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Basic Data
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50+3
'Day Job': Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sumaki Aikawa-Goldshire ( 鮎川 - ゴールドシャー, すまき )
Known Aliases: Mini Maki, Su-chan, Su, "Lill Red", Maki, Zero Nine, Sumaki-09, Weapon Zero Nine, Irudriel
Species: Human* ( female )
Age: [ ask ]
Height: 1.49 m ( 182.86 cm ) ( 5 ft 9 in )
Weight: 61.60 kg ( 135.8 lbs )
Eye Color: [ Heterochromia ]- (left eye) dark brown, (right eye) silver white [1]
Hair Color: Red (natural) [2]
Blood Type: AB+ [3]
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Kyoto[4], Japan )
Birthdate: April 24
Citizenship: Japanese with no criminal record , Naturalized American citizen with no criminal record
Current Residence: Romoana Falls, Paragon City,RI
Religion/Faith: undecided ( Taoist by birth )
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Married
Known Languages
Japanese, English, French, Binary
Known Relatives
Haikaido Aikawa (father, deceased), Sai Aikawa (brother, deceased),Nobushiro Aikawa (brother,deceased) Tamako Honda (mother,deceased), Maki Aikawa- Goldshire ('sister'), Hannah Aikawa-Goldshire " Gold Meteor " ( adoptive mother ), Haley Aikawa-Goldshire " Haley Hadron " ( wife ), Aurora Cole ( biological daughter ), Nicholas Goldshire ( adoptive maternal uncle ), Kent Goldshire ( adoptive maternal grandfather ), Linda Goldshire ( adoptive maternal grandmother ), Frederick Collins ( father-in-law ), Melissa Collins ( mother-in-law ); Nephilim-01, Lilith-02, Samson-03, Lumena-05, Leviathan-06, Whisper-07, Scream-08, Ariel-10 ( elder 'siblings' )
Known Powers
preternatural strength, preternatural speed, preternatural durability, preternatural stamina, extra sensory perception
Training / Abilities
xenoengineer, amateur scientist, expert swords-woman, expert Martial artist, advanced Qi manipulation, multilingual, superhuman mathematical equation computational skills, direct information absorption, multi-Focus consciousnesses stream
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Custom Katana and Wakizashi, Ceramic Steel Combat knives, Twin Impervium katanas, Sentient swords ( Morukumo, Shinkai, Sarasyn, Kuroi Megami )
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Strictly speaking, Sumaki possesses no true superhuman powers or abilities in her human form. Sumaki possesses a highly developed skill set that is often misconstrued as having the appearance of superhuman abilities. Accredited to the rigorous and intensive level of her daily training regimen [5]. Sumaki's specialized training affords her a level of strength, endurance, stamina, coordination and speed at minimum three times greater than an Olympic athlete of the same build, height, and weight.



Sumaki possesses extensive expertise in number of armed and unarmed martial disciplines [6], particularly her family's own martial skill. Her skills can be broken down into two main categories: Internal Martial Arts and External Martial Arts.


Sumaki has been trained ardently in the cultivation, circulation and manipulation of the ( sometimes mystically referred ) energy source known as Qi [7] since an early age. As all living things in existence possess 'life energy', virtually any living being[8] has the potential to be able to utilize Qi. As all humans are capable of the potential to utilize Qi, Sumaki has achieved that potential through rigorous dedicated training and is able to utilize it to a far greater extent than the average person.

Sumaki has trained to such an extent that she has virtually full mastery over her body and its functionality. As such, she is able to utilize both her Yuánqì [9] and Ying Qì [10] and manipulate these energies in a variety of methods, many of which add to and/or boost her overall physical and mental performance. Sumaki can channel her Qi into the rapid regeneration of wounds [11]. Most of Sumaki's manipulation of chi is internal and not wholly visible, with the most notable exceptions being the active glowing gold tinge to her normally brown eyes. One of the most notable usages of her chi manipulation is Sumaki's ability to see and track specific chi signatures, a skill taught to her by her "sister", Maki. By touching another person, she is able to " ignite " that person's well of bodily chi energy. In this manner, Sumaki is able to " see " where that person is without the use of her eyes, using only a mental tether as a guide. As no two chi signatures are exactly alike, Sumaki is able to follow one with relative ease up to two hours before the signature's trail starts to dissipate.


