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Player: @FR33M 3
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tank, Blaster, Brute
Security Level: 50
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: FR33M
Known Aliases: The Fantastic FR33M, The Radical FR33M, The Fabulous FR33M, Nega FR33M
Species: Action Figure
Age: 30 (first manufactured in 1991)
Height: Varies: "Original Issue" 2 feet tall. When he transforms into other forms he's a towering 10 feet tall.
Weight: 1/2 Ton (US Measurement): made of Die-Cast Impervium
Eye Color: Color varies depending on appearance/armor accessories
Hair Color: Varies according to appearance/armor accessories
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S.
Occupation: Full time hero
Place of Birth: Hasbeen™ Assembly plant #69
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Varies according to armor and weapons configurations. Most noted for being the (Invincible) FR33M, with Super Strength and nigh invulnerability
Known Abilities
Shape Changing, Invulnerability, Super Strength, Energy and Electricity Manipulation, Pyrokinesis and Temperature Manipulation, Radiation (Hasbeen™ has been cleared of any and all EPA citations in the court of law)
  • Over 100 points of Articulation
  • Now with Enhanced Vibra-Action™!!
Sold Separately, Batteries not included.

Some heroes are born. Others train. There's even the random science experiment gone wrong or genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Now & then you get an alien, demon, or angelic type wanting to hang up their stereotype hat & try on a cape for a change. Sometimes, heroes come from starlight and a wish.

Ask Justin Jacoby. He'll tell you about the night, long ago when he was 7 years old, when he wished on the brightest star in the sky that his favorite toy The Fantastic Freem could be a real hero...and the wish came true!

  • FR33M written on bottom of right boot.
  • Part of Hasbeen™ toys. NOT to be confused with the more successful Hasbro
  • Magically changes into other larger than life (knockoff) action figures.
  • Some assembly required, batteries not included.
  • Now with 200% more <totally environmentally friendly*> atomic power!!
  • FEEL the action with enhanced "Vibra-motion" technology!*
  • Theme:
  • *Manufacturer assumes no liability for personal nor property damage that may result from use of its interactive products