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The Lost Soul
ODcZDy6.png Darkness Control | Empathy DoMwZrO.png
Directionless slacker Ethan Holloway was dead and long at rest until a mad scientist brought him back to life against his will, trapping him in a state between life and death, unwittingly giving him strange power over both forces in the process. When he's not fighting alongside his teammates in the world-renown Vanquishers to save the world, he's usually helping spirits make their way to the afterlife and protecting the living world from the dead alongside his buddy Haros. His lack of seriousness is seen by his therapist as a coping mechanism for the horrors he experiences constantly dealing with death.

The Underworld God
gdH6JkZ.png Dark Miasma | Archery N7lg3Uw.png
In ancient mythology, Haros was known as the unsettling deity responsible for carrying souls across the river Styx into Hades, but the ancient days were a long time ago. Seeking to make a life for himself away from his pantheon after a lifetime in service to them, Haros has been living as a nomad in the underworld, protecting lost souls there from the horrors that lurk between hell dimensions, helping them find the realms where they belong. As angsty and monstrous as he is, he seems to be one of the few gods who actually cares for humanity, which is why he now works alongside Limbo to protect people from the realm of the dead.

The Silicon Saboteur
bD7Wl8z.png Electrical Blast | Trick Arrow AA2tqUb.png
Young CEO and inventor/entrepreneur Dustin Holmes of the multi-billionaire Holmes estate used his inheritance to start up the Fritz Foundation, a corporation dedicated to creating the technology he uses as a high-profile vigilante and social media influencer. His ego is massive and he looks down on almost everyone, so he frequently finds himself at odds with his allies in the Neverenders when his quest for fame gets out of hand. Dustin specializes in sabotaging and destroying dangerous technology that winds up in the hands of bad people. Videos of most of his exploits end up on YouTube.

The Guardian Angel
gdH6JkZ.png Dual Blades | Radiation Armor LKg1NMm.png
Hailing from the afterlife paradise realm of Elysium, the angelic Raziel, All-High Guardian of Genesis and Enforcer of Elysium (yes, that is his full name) is one of his people's most formidable warriors despite being the youngest among them. Raz was chosen to fight alongside the newly reformed Neverenders on Earth using the magical force of creation called Genesis flowing through him. He genuinely loves humanity with his entire being and would gladly give his life to protect anyone in need of his help, especially his friends. He looks at life with a sort of childlike wonder that makes him absurdly naive despite being centuries old.

The Light of Truth
gdH6JkZ.png Fire Blast | Radiation Emission AA2tqUb.png
Investigative journalist Mateo 'Matty' Ortega had no concept of the world of magic hiding in society just below the surface until a story led him deep into the fringes where a curse was placed upon him, forcing him to see truth wherever he looks and compelling it to share it, often alienating those around him. With the horrifying truths of reality revealed to him, Matty has made it his mission to expose everything he finds on his independent news blog called Truth Matters. He can be a bit eccentric and obsessive; he often fixates on the threads of truth that appear in his pursuit of the story. His ability to see through magic and illusions makes him an undeniably useful ally.

The Night Terror
JcFEnyv.png Umbral Blast | Umbral Aura jUtmYLy.png
Back when Roman Vita was a young child, he was terrorized by a recurring nightmare of a horrible creature he called the Frightling. In time, the Frightling would catch Roman and permanently latch itself onto his psyche like a parasite, emerging as a secondary personality with immense psychic power that takes over Roman's body when he sleeps. A lifetime spent in and out of institutions has taught Roman that there's no point in resisting the creature, so he lives in total servitude to the monster inside his head. When he's allowed to be awake, Roman is a hedonistic wanderer, only regularly sticking around with the Hazards, a gang of criminals he met in the Rogue Isles.


The Master of Information
bD7Wl8z.png Sonic Attack | Traps AA2tqUb.png

The Shadow of Justice
ODcZDy6.png Staff Fighting | Dark Armor 3YemBEs.png

The Aspect of Ice
gdH6JkZ.png Invulnerability | Ice Melee uZhBjtZ.png

The Vampire Sorcerer
gdH6JkZ.png Psychic Blast | Dark Manipulation UAiiQCO.png

The Environmental Engineer
bD7Wl8z.png Robotics | Nature Affinity 0k5UJdL.png

Chaos Agent
The Enlightened Edgelord
HmPIgjM.png Thugs | Kinetics 0k5UJdL.png

The Bivalve Beast
ODcZDy6.png Shield Defense | Savage Melee uZhBjtZ.png

The Martial Flame
JcFEnyv.png Fiery Melee | Shield Defense XtheKwr.png

The Simian Soldier
ODcZDy6.png Mercenaries | Pain Domination 0k5UJdL.png

The Firefighting Robot
Wli0c1M.png Storm Summoning | Water Blast N7lg3Uw.png

The Mythic Crystal
gdH6JkZ.png Stone Melee | Willpower zq005RO.png

The Aspect of Fire
gdH6JkZ.png Radiation Blast | Fire Manipulation UAiiQCO.png

The Spark of Attraction
ODcZDy6.png Electric Control | Martial Assault X1XycqC.png

The Cybernetic Champion
bD7Wl8z.png Super Strength | Energy Aura zq005RO.png

The Microscopic Menace
llEkcwJ.png Night Widow Training | Widow Teamwork dBbqAQj.png

Mr. Snowman
The Dead of Winter
LKg1NMm.png Titan Weapons | Ice Armor gdH6JkZ.png

The Eldritch Horror
gdH6JkZ.png Illusion Control | Dark Affinity DoMwZrO.png

The Substance Abuser
ODcZDy6.png Thermal Radiation | Energy Blast N7lg3Uw.png

The Expert Assassin
HmPIgjM.png Dual Pistols | Super Reflexes Acv05hL.png

The Death Doctor
ODcZDy6.png Necromancy | Poison 0k5UJdL.png

The False Idol
gdH6JkZ.png Luminous Blast | Luminous Aura y8dGKYY.png

The Malevolent Spirit
kEt2JtW.png Broad Sword | Invulnerability 3YemBEs.png

The Nile Crocodile
kEt2JtW.png Claws | Regeneration 3YemBEs.png

The Technopathic Tinkerer
llEkcwJ.png Assault Rifle | Mental Manipulation UAiiQCO.png

The Underlying Evil
gdH6JkZ.png Dark Melee | Ninjitsu 3YemBEs.png

The Amphibious Hermit
llEkcwJ.png Plant Control | Kinetics DoMwZrO.png

The Sugary Alien
HmPIgjM.png Ice Control | Psionic Assault X1XycqC.png

The Shaper of Worlds
HmPIgjM.png Gravity Control | Earth Assault X1XycqC.png

Tough Guy
The Strongest Man on Earth
llEkcwJ.png Energy Melee | Bio Armor zq005RO.png

The Mole Man
gdH6JkZ.png Battle Axe | Stone Armor zq005RO.png

The Big Brother
Wli0c1M.png Crab Spider Soldier | Crab Spider Training 2IXF9kW.png

Wild Streak
The Party Animal
JcFEnyv.png Beast Mastery | Sonic Resonance GF69yDT.png

The Natural Disaster
llEkcwJ.png Spines | Fiery Aura zq005RO.png

Zero Chill
The Freezer of Time
bD7Wl8z.png Ice Blast | Time Manipulation AA2tqUb.png


The Vanquishers
The Neverenders
The Hazards