The usage of Wàijia ( external or "hard style" ) martial arts is rooted in her teachings based on a number of different schools of Japanese and Chinese disciplines but are mainly sourced from her tutelage in her father's martial art practice, Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō. Many of Sumaki's signature techniques are from this school of martial arts.

Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō ( literal translation : "Iron Mountain Wolf Hunting Fist" ) is an original Japanese Martial Art developed in mid 17th century Japan by a traveling vagabond named Shirōmastu Nōbutaki. Nōbutaki had bartered passage on a ship sailing to the main continent of China in exchange for indentured servitude as a ship hand one of the many Red seal ships sailing during that time period. He had been only two weeks in his travels in the southern region when he was attacked and left for dead by a gang of roaming thieves. Luckily, he was found by a small group of monks returning to their monastery from a trading trip with the local major city.

These monks took Nōbutaki back to their monastery and nursed him back to health. During his recovery, Nōbutaki became enamored with the daily practices of the monks in what he would later describe to his students as " The great mountains made flowing flesh, unyielding, unbreakable, yet gentle and without malice ". He was referring to the martial arts practiced by the monks and how they seemed to belie a tremendous amount of power behind seemingly harmless movements. After he had healed, Nōbutaki decided to stay with the monks for an additional two years, learning the essence and foundation meditation and self defense techniques from what was a blend of Bak Mei and Southern Praying Mantis. After Nōbutaki left the monastery, he then traveled most of the rest of the southern region of China and a good deal of the Middle Kingdom, continuing his education in the great martial arts of the main continent.

It would not be another eighteen years before he would finally return to his homeland of Japan, having amassed a great deal of knowledge and techniques from his many travels. He would go on to open a school in the teachings of the first and his most loved of martial styles learned and modified to encompass the totality of his journeys, Bak Mei. It is primarily from the teachings of Bak Mei that Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō was born. Shirōmastu Nōbutaki would go to teach his new martial art to both males and females ( which was unheard of generally during this time period ) until a ripe old age, having opened several school across Japan. However, after time, some of his students began using their teachings to commit horrible crimes and spread fear. It was because of the unusual strength gained by learning the martial art and the fact that it was based from a Chinese martial art that the Tokugawa shogunate banned all practice of this martial art with any found still doing so to be punished by death, usually by beheading. Although sadden by some of his students dishonoring of his teachings, Nōbutaki still continued to instruct to those who still wanted to learn, believing that the purity of this martial art would be recognized instead of shunned because of the action of a few. This was not the case however and the shogunate issued an order for his immediate death. It was thanks to the efforts of one of his star pupils, Hideki Aikawa, that Nōbutaki was hidden away in a remote mountain region where he would spend his last days instructing Aikawa in the highest secrets of Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō, with the wish that he keep the martial one now only to be practiced by Hideaki and his descendants.

Ten years after Shirōmastu Nōbutaki's death, the practice of Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō was all but extinguished by the Tokugawa shogunate. Hideaki Aikawa would go on to train in the martial art , passing along the knowledge to his descendants, with the instructions that none but members of the main branch of the Aikawa family would be able to learn it and that eldest child of the generation would be responsible for its safe keeping and continued tutelage. In present day, Maki Aikawa is the oldest known living practitioner of the original martial art, now currently instructing her younger "sister", Sumaki.

As Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō was developed as a synthesis of Shirōmastu Nōbutaki's knowledge of Bak Mei and his many travels, it contains both elements of internal and external principles in it's dogma that allow it to be an adaptable martial art. So while the main bulk of its teachings and techniques are based in the external school of thought, it allows allows for the cultivation of a deeper internal power that can only be achieved by understanding the internal martial art principles that help make its foundation. Like many of the Southern styles Chinese martial skills that were its inspirational foundations, Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō also concentrates on its classification of the following 6 principles: Biu (thrusting), Chum (sinking), Tan (springing), Fa (neutralizing), Tun (swallowing), and Tou (expelling). However, Shirōmastu Nōbutaki chose emphasized focus on the Biu, Fa, Tun, and Tou in his teachings to Hideki Aikawa, creating a more specialized branch of the martial skill that granted an even greater striking strength than the core martial skill that was taught once taught openly. Likewise, while the original focused on the movements and power of the tiger, Nōbutaki instead used the cunning and overall collective power of the wolf as his template. At present, Sumaki 's tutelage in Tetsuzan Okamigari Kenpō is not fully complete and has yet to be taught the higher level techniques of the martial art.


Sumaki has used three different sets of swords as her primary choice of weaponry.

The first was an unnamed Daisho [12] set that was crafted custom for her then size and skill level by her father, Haikaido Aikawa and were of a high grade refined Toldeo[13] steel. Both swords were weighted and scaled for Sumaki's proportions and use as a child. Of note, both swords were engraved with Sumaki's full name in kanji script at the base of each blade. Other than the engravings, the swords were common ones and possessed no supernatural or superhuman powers.

The second set Sumaki began wielding consisted of a pair of Impervium katanas, gifted to her from her sister, Maki [14]. Each blade is approximately 76.2cm (30in) long with a single sharpened edge and are virtually indestructible, only being able to be sharpened and/or damaged by other weapons made of an equal or higher grade of the metal. The blades possess a metallic blue seen to their surface due to the process and mold they were fashioned in. Generally, Sumaki will wear both blades in sheathes attached to the back of her battle uniform. However, she does have a special belt harness that allows her to wear both swords on her left hip.

The third set are the sentient swords that can be manifested when Sumaki transforms in to her "Messenger" form

Sumaki has been primarily trained in the use of a traditionally set of Japanese Daisho. However, over the years she has adapted her traditional training toward non-traditional weaponry. Due to many of the city areas that Sumaki traverses, she cannot constantly carry her swords with her. To compensate for this limitation, Sumaki has trained herself in the usage of combat knives. As she feels 'naked' without her bladed weaponry, Sumaki wears a harness underneath her everyday clothing, which allows her to conceal her knives behind her back. Much like her swordplay, Sumaki is well adapted to both single and dual wield combat with her knives allowing her to engage a similarly armed opponent and/or opponents.


Sumaki, for a long time, simply relied on her " Messenger " form as a costume when on patrol. After she hit puberty, Sumaki felt that she needed to fight more in her human form, in the mindset of improving her martial arts ability. As such, and to honor her teacher, Sumaki decided to have a slightly modified version of Maki's battle uniform made for herself. Sumaki wears a black short sleeved full top, made from a spandex/ fine steel mesh blend, to allow for greater resilience. A similar blend ( one of cotton and fine steel mesh ) was used in the creation of her trousers. The design of her clothing was intended to give Sumaki the range of movement she needed and the capacity to survive a particularly rough beating. Both the top and trousers are flame resistance, highly tear proof, and mildly insulated against mid range electrical discharges. The whole of the uniform remains unchanged from the original that Maki wore, with three minute differences. The first being that Sumaki refused to show her mid drift with a belly tee, thus the full cover shirt. The second is that Sumaki has added a sleeveless vest to the uniform. The vest is made of the same material as her trousers, white with a black trim on the collar and lining the outer ridges. The third alteration to the uniform is the addition of a twin sword belt, which is worn to allow the handles of both of Sumaki's swords to face to her left.

