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Crystal Dragon - City of Heroes - Homecoming - Everlasting shard.jpeg
Crystal Dragon's human shapeshift
Crystal Dragon
Player: Melrose
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Crys, E, Crystal
Species: Crystalline Dragon
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White, tints color change with her mood.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Pellean
Occupation: Vanguard Medic and Multidimensional Historian Sorceress
Place of Birth: Pellea (5 Dimensional layers away from Prime.)
Base of Operations: Ouroboros
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Roland Eldirus, Sun Rongyu, Darisek, Neelam, Cloudberry Dragon, Akira, Kami Dragon +2 devil grandchildren.
Known Powers
Water Blast/Empathy/Flight/Teleportation/Mu Mastery
Known Abilities
Able to read moods and emotional shifts of the people around her. Capable of tapping and using the ley energy of Prime to preserve life and mend wounds of those she's in close proximity of as well as improving mental clarity.
Owns no equipment.
Character is an original concept of the player and has been in active play in roleplaying circles since 1994. Player is an RP community volunteer mentor and organizes the Welcome Wagons Intro to RP classes as well as provides support for players new to roleplaying and it's aspects of social play.
Scions of Everlasting
Founder: Crystal Dragon
Alignment(s): Vigilante
Motto: Maintaining the balance between the arcane and the mundane world.
Leader(s): Crystal Dragon
Logo: The World Tree, Yggdrasill
Group Colours: Lavender and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual friendly
Roleplay: Recommended, new player friendly.
Timezone(s): EST
Recruiting: Yes.
Contact: @Crystal Dragon
Group prefers to recruit through in-character interactions, if your character is not a good fit with us, we will work towards finding a group that is a better fit.

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At first glance

This dragon shimmers with a muted opalescence. The white "hair" on her head and face are feathers, carefully preened to appear like human features. She has sapphire blue eyes, and opal claws, though she can retract the claws like a cat can. Her wings are not leathery, but are, in fact, feathered dragon wings, covered in protective scales in the webbing spread between the "fingers". Her tail has a small crystal ball on the end, that can be swung like a mace, and can be shattered though it takes a great deal of blunt force to do so.

This "compressed" form is what she was able to salvage from being ripped from her home world, Pellea, at the summons of a novice seer. Given the lack of skill of the seer, her summoner had been killed the moment she condensed into a physical being. Her arrival "shattered" her, splitting her essence into three layers that exist in the physical, the spirit, and the ley layers of Prime Earth, which terminated her original time thread and placed her in an inexplicable temporal stasis, immortal to the ravages of time. Because of what she is, and her experiences in her former home, Pellea, she is unable to die permanently. She can get knocked out, rendered unconscious, or placed into a stasis state for extended periods of time, however the effects of time no longer apply to her due to her unexpected, and inexplicable arrival. For those deeply familiar with magic, she bares a soul brand, a mark on the essence of her very soul that is heavily enchanted preventing her from slipping from the mortal plane. She doesn't speak about it to just anyone, so be careful with approaching her about the soul brand.

Her feathers and scales do shift in color due to her moods and it would be helpful to know what each color represents in moods to better understand her attitude and mood for the day.

Color Map

Color map

Emotional Rainbow.gif

Citation for the emotional rainbow


Scattered to the stars

The dragon known as Crystal had been drawn from between 5 separate layers of dimensions to form and exist within Prime's mortal plane. The spell craft involved lost due to the extreme temperatures her condensing into a physical shell had caused. It took her three years to find parts of herself that had been forced to separate from her, and in that time she had become quite strong but abiding by the limits the world of Prime had placed on her. Unable to shape shift to her natural form, she remains in a human-like appearance with her wings and tail and some of her natural scaling visible. This has created some confusion among the other dragons of Prime in regards to why she's not wearing her draconic features more openly to which she has explained that her ability to shift has been drastically limited by the laws of this dimension and she wished only to abide and maintain that balance of the arcane within this world and it's dimension rather than exploit it to assume her natural shape.

She speaks of Pellea, a dimension completely separate from this one that was overrun with Kaiju level dragons and the near extinction of mankind in her home world. This world she speaks of is contained in a pocket Dimension that is, at this time of record, inaccessible to Portal Corps for two-way travel. It is assumed based on some of what Crystal was able to tell FBSA, that technology had advanced considerably at some point in that worlds history of mankind, but had been left to ruin and neglect in the generations that followed due to endless wars that wrecked civilizations across the world span she had lived in. She expressed concern that knowledge of these technological ruins may bring more threatening presences of her kind into this world and refused to tell much more than to "Let the dead lay at rest.", for what we can assume her request to let that world remain out of contact with ours. She became quite distraught when we inquired of her time in Pellea, our psychologist suggesting that she may be dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, given her reaction and responses to our questioning and we've assigned her to work with one of the doctors to help.

What is known at this time of her history is phenomenal. Her kind live extremely long life spans, upwards to millions of years if left at peace, but she had mentioned that her own thread of time had become...disjointed, as she put it, in comparison to other dragons we have spoken to and interviewed here at Portal Corps. To our knowledge there is no way to fix something like that, even with Ouroboros connected to our world here in Prime and she doesn't seem to be overly concerned with the disjointed time thread connected to her. Based on her interviews with us, we believe she is going to be fine and will adjust to our world and it's rules on the arcane just fine. She did seem mildly upset that she could not use any of her prior spell craft to protect herself in this world, but she has been encouraged to study and learn what does work for her here.

To be continued

Current Events

Crys, as she's taken to calling herself has taken on the role of a neutral agent among our society and world. Her advocacy to better understand the arcane and discovering it's limitations in this world has us keeping a close watch on her progress and watchful of her falling into line with the more criminal element in the arcane world. To our knowledge with current records of her activities, she has acquired books from fallen, forgotten, and lost deities around the world, and brought some from her personal treasure hold to help budding magicians and witches to find their path and calling, and guiding them along a similar path that she had followed of self discovery. At this time, it is known that she has two budding practitioners as guests in her self constructed home and seems to have adopted a human girl around the time she had lain her first brood in our world. We are hopeful that she maintains this balancing act that she advocates for, because from what we have seen of her power...she could be a threat if she falls astray. - According to recent reports as of August, 2022, Crystal appears to be expecting a fourth child, sometime towards the middle of November. Her doctors have not given us the expected psychological and medical updates we had been pressing for, however she seems to be healthy and adjusting well to living in Prime with her family and partners.

Crystal's Chronicle
(On-going story reveal and developments.)

As it is known, Crystal doesn't talk about much of her past for many reasons. Whether it's self prophesying, or pure fear, she had only shared and spoken to a few people about what had happened to her before she arrived in Prime and Praetoria. However, recent days there had been some curious happenings that have put Crys and the other Pellean refugees on watch. A set of ruins had been discovered in Mercy, out in Rogue Isles that one of the refugees has taken up as her home stomping grounds. These ruins are unlike anything seen in Prime or in Praetoria in regards to technological and architecture design, suggesting that they may be a displaced portion of Pellea that had been lodged on Prime underground, for inexplicable reasons. For the moment, the ruins are being investigated, and Crys has viewed them herself but found herself unable to move beyond the first two chambers out of primal fear. The mystery of these ruins has yet to be fully uncovered and at the moment groups working with the Midnighters, and the Scions of Everlasting have been putting time into studying the findings and researching what the ruins contain to learn what it might all mean.