Athanasia (Reunion)

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Player: @MaraAt1
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Threat Level: __
Personal Data
Real Name: Mara Nishimura
Known Aliases: Athanasia
Species: Human
Age: _________________yo.
Height: __________________m
Weight: _________________kg
Eye Color: _______oebja________
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Praetoria
Occupation: Powers Division Officer
Place of Birth: Neutropolis
Base of Operations: haqretebhaqvzcr e vny
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Amelia Visard
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Infiltration and information gathering
L-5 Beam Rifle, Repurposed IDF Armor

Mara Nishimura was a Powers Division loaned to the police department. The PPD sent her when they had to deal with rogue supers but didn't want the Top Dogs to get involved. She went missing on her last assignment. Her fate is unknown.

In-game Bio

Mara is always eager to prove herself. It is not surprising since her mother was a Powers Division member. Right now, her mother is serving a life sentence. Someone has thrown her mother in jail and made Mara work for them. Calling herself Athanasia, she hopes that one day she will find and rescue her. Whatever her motive is, Mara is now fighting for the good people of Praetoria. If she persists, she may achieve fame and greatness more than her mother ever had.

Mission Architect


Mara Nishimura was born on YYYYMMDD, in Neutropolis. She was the only child of Keiji and Amelia. She grew up in an upper-class family. Her father owned and ran a factory; her mother was a Powers Division. She got her mother's powers, which assured her a spot in the Division.

Mara's brief stint in the Division was not great. She was brave but naive. Her bravery couldn't make up for her lack of skill. After too many defeats, her reputation took a hit. She changed her tactics by working with a few close friends, hoping their fame would carry her through. It didn't. Her mother's arrest later that year ended any hope of a comeback.

Months later, the PPD began recruiting Supers to fill their ranks. They wanted loyal officers, not mavericks like the Top Dogs. A friend of Amelia's encouraged Mara to join the PPD. She applied and got accepted into the academy. Despite the hardships, she graduated with honors.

Mara's departure from the Division to the PPD puzzled many people. It should be the other way around. Like Warrant, for example. It also confused Mara, too. Her record with the Division and her mother's arrest should have disqualified her. As she would later say, it was the weirdest moment of her life.

Mara's new role was less glamorous than her last in the Division. The PPD assigned her to Precinct 4. Working as part of a team, she dealt with rogue Supers under a set of rules. Often, she only provided support, leaving the lion's share to the Division; when she had to take down a Super, she had to do it discreetly.

Though only a few average Joes in Praetoria knew of Mara, the higher-ups began to take notice. One of them was MICIR. They saw Mara and her team get the job done for years without a hitch. After a few talks, she applied for a post. Six months later, after passing the Interrogator test, the PPD promoted her to MICIR.


The young officer relied on her strength and skills to succeed in her tasks. Mara talked a lot whenever her friends are around. She had many circles providing her with news and gossips in Praetoria. This knowledge helped Mara in shaping her plan. If it did not do, she improvised a new one. Then again, Mara was also a psychic. She had her mother's gene. One of her abilities was well known: Mara could control how people perceive the flow of time. The rest of them were subtler; she could stop anyone from probing her mind, and her words compelled people to obey. However, it's important to note that Mara had spent years asking the judge to give her mother leniency, but her words did not sway the judge.

Rumors of Survival

There were a few rumors regarding Mara's fate; most of them came from Eltentown survivors. The stories started when militias confused a convoy carrying prisoners with medical supplies. The transport, which was going to Arclight Lab, was already empty when the militias caught it. Hours later, the Carnivals had rescued a woman in her late 40s and her daughter before they brought them to the compound. Both women claimed rogue scientists had run experiments on them before they fled. According to a witness, the daughter had many similarities to Mara. Their restraints and nullifier devices were also giveaways to their origin. The escapees joined the militia afterward. They had rescued many citizens from the slavers and many other dangers in First Ward until the Devouring Earth invaded. Most likely, both women sacrifice their lives to buy the citizens enough time to cross into Primal Earth.


Despite her shortcomings, Mara has repeatedly shown her skill and commitment to Praetoria. Her work in PPD set a new trend for other Powers Division members to work together. She had swayed many people to serve Praetoria in many ways. If the rumor is true, it showed her dedication. Even after unjust imprisonment, Mara remained loyal to the safety and well being of her people.