Sumaki also wears her own pair of compression-formed bracers, made from a mixture of Hard carbon and Semi- pure Onyx. The bracers extend from the edge of her wrists to the end of her forearm. The bracers can be used as shielding , mainly from opponents with bladed weapons,and also as bludgeons. The bracers have the material hardness of reinforced steel without the metallic properties. Sumaki's bracers have both been imprinted with the engraving of a wolf's head silhouette near the top of the cuffs.



Sumaki Aikawa was the third born child to Haikaido Aikawa, an infamous retired Yakuza cleaner. Her older brothers, Sai and Nobushiro, were born of a different mother than Sumaki and 14 years prior to her,respectively. Even though there was a large age gap between them, Sumaki and her brothers shared a deep sibling bond. Haikaido had lost Keiko Musada ( Sai and Noushiro's mother ) to his chosen profession. She could not take the stress of living under the yolk of the Yakuza, so in exchange for leaving her sons with him, Keiko was allowed to go, without fear of assassination, as long as she did not divulge any information about what she had seen while living with Haikaido.She has not been heard from since. It was then, some time later, that Haikaido met Tamako Honda ( Sumaki's mother ). Tamako was a mid level consultant for one of the fronts of Haikaido's Yakuza lord, Fumito Watanabe. She was being robbed when Haikaido had happened to chance by and saved her. After this point, the two started to see more of each other. Eventually, the two fell in love and Tamako was soon heavy with child.What was to be a joyous event was soon met with tragic complications. On the night before Sumaki's birth, Tamamko was poisoned with a variant of blowfish toxin that had been intended for Haikaido. It was, also, on the this night that a rival Yakuza lord, Shotobu Naga, staged the first of two attacks on the Watanabe compound. Naga had counted on the fact that Haikaido would not be part of the battle, having been poisoned, and thus, would have an easier hostile takeover. This, sadly to Naga's plans, was not the case. Fueled by the rage that his love had been poisoned, later too find it was by one of Naga's spies, Haikaido cut a path of death through the invading party. While Haikaido and his men repelled the attackers, the compound dotor attended to Tamako. ( She ) begged the doctor to save her child, as it was a symbol of her and Haikaido's love for each other. The doctor performed an emergency Cesarean section and Sumaki was brought into the world, health and strong. This happiness was short- lived, however. Soon after giving birth, Tamako began to succumb to the effects of the toxin. Tamako died holding her baby in her arms, with no fear in her teary eyes, stating to her newborn that she did not regret her life with Haikaido and that ( Sumaki ) would grow to be a strong woman. With her last breath, Tamako named her child Sumaki Aikawa ( giving Sumaki her father's last name as a final gift to Haikaido,as they were never married ). Haikaido arrived some twenty minutes later to find his new daughter crying in the arms of the nurse and the sheet pulled over Tamako's body.

Sumaki grew up happy under the watchful eye of her father and brothers. When she was not studying, she would be often found in the company of either Sai or Nobushiro. Even though Sumaki was born into the criminal element, her father taught her to respect to the letter of the law, both traditional and modern. While not a genius, Sumaki was exceptionally intelligent for a child her age and easily picked up on different concepts and mannerisms early. It was because of this learning development that Haikaido soon began teaching her the martial arts. Much to his joy, she was an avid student and a quick learner. To make sure that Sumaki would grow up valuing life, Haikaido emphasized non-lethal techniques in her teachings ( i.e., many joint locks, pressure point strikes, quick take downs, and a variety of knockout blows ) This way of education would continue , not only in her tutelage of her father's " Iron Wolf " Kenpo but ,also, in her instruction of the internal martial arts from China. It would not be many years later until she could begin to utilize the abilities both forms of martial arts would allow her to use.

