing his composure. But it isn't to say that he has NO emotions, he merely hides them for reason unknown.

When he speaks to someone he enjoys or perhaps sees as a friend, his tone gets a bit upbeat and relaxed. Showing he trusts that person, slowly but surely. But usually, they must make the first move for it to even begin.

A smile? A laugh? He has never been seen doing it or letting one out, around people that is, his face is usually unmoving and stoic... especially after his "weekly" check-ups.

He is known to repeatedly tap his claws on a solid surface, either due to being nervous or simply a habit he has taken on, another habit of his is playing "solo-UNO" at random times. Another habit of his that mentally calms him down, for reasons unknown, but he has been known to do it at the beginning of a mission or after.

Train of thought, Philosophy & Ideals

Lawful Evil would be the best way to describe Warg's views on the world. He's a soldier, trained to be someone who follows orders with written on a piece of paper or shouted at him via a mic. And he does follow his orders, perfectly. He isn't a stranger to mercilessly killing one enemy or ten, by himself and in a public establishment if he requires it.

Manipulating someone via psychological warfare and taking them down via words? He'll do it. Siding with the "good guys" to accomplish a common goal? He'll do it. Torturing an enemy for information, or cheating and lying to those that he doesn't respect? He'll do it.

But Warg is a man of honor, he will(or tries) to show respect to those with a military background, is among Arachnos' ranks or those he has sympathy for. But if the "law" does get in his way to complete a task given to him, he's known to "bend" it slightly to please Lord Recluse's will.

Even though, despite his vicious nature and bloodlust in battle, he isn't known among Arachnos to ever kill innocent people or enemies that are unarmed. Though he might "unarm" the enemy if they swing first but it depends on his mood. Sometimes people might even call his morals "strange" as he's the type to wait for a passing van with a family to pass by, then shoot through it to get at the enemy faster.

Also due to being among Arachnos and living in the Isles for so long, the term "friend" or "friendship" is truly lost on the young man. He doesn't seem to utter those words to anyone, calling them his "friend" or that he has friends. Instead, he calls a lot of people(mostly those in Arachnos) his comrades or associates. Perhaps he finds it as a sign of weakness or attachments that he doesn't have time to value. But who knows, perhaps he'll learn to slowly break out of that bubble.

Abides by and believes in all of Arachnos' great tenets:

  • Lord Recluse is the one and only voice of reason.
  • The weak die and the strong thrive.
  • Being unburdened by the moral standards of others.
  • Might makes right and is the only way when the time calls for it.
  • Loyalty to Recluse and the Arachnos is rewarded with power.


  • Silent and thoughtful.
  • Socially awkward.
  • OCD. Million yard stares.
  • Clouded mind. Glassy eyes.
  • Food lover. Pro-UNO player.
  • Watcher, learner and listener.


Warg is a Huntsman. Though he got it due to his old squad members dying along with his old commander, he has shown through and through that he deserves such a rank. Whether it's commanding a few soldiers to successfully take out an enemy base, or being sent out on a mission by himself to kill and/or retrieve something.

Warg's Huntsman gear is a bit like the standard equipment, only he never wears his cape but instead has a popped collar to hint at his rank, and his uniform is a lot more flexible to aid him in movement and agility, with a few upgrades to his suit as well. One being kinetic-absorbing fibers embedded into his uniform, it doesn't do anything(offensively) except help him be a bit more durable and less likely to go flying via an explosion(due to his low weight, possibly.) His gloves are made with the same fibers as the rest of his suit, but also some very durable nanofibers, mostly due to his claws which extend and stretch out the tips of clothes, this allows him to use his dangerous claws in combat and not rip his suit/gloves in the process.

His helmet has been suited with a HUD allowing him to check his vitals, along with his enemies and/or allies. Also can receive information and/or orders from the Arachnos interface and networks, along with getting a mapping UI for various buildings and caverns, if he needs it. It has come suited with thermal and night vision options, along with padding/earphones for his ears. Which can dwindle his hearing each time he fires a shot or throws a grenade, or someone else does. Automatically. Mostly so during gunfights or explosions, he won't go deaf or become a liability.

The Huntsman Mace he wields is upgraded with a kinetic-absorbing enhancement, which is connected to his suit to show him when it's "full" and then he's able to slam it down, sending a few pounds(or tons) of force into the ground... enemy or vehicle.

