The Gruntuk Empire

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The Grun'Tuk Empire
Alignment(s): Unknown
Motto: '
Leader(s): Unknown
Logo: '
Group Colours: Predominantly Black and Gold
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: '
Timezone(s): '
Recruiting: No
Contact: @Gruntuk / @Absitomen

The Grun'Tuk Empire

The Grun’Tuk Empire are an interstellar species of creatures that have taken to the stars for a singular purpose. To conquer everything they set their eyes upon.

Looking similar to Earth’s mythological creature the Minotaur they are mostly humanoid with the visage of a bovine creature. Despite Earth's minotaur having its origin in myth and magic, the Grun'Tuk are creatures born of science and genetical engineering. There are subtle differences, but only those who have been able to study one of them under a knife would notice.

Highly advanced and capable of interstellar travel, the Grun’Tuk has spread to the stars to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs: everything the universe has to offer.

With this ability to travel the stars they strive to widen their dominion and bring more worlds under their control. Any potential planet seen as viable to support the Grun’Tuk people, be it as living space or for its raw materials will find the large fleets of the Empire darkening its skies.

The Grun’Tuk are pragmatic when it comes to selecting their potential targets for expansion. Early in their existence, they found themselves nearly wiped out trying to invade every single world they came across. This spread their forces out too thinly and resulted in the needless loss of many soldiers and ships. Sometimes it can take a few hard lessons to knock some sense into creatures with incredibly thick skulls.

Having learned from these early campaigns the Grun’Tuk took a much more measured approach to selecting planets to invade. They would find clusters of planets close by and send scouts out to these worlds to investigate their worth. Once a cluster is deemed worthy, scouts would be sent to each world to evaluate their worth. The scout's assigned task would be to infiltrate the planet and analyse the local flora and fauna. Intelligence would then be fed back to the fleets for the high command to decide upon the benefits and costs of beginning a campaign against the potential target planet and any inhabitants upon its surface.