While growing up, Haikaido had a small house built on the compound to raise Sumaki away from the day to day business of the Japanese mafia. When neither her father nor her brothers ( who had joined the ranks of the Yakuza, under their father ) could be present, attendants saw to Sumaki's educational and personal needs. ( She ) was free to roam around the compound , as long she avoided certain forbidden areas. A good deal of the habitants of the compound came to love Sumaki, as she would try to assist where ever she could when she had free time to herself. Even the Yakuza lord, Watanabe, came to regard the child in a positive light. However, these happy times were soon to end. It was on the year of Sumaki's seventh birthday[15] that there was a major betrayal within the Watanabe compound. One of Watanabe's other hit men, Toshi " Killswitch " Mako, had grown envious and resentful of the favoritism shown to Haikaido by Watanabe and lusted for more power and acclaim.

Secretly, he met with the vessels of the rival Yakuza lords, Shotobu Naga and Hiro Takanawa, and planed a staged attack on the compound. A deal was struck, in return for helping them take down Watanabe, he , himself , would be made into a Yakuza commander, under the two opposing Yakuza lords, and have precedence over the compound as his base of operations. On the night the raid was to take place, Mako had drugged the guards and unlocked the main gates. All he had to do now was right for the moment to strike from behind while everyone would be concentrating on the invading forces. All would have gone to plan,if not for the unexpected arrival of Sumaki to the front gates. She had decided to bring the guards a cake she had made, in thanks to them for showing her how to juggle earlier. She came upon the drugged guards and began running back to her father , shouting at the top of her lungs. Hearing this, Mako rushed to the child first to ask what had happened. As Sumaki began explaining what she had found , Mako had taken out a knife, intent on killing the child, lest his plans be ruined. Sumaki had turned back toward Mako just in time to see him trying to deliver the killing strike. It was only because of her quick reflexes that she was able to fall backwards, avoiding the complete attack, receiving instead a deep cut across her chest, a scar that remains with her to this day. Scared and bleeding, Sumaki ran as fast as her legs would carry her to find help but Mako had caught up with her. As he reached for her, Sumaki turned around suddenly and lunged directly for his face, stabbing him in the left eye. Screaming in both pain and surprise, Mako retaliated by kicking the child in the mid section, sending her bouncing across the courtyard . By the time that she came to a stop to catch her breath,Mako was ,again, right on her ready to finish what he had started. This time, an intervention came in the form of a rather quick kick to the side of ( his ) head, sending him sliding across the courtyard. Sumaki's timely savior was none other than her father, Haikaido, coming to see where the screaming was coming from. Seeing her father holding her brought Sumaki the comfort of protection she needed and fainted. Haikaido was furious to see that his daughter was the subject of , not only, a cowardly attack but a betrayal of one thought to be a friend. Haikaido ,so enraged, beat Mako to death with his bare fists, ultimately leaving his face unrecognizable.[16]

Haikaido now had a difficult decision to make as he ran ,with Maki tightly pressed against his chest: Try to fight back the overwhelmingly large growing force now administering destruction and ruin to the compound or get his injured daughter to safety, thereby, abandoning his honor and loyalty to his lord. This issue plagued his mind as he fought through the invaders to reach the inner garden, the one place he knew that would be fortified enough for a regrouping.The inner garden had an old stone half house in middle surrounded by clay brick wall. it had only three windows, one on each side and one to the rear, and also had a solid oak door. Inside, there was an old fountain where water was still running. There were two channels leading from the base of the fountain, each from either side,heading toward and out of the walls of the old house. These channels were used to carry fresh water to the whole garden,via the channel that ran through each of the planting plots. It was here that he found a group of ten men lead by his sons, Sai and Nobushiro,trying to gather others in an attempt to gain back some ground. Haikaido told them who was responsible for their current situation and how this betrayal would now be the downfall of this house. Setting Maki down on a bench by the fountain, Haikaido ripped off sections of his shirt to both clean Maki's wound and make improvised bandages to cover it. It was soon that word reached reached the party, by way of an injured comrade, that Lord Watanabe had been captured. The compound had now been officially lost and the rest of it's inhabitants were either being captured or killed. Haikaido knew that if he or any of his family were caught, they would be killed immediately as a matter of precaution, due to his skill and reputation. Looking down at his unconscious daughter, Haikaido shed a tear, because he knew in his heart that he had failed to protect that which was most precious to him, his family. Standing up, he commanded the men inside to hand over most of their weapons, keeping with them only what they needed to escape. Haikaido had resolved to be a distraction while the others fled with Maki. It was about this time that the invading forces of Naga and Takanawa could be heard outside, readying a final assault.

