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Au Revoir (Jean-Paul St. Cyr) is a supervillain who is a member of the Hazards. He first appeared during their debut caper "Sound the Alarm," which saw him assisting in the prison break of Guerilla.

{ played by @Occultist }

NAME: Jean-Paul St. Cyr
AGE: Unknown
OCCUPATION: Art Thief, Supercriminal
PLACE OF BIRTH: Marseille, France

  • Jet Boots - rocket-powered footwear that is capable of sustained flight and aerial maneuvers.


If you try to search for the name Jean-Paul St. Cyr, you'll wind up with nothing. The man is completely invisible -- a pastiche of aliases and cover identities. It's possible he might not even be French. An aura of secrecy is a necessity for a professional thief. Not a purse snatcher or a smash-and-grab specialist -- a real, refined thief. Jean-Paul chose to embrace his sticky fingers, but he takes his craft very seriously. He's never been caught -- and never been made. In fact, his call-sign in the criminal underworld is actually just his catchphrase: Au Revoir. It's the last thing he says before he makes off with another ill-gotten score.

Au Revoir utilizes a pair of jet-propelled Bon Voyage boots. The origin of their design dates back decades in French history -- to when the Nazis occupied the country during World War II. A secret group of former French Air Force pilots scrapped parts of their planes and turned them into the prototype footwear. Together, these unsung knights would liberate monuments and works of art from the SS ground forces. As the war continued, they were able to adapt better mechanics to their blueprints. Their raids against the occupying force became more successful, and as a result, this band of rebels became known as Le Scélérats.

All it took was one botched job (arranged by the 'black sheep' of the crew, Garces Rousseau), and Le Scélérats were sniffed out by German troops. With every one of team facing death or a labor camp, the band of thieves made sure to destroy their rocket boots so that the Nazis couldn't get their hands on their engineering marvel. Every pair of the Bon Voyage boots was lost that day -- or so it was thought. Eventually, Au Revoir arrived on the scene, sporting the same type of tricky tech that was now a fixture of French folklore. The only question was: where did he get it? Well, like everything else, that remained a closely guarded secret.

Aided by his lucky shoes, Au Revoir began a string of low-grade art heists along the coast of Europe, and later, the United States. At first, it was unclear if the moral code of Le Scélérats had carried over to this modern Monuments Man, but once paintings and sculptures that were stolen started appearing on the black market, Au Revoir's true nature was certain. He was looking to line his pockets. Though he started decidedly small time, the gentleman thief's work ethic quickly put him at numerous crime scenes. It was on these early jobs that Au Revoir truly cut his teeth and learned skills that would become invaluable later on: safe-cracking, pick-pocketing, tailing, and of course, seduction -- of anyone... at any time.

Au Revoir was earning piddly payouts from the goods he wound up fencing, but his work at least gained him enough of a reputation to discover Blackbook, a worldwide networking app for supercriminals. Tempted by offers of bigger and better bankrolls, Jean-Paul, once a pacifist, began dabbling in darker jobs ranging from sabotage to kidnapping to even assassination. Sure, on the outside, the man was still all class, but at his core, he was now as rotten as they come.

To go along with his high society persona, Jean-Paul developed rather expensive tastes. Tailored clothing, aged wine, and premium cigarettes were only the top of his bill. Financing these debonair habits was a full-time job. 'Gigs' were now a nightly occurrence instead of weekly. It was getting harder and harder to keep the heat off himself, so Jean-Paul began fantasizing about a score big enough to get him out of the game for good. Only problem was, just like Le Scélérats of the past had shown, a real heist takes a crew, not just one man.

As luck would have it, Jean-Paul wound up meeting a few colorful criminals on the very next job he took from Blackbook. The rag-tags had talent, and unlike previous partners met through the app, they seemed to know what they were doing. Deciding to keep in contact, the criminals continued their exploits together, eventually becoming branded as the Hazards. Au Revoir knew that if he was going to take on a heist worthy of the history books, this would be his team to do it with.


Jean-Paul and the other Hazards established a hideout in a sealed off transit station below a casino. One of his accomplices, Frightling, dragged the group into conflict with a mutant collective known as Dragon's Den, forcing the group to fortify their lair against potential intruders. The criminals are also on the radar of Fritz, one of the Neverenders, who wants to bring them in for stealing his flawed AI and letting it join their team of crooks as the nefarious Error.