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The Ethereal
Doctor Revenant
Dead, but Dreaming
· Science Scrapper ·
Dark Melee
Body Master
Player: @Archon Mk. 1
Real Name
Samantha Boyd
Doc, Sam, Sammy, Doctor Revenant
May 28th, 1983
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Professor at PCU Steel Canyon (Organic Chemistry)
Legal Status
A few parking tickets here and there
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Marcus Boyd (Brother, Alive), Amanda Thomas (Nee Boyd, Sister, Alive)
Physical Traits
Human mutate
Apparent Age
135 lb.
Body Type
Dirty Ash Blonde
Glowing White (Formerly Hazel)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing Eyes, Disfigured Face
Powers & Abilities
Dark Melee
Epic Pool
Body Mastery
Power Pools
· Known Powers ·
Accelerated Healing Factor, Netherworld Energy Channeling
· Other Abilities ·
Expert in Biochemistry, Fluent in Greek and French

Badge_event_spectral.png Appearance Badge_event_spectral.png

Prior to her accident, Samantha was an average looking woman of her age. Dirty Blonde hair pulled into a low ponytail or bun depending on the situation. Her almond-shaped hazel eyes often displaying dark circles from long days, and even longer research times. She was often seen in a frost-blue lab coat with a white button down and khaki slacks when doing laboratory work.

Badge_event_spectral.png Personality Badge_event_spectral.png

No nonsense and blunt as a cudgel, Dr. Boyd is a women who prefers to cut the bullshit and get straight to the details. Analytical, but not icy cold and distant from humanity, she still possesses the warmer range of emotions and has been known to show them in the appropriate situation. However, when it comes to a task at hand she is focused and determined to complete it to the efficiency she believes she can.

Badge_event_spectral.png Early Life Badge_event_spectral.png

Born to a lawyer and her real estate agent husband in the city of Grand Rapids, Samantha Boyd was the youngest of three sibling, and was always seen as the baby of the family. She lived out much of her childhood in Grand Rapids until her dad got a job offer as a safety inspector at Terra Volta. The job payed more then real estate commission in Michigan, so her parents decided to uproot the family and travel to Paragon City, Rhode Island to start a new life.

Badge_DayJob_Scholar.png The Lazarus Formulation Badge_DayJob_Scholar.png

It was late October in 2008 when Dr. Boyd published her breakthrough, and somewhat controversial, thesis regarding reviving of dead tissue. While the scientific world saw merit in it, many members of the public called her the new Mary Shelley, or the new Dr. Frankenstein. Comparisons to the villainous Dr. Vahzilok were also made, and it caused quite a stir, despite the benevolent content of her thesis.

V_badge_ShivanBadge.png The Galaxy City Crisis V_badge_ShivanBadge.png

September 27, 2011, the day that changed Dr. Boyd's life, and the day that Galaxy City was destroyed. Chaos broke out on the streets, people running like mad, strange creatures made of rubble and sentient ooze rising from the craters. Amidst the pandemonium, Dr. Boyd packed up what she could of her research, amidst the lab's emergency lock down. She scrambled to override the doors, to get her way out to freedom. However, it seems fate had other things in mind.

Dr. Boyd and the rubble of her lab.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

  • Hero_PenelopeYin_Transformation.png Accelerated Healing Factor - As a direct result of exposure to her serum, Dr. Boyd is capable of healing at rates far faster then a normal human.
  • Apparitions_AuraOfAggression.pngNetherworld Energy Channeling - Whether due to the serum, or having come in contact with the other side, Dr. Boyd is capable of tapping into and channeling energy for the netherworld into her strikes, whether to enhance the impact, strike fear into her opponent, or even siphon off a small portion of their life force.
  • DilemmaDiabolique_Diabolique_Earthshatter.png Slowed Vitals - Dr. Boyd's breathing, heart rate, and other biologically needs are below that of a normal human. For instance she needs to breath less then most allowing her to function in lower oxygen settings them most.


  • Salvage_PoweredArmorCircuitry.png MediPort Beacon - Not one to be without a contingency plan, and never fully relying on her healing factor, Dr. Boyd possesses a standard issue MediPort Beacon keyed to her biometrics that will transport her to the nearest hospital, provided the signal is not jammed.
  • Salvage_TechMaterial.png Reinforced Weave Dr. Boyd's superhero costume is interlaced with a reinforced weave to make it resistant to damage from the usual fair of gangs: knives, guns, tire irons, and some energy attacks.


  • MindsOfMayhem_MotherMayhem_WillDomination.png Psionics - Like most normal people, Dr. Boyd possesses little to know resistance to psionic attacks, and has no added safeguard against mental intrusion.
  • DilemmaDiabolique_Diabolique_Restoration.png Necromancy For all intents in purposes, Dr. Boyd is undead (although a less then conventional undead with working organs) and can be controlled by necromancy as such. Although she has more agency then a traditional undead such as a zombie, and will try to resist, but it is still possible to control her in this way.

Badge_i19_hero_storyarcoptional.png Affiliations Badge_i19_hero_storyarcoptional.png

  • [Jim]: The description for Friend #1
  • Friend #2: The description for Friend #2
So-So People
  • Neutral #1: The description for Neutral #1
  • Enemy #1: The description for Enemy #1

Badge_I11HeroStoryArc1Complete.png Rumors Badge_I11HeroStoryArc1Complete.png

  • She's got a withered husk of a heart.

Badge_Defeat8ClonesChallenge.png Opinions Badge_Defeat8ClonesChallenge.png

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RP Hooks

  • Dr. Boyd has been teaching at Paragon City University

TV Tropes


  • Dr. Boyd is the proud parent of a black cat named Opal.
  • Dr. Boyd appeared in an AE Arc prior to Issue 21 of City of Heroes Live in which she was a living individual who asked the heroes to help her to help with her study into the Lazarus Formulation, the substance that would be later written to become her comic book superhero origin medium.