Brenna Graveland

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'A supermutant in search of the truth behind her past.' – In-game tagline
Brenna Graveland (formerly Brenna James Morgan)
Player: Some Kinda Joke
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster (Dual Pistols/Fire Manipulation)
Security Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Brenna James Morgan
Known Aliases: Graveland
Species: Mutant/Human
Age: 25
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Fire manipulation, hyper-perception
Known Abilities
Western 'Gunslinger' style gun-kata
'Rootbreaker' RB 25mms
No additional information available.

'There's too much about Brenna Graveland that doesn't give us a clear description of who she was or is now. What we have, however, highlights a surprising amount of missing information and conflicting recounts. Just when we turn up new information, it conflicts with what we already know. I have compiled as much information as we have found ... When we find more information on Brenna Graveland, it will be added to the master folder with everything else. However, for the sake of context, the information I have typed up and summarized for your convenience has proven to be difficult to confirm.' – Anonymous GIFT database technician, FBSA.

Brenna Graveland is a supermutant living in Paragon City. She is recorded as a vigilante under all official databases. Although her handler 'contacts' have noted she is willing to work with a minimum amount of information provided even to vigilantes, she has proven numerous times that she can somehow gain access to information omitted and even redacted by her contacts. It is for this reason any and all contact with her is closely monitored for analysis.

Confirmed Information

'Brenna Graveland accepts multiple missions to subdue street gang and prevent them from operating in the destroyed districts of Paragon City, but then she disappears for days at a time. She claims she has every intention of assisting the efforts of law enforcement and security, but we have been unable to locate and track her once she begins these missions. We're beginning to suspect she might also be doing more than is necessary. Not knowing just how much more she's doing is what's worrying us.' - SWAT Officer ---, PPD.

Note: Her willingness to admit to any of the following information should not be seen as a show of good faith. Although our agents acting as her contacts and handlers continue to learn as much as possible about her, there is too much information that we cannot confirm on an official capacity - despite the wide amount of information the FBSA currently has access to or previously archived.

Brenna's genetics and obvious mutations place her in the TYPE-A category for mutants. It is unknown where she inherited her genes from, as attempts to find and trace her birth parents (often referred to as 'Graveland') have been futile. Currently, all recorded mutations include her ability to conjure and manipulate fire, as well as 'hyper-perception' and the ability to perceive and acknowledge information at superhuman levels. She has demonstrated remarkable mastery with using dual pistols (matching, albeit at a lesser scale, known experts with decades of training), but claims she has no knowledge or prior experience. Her other mutations - pointed ears, developed fangs, and white 'pupiless' eyes - have no meaningful impact on her cognitive abilities and are thought to be hereditary.

Brenna's choice of weapons, her 'Rootbreaker' RB 25mms, have lead to debate within the FBSA's investigators and research teams. Their original manufacturers and make cannot be found, leading the researchers to assume that they were custom built. When raised in interviews, Brenna has mentioned that the weapons' manufacturer is a company based in Iceland named 'Húnerekki-Dáin'. This company does not exist in any capacity, official or otherwise.

Early Life

Earliest records of Brenna's life indicate that she was raised at multiple orphanages across Paragon City. Records of her admittance and departure from each orphanage have been scrubbed across multiple databases, and any attempts to recover relevant information, short of in-person interviews, have been met with failure. She has named several individuals who were also orphaned at young ages and discussed at length any and all contact she has had with them. Almost every individual Brenna has mentioned does have some recollection of her in some way. Currently, investigators believe she was moved from different institutions until she became old enough to live independently.

Secondary Information

'Despite Agent ---'s initial complaints of using this information as a lead in our investigations, this 'Onyxian' band seen in the recording continues to baffle us. The band itself does not exist in any part of the world. We have confirmed that the instruments in the song cannot be replicated with any existing music programs and software.' - Anonymous DATA researcher, comments on a recording of Brenna Graveland in her car.

Interestingly, it was recently discovered that Brenna Graveland has some connection to some obscure forms of magic - primarily those that use rituals and ritual summoning as methods of divining with entities from other planes of reality.