The voice belonged to none other than Mako, who was now quite certain of his victory. Mako's words made Haikaido's blood boil over with rage and was ready to head out the door,guns blazing, letting no force on earth stop him until he had brutally killed his traitorous former friend.However, both Sai and Nobushiro stopped this from happening. They explained to their father that there was another way out the compound right where they were. The whole of the compound was once a feudal lord's summer home, and as such, contained many hidden routes of egress. Having, like Maki, grown up on this land, both sons had found many hidden passages,some not known even to Watanabe himself. One such exit was a pull away door under the cobble stone floor behind the fountain. They explained that this passage connected to an old waterway that would lead them a small wooded park area some two miles away where an escape could be made. This information brought hope back to Haikaido's eyes, as now his children had a means of surviving the ongoing slaughter outside the walls of the garden house. As Haikaido began to tell his sons to flee with their sister, Sai abruptly stopped him. Sai began taking the majority of Hakaido's weapons away from him, while at the same time, Nobushiro had picked up Maki and placed her in their father's arms. Sai explained to his father that it was HIS duty to safe guard the well-being of their sister, stating that she would need a father more than she would brothers. Nobushiro likewise added that that ,as Yakuza retainers themselves, they were honored bound to stay and fight. This ,however was not the reason why they were going to stay behind. Haikaido was going to need time to reach to the end of the waterway,meaning all but three would have to stay behind and hold off the attackers from following anyone escaping. Haikaido would need someone to watch his back as he escaped with Maki so one of the men there was ordered to protect Haikaido and Maki at all cost. Haikaido, of course, protested this plan but realized, in his heart, the sacrifice his sons were willing to take to ensure their sister's safety. As they talked , the hidden door was uncovered and made ready. Both Sai and Nobushiro gave Maki a kiss on the forehead as their final goodbye. Nobushiro gave the order to attack and the fire fight began. Awakened slightly by the awful den of gunfire, Maki just barely caught a glimpse of her brothers before Haikaido entered the passage with her in his arms. Her last memory of her brothers before falling unconscious again was that of both Sai and Nobushiro giving her their reassuring smiles, the ones they had always given her to ease her when she felt troubled.

This would be the last time Maki saw her brothers alive.




  • Despite all her abilities, Sumaki is not superhuman nor invulnerable. When not utilizing her Qi based abilities , Sumaki still possesses the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses that the average human being is susceptible too.


Sumaki possess several distinct features, some born of the natural circumstances of her birth and other of a life lived to to current events.

  • Since she began growing a full head of hair, Sumaki has had a natural curl to a tuft of hair on the top back of Sumaki's head. This curl cannot be straightened, flatten or ,in any natural way, contained. This tuft is oddly always the 'tallest' collection of hair on Sumaki's head regardless of how short or how long the hairs style worn.


  • Lumena-05 - While not related directly by blood, there is no doubt that this woman is Sumaki's most cherished older sibling. Genevieve Delacroix, also known as the heroine 'Lumena', has been one of the defining pillar in Sumaki's life since her childhood. There is very little that Sumaki would not do for nor lengths she would take to please her. Sumaki's childhood veneration of Genevieve has remained consistent into her young adult years, however she now allows Genevieve 'space' and is not as oppressive about her admiration. Sumaki's 'watchdog sibling' attachment toward Genevieve makes her very protective of her 'big sister' to the point of violence, actually physically assaulting just about anyone who would so much as insult her hero within earshot.

