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Player: @Dazzler
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Sentinel
Security Level: Confidential
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Cyrus Steele
Known Aliases: Glowing Light of Hope
Species: Meta-Human
Age: 19
Height: 1m84
Weight: 69kg
Eye Color: Blue (Glowing Yellow as Cosmas)
Hair Color: Brown (Bald as Cosmas)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero / Student Astronomer
Place of Birth: New Urbem
Base of Operations: Paragon City / New Urbem
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents alive.
Known Powers
Cosmic Energy Control / Alter-Ego / Enhanced Strength / Super-Speed /
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Cyrus Steele, aka Cosmas, is a superhero starting to make a name for himself on the streets of Paragon City, though he aspires to be the hero of his hometown, New Urbem. Coming from a humble background, Cyrus has been fascinated with stars, planets and astral events since childhood, dreaming of one day seeing them with his own eyes. As Cosmas, he wears a suit made of cosmic energy, covering his entire body and protecting him from any damage as much as possible. His power lies in his ability to use the cosmic energy he is imbued with to fight, to protect himself and especially to protect others.

Cyrus & New Urbem

Cyrus lives in a town where almost each meta-humans are villains, using their powers to spread chaos and takes whatever they want. Cyrus grew up watching ordinary people be victims of accidents, trauma, or simply born with extraordinary abilities and saw them use their gifts and abilities to take revenge on the world and have fun causing discord around them. Most importantly, one of Cyrus's close friends was given powers after an accident and discovered that he had taken it upon himself to take revenge on his former school bullies, thus repeating a cycle of violence, with the strong oppressing the weak. This marked Cyrus to the point that he could no longer believe in a possible superhero to fix the situation. If anyone in New Urbem got powers, they would misuse them, that was the only truth...And Paragon City was so far away, New Urbem was so isolated...No outside help would come for a long time.

The Meteor's Fall

It was during a quiet night of stellar observation that Cyrus noticed a meteor that had entered the Earth's atmosphere, not far from New Urbem. Fascinated, he watched the fall with great interest before going to the spot where the meteor had crashed, in the hills at the edge of the great metropolis. He discovered residues of luminescent extraterrestrial rock. Cyrus, unaware of what was happening around him, lost consciousness amidst the meteor's debris, due to of the strange glowing radiations, and the cosmic energy that had permeated the rock and the surrounding area clung to the only living force at its disposal: Cyrus himself. He did not wake up until the next morning and was able to return to a semblance of normal life, still unaware that all the energy he harbored had now acclimatized to his body and brain, becoming, so to speak, a production battery for this unique and special energy, able to live in complete symbiosis with him.

First signs

A few days later, Cyrus began to emit a sort of cyan blue aura around him when he was subjected to strong emotional situations, such as anger, fear, joy, doubt. These initial changes worried him, and he set out to find out what was happening to him, consulting doctor after doctor, but nothing helped: he was perfectly healthy, not radioactive or even ill.

Cyrus didn't understand anything until a bunch of thugs from a local gang attacked him. He blasted them with powerful cosmic rays. He then realized that he had powers and the terror of becoming as bad as all the other meta-humans in New Urbem overcame him. He had to find a solution, a way to free himself from these powers. He fled without telling anyone and decided to go to Paragon City before anyone noticed the presence of a new meta-human in the streets of New Urbem.

Paragon City

After a long journey to the "Birthplace of Heroes". Cyrus tried not to be noticed, he tried to go to several hero groups and organizations, but couldn't bring himself to let anyone help him given what he saw, fearing that learning to control his powers would put him on the path to evil.

It was while he was at his worst that Cyrus met Faustitas, a former agent of Arachnos who had repented and was willing to help him. Extremely reluctant at first, Cyrus eventually accepts Faustitas' help who'll become his mentor to help him not suppress his powers but to control them and use them for the good of others.