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{ played by @Jon }

Name: Aiden Ray
Age: 46

    Heightened strength, agility, and stamina, courtesy of a super serum injected into his bloodstream.
    Able to physically meld his body into shadows, using darkness as cover. He can jump between shadows to mimic teleportation. In the shadows he is completely undetectable, even by psychics.
    Extremely skilled in stealth & combat and as a strategist & tactician.


    Made from a composite metal that is hard enough to strike with lethal force when necessary.
    Full of an assortment of gadgets that change situationally depending on the mission.


Truth, justice, and the American Way. These are the principles that are instilled into people born and raised in the rural farm town of Freedom Hill, Arkansas. It's the sort of small town where everyone knows everybody else on a first name basis, and most people born there never venture very far outside the town their entire lives. Things move slowly there; It's a traditional, old-fashioned place where things rarely change, and to outsiders it can feel a bit stuck in the past, but that's exactly what people from Freedom Hill love about it.

Growing up, Aiden Ray was the perfect embodiment of all of Freedom Hill's values. He was the town's pride and joy, always involved in the local church and anything going on in the community. Best in his class both as a student and an athlete, Aiden's future seemed very bright to everyone who knew him. They knew he'd go on to accomplish great things. Enlisting in the Army when he was only seventeen elevated him to the status of local hero. The little kid who could have done anything grew up to dedicate his life in service to his country, and Freedom Hill couldn't be prouder of him for it.

Aiden found himself naturally excelling in the military, climbing in rank very quickly thanks to his numerous accomplishments across multiple missions in countries overseas. He never questioned his orders or the righteousness of what he was doing because he sincerely believed that, as an American soldier, his orders came from the world's highest authority. It was this sort of blind obedience that made him one of the first candidates for a top secret experimental procedure that would, if successful, turn him into one of the strongest weapons in the military's arsenal. Aiden accepted the offer with pride as though it was his patriotic duty.


The serum that the US government pumped into Aiden's veins was based on classic super-soldier serums which have been in development since World War I, but his iteration of it was created in a program that sought to expand on the original experiments and create a new batch of highly specialized soldiers for use in operations that require something more. In addition to the typical strength, agility, and stamina granted to most super-soldiers, Aiden acquired the ability to defy the known laws of physics and somehow meld his body into shadows. Using as much energy as simply flexing a muscle, his entire physical form can dissipate into darkness, allowing him to hide in plain sight completely undetected in the process.

It took no time at all for the government to start coming up with creative ways to use his abilities. Operation: Amnesty was a joint venture created by the Pentagon and the CIA to secretly eliminate political enemies of the United States, and Amnesty caught on as Aiden's codename among those with security clearance after he successfully "granted amnesty" to (i.e. killed) everyone on the list without anyone even learning of his existence. Aiden would go on to be sent to assist in coups to take down socialist movements in South America and secure resources in the Middle East. Anywhere he country needed him, he was there pushing their agenda forward in ways that nobody else could do.

It's almost impressive how long it took them to start activating Amnesty for use against the American public, but it was clearly always an eventuality. He's dismantled entire social movements in total darkness. Anyone who gets too close to upheaving the status quo or challenging American tradition becomes a new name on Operation: Amnesty's list, and they all end up dying in ways police always struggle to comprehend. As far as Aiden is concerned, America is the greatest country on Earth, and causing social unrest to change its culture or laws is an unforgivable crime.

Amnesty first became known to the public after being activated to support the American Superpowered Initiative (ASP), a program created by a Senate bill allocating resources to make a new batch of super-soldiers for the US military. He was sent out to round up individuals,including the heroes Ace and Titan Girl specifically (although when he went after latter it ended up being her cousin Amperican in disguise), who were in possession of government property in the form of super-soldier serum in their blood. The government wanted to use their blood to create new soldiers, but many people refused to comply willingly. Fortunately, Amnesty was able to subdue and capture a number of potential power sources for the ASP (quite brutally, as leaked footage would reveal), as well as provide his own blood for the cause. When the ASP was dismantled by Ace and the Vanquishers in a very high-profile conflict, Amnesty's existence became a topic of wild speculation worldwide, but still he slipped back into the shadows like a good soldier and waited patiently for his next assignment.


Aiden's next assignment would come shortly after Incrediman's rise to power in Paragon City, in which he would create a new team of heroes to watch over the city called the Incrediforce. Amnesty was chosen to join the team as the government's inside man, and Incrediman selected Amnesty to be the team's police liaison, granting him leading authority over the police to enforce Incrediman's fascist rule throughout the city. Even though most people were living in fear of being brutalized by authorities during this period, Aiden felt proud of his ability to bring order to what he saw as one of the most chaos-ridden cities in the world.

Eventually, Incrediforce's collective actions led to a confrontation with the Vanquishers, who were determined to liberate the city from the team's takeover. Amnesty was defeated in combat alongside the other members of the team, and Incrediman's public murder of Spell-Slinger destroyed his plans almost instantly. Incrediforce was disbanded, and most of the members were arrested, but Aiden was able to slip away again into the shadows to report back to his handlers about what happened. Paragon City was deemed by these people as a volatile city in need of direct interference, and ironically they pulled strings to ensure that Aiden - whose identity as Amnesty is classified and unknown to the public - was appointed as Chief of Police as the city worked to rebuild following the Incrediforce fallout.


  1. Fritz:
    Fritz helped protect several ASP targets from Amnesty during his mission to capture heroes that might have good genetic material for super soldier experimentation. It was quite odd to be on Incrediforce with him in the events following the ASP. Fritz is the kind of hero everybody underestimates because of his vanity and ego, but Amnesty sees his potential to be a major threat in the right circumstances because his alliances can't ever be trusted.
  2. Incrediman:
    Someone as revered as Incrediman has a lot of pull with the US government, which is why he was able to recruit Amnesty for his Incrediforce takeover of Paragon City. In truth, Amnesty has a lot of respect for everything Incrediman has done for the country, and it was a shame to see him locked up for trying to make it a safer place.
  3. Ace:
    A formidable fighter who betrayed the United States by selfishly stealing a super-soldier serum for himself. He may have gotten away from the ASP by dismantling it, but Amnesty is just waiting for him to slip up and give him an excuse to have the police bring him into custody yet again.
  4. Amperican:
    Amnesty brutalized Amperican trying to bring her in for the ASP on very limited intel, mistaking her for Titan Girl in a one-on-one showdown that resulted in him failing his mission to bring her in. He's been doing his best to keep tabs on her since then, considering her deception to be an affront to both him and the US itself.
  5. The Vanquishers:
    Pitted against the famed superhero team while serving on Incrediforce, the Vanquishers proved to be too much for them to handle. Fortunately, he was able to slip away from them before they could properly detain him; now he hides in Paragon City as its Chief of Police waiting for a chance to undermine the team in the public eye.