  • Haley Hadron - Once among the number of the group of children collectively known as "The Nuclear Ninety", Haley is Sumaki's partner in friendship, marriage and life. Originally raised by the government to become a human weapon of mass destruction, Haley's direction in life was completely altered when she had the chance run-in with the woman that would later become her wife. Although she is loathed to admit it to anyone, Sumaki was partially attracted to Haley due to the fact her mannerisms were closely similar to Sumaki's adoptive mother. Through many a trial and hardship, Haley has been Sumaki's greatest supportive foundation in all matters and keeps latter firmly grounded. It is not hyperbole when it is said without Haley present in her life, Sumaki would have lost touch with her humanity.

  • Maki Aikawa - Both Maki and Sumaki try to get along with each other as best as two people who are technically the same person can. Since the time Sumaki has come under her charge, Maki has constantly tried to raise her "younger sister" with the values and lessons that helped mold her but, at the same time, giving Sumaki the space she needs to develop on her own. Likewise, Sumaki is trying her best to live up to the example that her "older sister" has set without feeling that she is literally becoming Maki , losing any sense of her own individuality. Truly , they have become sisters in almost every sense of the word.

  • Gold Meteor - Teacher, Drill instructor, Menace to her innocence... Hannah Goldshire had become all these things and the mother that Sumaki had never truly had. The retired heroine adopted Sumaki at the tender age of six years old and instituted her own unique brand of child rearing. With her extensive background in many scientific fields, Hannah mercilessly hammered a wealth of knowledge, ranging from basic natural sciences to quantum mathematics, into her adoptive daughter. Sumaki's natural fear of Hannah is only matched ( and offset ) by her begrudging respect for the woman's expertise. As consequence of Hannah being both mentor and mother, Sumaki has come to not only share her mentor's scientific mindset but also some of her personality traits as well.

  • Nephilim-01 - Few people have left such an impression with Sumaki as the walking tank known as Adam, also called Nephilim-01. As a child, Sumaki enjoyed this large humanoid as a thing of wonder. As a teenager, she looked to him as an inspirational goal point in what it meant to be a resilient and indomitable force. Now a young adult, the wonder and admiration she has not faded from her mind. As the first and 'eldest' of the bio-weapons, Adam helped Sumaki better develop and master a number of her bio-weapon abilities. She hopes that one day she will be able to stand toe to toe with Adam in an one-on-one fight, mainly just for the bragging rights that she has stood up to one of the strongest people she knows.

  • Simi'Kraz - The former First General of the Ashen Plains, Ashen Demon Simi'Kraz was once one of most dangerous and constant threats to Sumaki's life and well-being. As an abysmal force of nature, Simi was the enforcer and right hand for the Ashen King of Lies Labal, created for the utter destruction of his enemies. However, due to Labal's almost familiar association with a child Sumaki, Simi was made to suffer the unwanted responsibility of being kind to her. While originally loathing Sumaki completely, over the years of their forced association something of a reluctant friendly co-existence grew into actual friendship where the hell spawn is considered a treasured member of Sumaki's extended family.

  • Jamie Blackthorne - Sumaki has known Jamie since she was eight years old and, equally, has had a crush on him just as long. Jamie's own background as a human weapon developed for warfare was a common point in the pair's beginning friendship, blossoming into a mutual like for one another[17]. Sumaki grew up, now fifteen years old, with her puppy dog like crush evolving into a full blown one, constantly following the exploits of her romantic interest, Jamie now twenty-one years old. Now that Sumaki has encountered Jamie again in the past, her feelings for him resurfaces as both that initial puppy dog love and very confusing tingling in her chest whenever she sees him. Like with Haley, Jamie is a major source sexual confusion for Sumaki.

