Dr. Altair

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Dr. Altair
Player: @Dr. Altair
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Sentinel
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Hector Paul Moroz

Gektor Pavlovich Moroz (Гектор Павлович Мороз)

Known Aliases: None
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown (usually dyed another color)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Researcher at DATA specializing in teleportation

Former thief and mercenary

Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Pavel Pavlovich Moroz (Павел Павлович Мороз) (father, estranged)

Nadezhda Miroslavovna Moroz (Надежда Мирославовна Мороз) (mother, estranged)

Known Powers
Cryokinesis (prefers not to use)
Known Abilities
Skill with electronics, good marksmanship
Death ray, energy shield, teleportation device, anti-gravity boots

Dr. Altair is a Beam Rifle/Energy Aura/Ice Mastery Sentinel. He is currently a vigilante after being a villain for most of his career.


Hector Moroz was born to Pavel and Nadezhda Moroz, a pair of scientists who immigrated from Russia during the chaos following the collapse of the Soviet Union. They lived apparently upstanding lives in Paragon Heights (now Galaxy City), though in truth they were maintaining an elaborate façade to hide their criminal activities and world domination plot. They were very controlling towards little Hector, hoping to mold him into their successor. When he was 17, Hector made their plans fell apart by sabotaging their laboratory and exposing their activities to the police. They were eventually convicted of numerous charges including homicide, kidnapping, grand larceny, and conspiracy. Today, Pavel and Nadezhda are incarcerated at Zigursky Penitentiary.

When the police came to take his parents, Hector took advantage of the SWAT raid on his house to steal some of his parents' gadgets and run away. He drifted around until he found himself joining a small criminal organization based in Port Oakes. He used his cut of the organization's earnings to pursue a college education and PhD at Aeon University. After he successfully defended his thesis on theoretical modes of teleportation, he decided that he had outgrown the organization, raided their coffers, and set out on his own, taking on the alias Dr. Altair.

During his time as a supervillain, Dr. Altair was mostly interested in profit, usually doing large-scale robberies and mercenary work. However, he started to find it harder and harder to maintain that life as he drew attention from Arachnos. His jobs for Arachnos wore on him so much that he decided to work out a deal with the US government and DATA that would let him defect from the Rogue Isles and get a new start in Paragon.

Since becoming reestablished in Paragon, he has been working as a teleportation researcher for DATA while moonlighting as a hero and helping other heroes get their starts.

Abilities and Equipment

Dr. Altair mostly relies on an array of devices that he built himself. His main arm is a death ray that is accurate to about 20 yards and capable of melting steel barriers. For defense, he has an energy shield.

The device he devotes the most effort to maintaining is a personal teleporter. It can safely move a person about 150 yards without a teleport beacon.

Dr. Altair has cryokinetic powers, but he hates them because they were inherited from his father. For the most part, he doesn't consider them to be his own and regards them as an unwanted attachment to his father. They manifested when he was about 16, and he suppressed them until he was 23. He was forced to start using them when they began to leak out in unpleasant and explosive ways. For example, he once stayed at his boyfriend's apartment and accidentally destroyed all of the plumbing in the building in his sleep (leading to the boyfriend breaking up with him). He stopped having serious issues with his powers when he stopped suppressing them, but he still lacks fine control over them and doesn't seem particularly interested in mastering them or developing them into something of his own.


Dr. Altair's attitude moves between laid back and hyper-focused. For example, he's lazy about cleaning his home and workshop while he's meticulous about his personal appearance. He has a habit of picking up projects, devoting hours to them, losing interest, and abandoning them partway through.

He was an incredibly selfish person through his early 20's, but over time something made him become more caring and more sensitive about hurting people (though he won't admit it openly).

He hasn't seen his parents since he was a teenager, but he's still rebelling against them to some degree. This rebellion manifests in various ways such as his hesitance to use his powers and his habit of dying his hair.