Early Life


Jonathan was the middle child of five children, though he wasn't the natural child of the father of the other four, his siblings and mother loved him all the same. His childhood was pretty normal, he wasn't too odd of a child nor did he think he was, though he always had the feeling he didn't belong with his family. He always felt the shame his mother had in her eyes, the anger his father's stares had, and the strange emotional distance he felt with his other siblings. But during that time, he wanted something different and he wanted a different life.

It wasn't till he skipped a day of school and went out on his own, as an eleven-year-old, into the neighborhood-island of Port Oakes, he was always quick on his feet. Able to dodge both Family and other gangs alike, but while avoiding people and adventuring around. He caught out of the corner of his eye a broadcast of Lord Recluse proclaiming on a monitor, "Join Arachnos. Serve me and gain strength. Power. Respect. You belong in the ranks of Arachnos! Join. NOW."

...Belong. That's what he wanted. To belong.


Once Jonathan was thirteen, he willingly went into the Arena District to attempt and talk to an Arachnos recruiter, whose name was "Arbiter Camel." A man of Middle-Eastern descent, who saw Jonathan's willingness to join Arachnos and allowed the young teen to join the organization.... in a way. But sadly Jonathan, couldn't even hold or handle a gun yet, so instead... he was made into a personal messenger for the Port Oakes group of Arachnos. The recruiter decided to test the teen in a way if he failed to deliver a message or betrayed their trust by talking about ANYTHING, he would simply be shot in the head and his family would be sent to a firing squad.

But that never happened. For years, Jonathan acted as a personal messenger for the Port Oakes distinct of Arachnos, during that time he gained trust with a lot of the soldiers there. He was told and given vital information, told about local hotspots to avoid or people to bribe, avoiding Rogue Isles Heroes and getting stronger both mentally and physically all the while.

Once he was seventeen, Arbiter Camel pulled a few strings to allow Jonathan to join the Wolf Soldier Bootcamp program in Oakes. That's where Jonathan learned to fight, shoot, sneak, speak, think, act and kill. Until the time he finally gained his own helmet, armor, mace, and rifle. It was then, he finally felt he belonged.


Four years have passed since he was allowed into Arachnos, he was a part of a squad of eight men and women Wolf Spiders, along with a Crab who was more robot than anything else. Their mission succession was pretty positive and their Huntsman was like a father to them or a very weird uncle who thought BBQ sauce was the best condiment ever. They were used to fighting gangs, the Family, the strange mutant of the week, and various wannabe low-tier villains. Their squad nickname was called, "Strike Force: Jaeger".

They were doing so well, that they were given a search and destroy mission on none other than Striga Isle. A Council base was checked to be destroyed and they were going to be the ones to do it, sadly, it didn't go as well as they wanted. Someone had to betray them, someone, who hated their Huntsman leader and told the commander of the Council base who was coming. So instead of low tier Council soldiers in the base, the commander managed to get Galaxies, Warwolves and even, Vampyri. The team was all but slaughtered by the opposing forces, while Jonathan was captured and underwent various experiments in the depths of the Council base. They wanted to make him a Warwolf... days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. His body transformed and abused, his mind shattered and cloudy, he didn't know whether he was man or beast... but he never betrayed his loyalty nor submit.

But fate was on his side, as a group of heroes attacking the base, made it easy for the man to escape and along with using his Arachnos training was able to escape the lab... the base.. and finally, the Isle. Via taking a smuggler ship back to Etoile Isles.


Warg. That's what they call him now, to the point, he hardly introduces himself as anything other.


These facts are mainly for IC and OOC knowledge.

- Warg's family doesn't live in Rogue Isles anymore, they have moved to Atlas Park. All except his step-father who still works as a RIP officer in Mercy. (He's the one with the busted arm.) And his older brother, who is supposedly also working for Arachnos, but Warg never seems to talk about him.

- Seems to always have a deck of UNO cards with him, since he was 17 years old to be exact. Always keeps them cleaned and wrapped up in a cloth. Got them from his younger brother after he was killed by a group of Family in Port Oakes, those members of the Family have never been seen since Warg has become a Huntsman.

- Seems to be semi-knowledged in pop culture.

- Has a deep hatred for both Council and 5th Column. And is known to go a bit "overboard" whenever they're the main targets of a mission, it doesn't matter which.

- Is probably easily recognizable, even when he's wearing his uniform and helmet, so never be afraid to poke him.