  • The Messengers - The Messengers is the project name for the collective of ten humanoid bio-weapon individuals [18] that were created by a clandestine organization known only as ' The Paradigm'. Both random and specifically chosen people were collected and subjected to inhumane torturous bio-engineering experimental processes that transformed them into beings of incredible power.These individuals include :: Nephilim-01, Lillith-02, Samson-03, Lumena-05, Leviathan-06, Whisper-07, Scream-08, and Ariel-10 [19].


Did you know that...

- Sumaki is very quick to temper when either her family or , specifically, Lumena are the subject of insult or ridicule

- Sumaki's metabolism and digestive system cannot properly break down nor digest most forms of red meat ( mainly beef ), becoming very quickly ill if eaten. This is a problem as she often forgets this and tries to eat hamburgers without thinking. Haley has been attempting to create a synthetic meat substitute in order to allow Sumaki to enjoy 'beef'.

- Sumaki is 1/32 Irish on her mother's side

- Due to her mother being poisoned with a blow fish toxin right before her birth, Sumaki was born with a natural immunity it. Likewise, this immunity also renders her blood mildly poisonous to others, making her unable to donate blood or give blood transfusions to any but her own self.

- Sumaki has never contracted the flu or had a cold.

- Sumaki has an irrational, sometimes paralyzing, fear of ghosts.

- Sumaki is a mathematical prodigy, with an intuitive ability to solve highly complex mathematical equations in mere moments

- One of Sumaki's favorite snack foods are french fries

- Sumaki's favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry

- Sumaki's favorite candy is Jolly Ranchers, with cherry being her favorite flavor

- Sumaki's favorite American band is My Chemical Romance

- Sumaki does not care for the 'Magical Girl' sub-genre and culture of her home country....AT ALL.

- When either highly frustrated or excited[20], Sumaki tends to speak alarmingly fast, words coming out sounding like one long run-on rather than understandable sentences.


  1. When Sumaki is exercising Qi manipulation both eyes shift hues into a shining gold
  2. Sumaki has dyed hair dark red with black bangs
  3. Sumaki's blood is mildly poisonous to most baseline humans, if exposed to directly via ingestion, accidental mingling or transfusion. However, she can still receive transfusions from other people of her same blood type
  4. Kamigyō-ku district
  5. Sumaki's daily training regimen consist of rotating combination of specialized strength training, high intensity aerobic exercise, gymnastics, Kenjutsu and meditation
  6. both combat oriented and meditative, although she excels more in the former than the latter
  7. more commonly referred to as 'chi' or 'life energy'
  8. Whether it be flora or fauna, as long as life energy is able to flow through it the potential to harness Qi exists
  9. This is the innate level of natural Qi an individual is born with
  10. This is Qi that is nurtured through dedicated training and meditation
  11. Sumaki can use Qi control, in conjunction her body mastery, to both speed up her body's natural healing process and to keep her body functioning at near normal activities even when it has sustained injuries that would incapacitate an ordinary person or prove fatal. However, she cannot use her Qi for the regeneration of completely lost limbs nor major organs
  12. a matched pair of a long sword ( Katana ) & a short sword ( wakizaki )
  13. [1]
  14. These particular weapons were given to Maki as a birthday present from a close family friend on her nineteenth birthday
  15. This is one of three critical points in Sumaki's life that diverge from that of Maki's
  16. This event is the second of three critical differences in history between Sumaki's life and Maki's life
  17. Jamie was fourteen when he first met the eight year old Sumaki
  18. The Messengers were originally referred as the ' 00 Tactical Humanoid Weapons ' series, with their individual designations given only after verification of the stability of their abilities and the efficacy of their intended functions
  19. The designation and whereabouts of weapon 04 was lost shortly after their creation while Sumaki was given the numbering designation of ' 09 '. Sumaki was rescued from 'The Paradigm' before naming designation was assigned
  20. more the latter than the former