Eirlys Blodeuwedd

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Eirlys Blodeuwedd headshot.png
Originicon magic.png V archetypeicon dominator.png
Eirlys Blodeuwedd
Mystic Queen
CreateSymbol Hero.png
Player: @Betsumei
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: 14
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Eirlys Flower-faced, Eirlys the Owl, Snowdrop
Species: Forest gnome
Age: 61
Height: 110 cm (3 ft 7 in)
Weight: 19.5 kg (43 lb)
Eye Color: Yellow as dyer's broom
Hair Color: White as snowdrop
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Shadow sorcerer, charlatan, and part-time owl
Education: None to speak of
Place of Birth: Under the great oak tree in the deepest part of the Forest
Hometown: The Forest
Base of Operations: Nesting under an overpass in Skyway
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Shadow sorcery, lightning magic, levitation and translocation
Known Abilities
Speak with Small Beasts, can fly in owl form, darkvision
Nox's Glove of Magic Missile, Druidia's Charm, dagger and crossbow
Cursed into the form of an owl, only able to maintain humanoid form with the power of a magic crystal. Too much of her life spent in this form has left her with a taste for small rodents and poor social skills.


Eirlys is usually a diminutive humanoid with long white hair, yellow eyes, long pointed ears, and skin that will in her old age resemble oak bark. She favours purple and green clothing when she can find it, and wears heavy leather boots and a single glove with her dress and robes. She also has been known to take on the form of a snowy owl when the situation calls for it, and without the small crystal charm she was gifted she is unable to control which form she takes.


Eirlys is somewhat unpredictable, tending towards extreme over- or under-reaction with little middle ground. She tends to have a great deal of trouble with authority of any kind, and will not miss an opportunity to "stick it to the man", even if it means getting in over her head. She's also a sucker for pretty ladies and shiny things, and has a soft spot for cats and children of any species.


Some time ago, in the land of Calidus, Eirlys was recruited to help a party of adventurers take down a group known as the Iconoclasts. While she would normally take the side of the fanatics hoping to topple the gods themselves, she had been trapped in the form of an owl for so long she could not even remember how it had happened, and when the herald Druidia offered her a charm that would allow her to control her curse, she could hardly refuse. The adventure took her across strange lands as the navigator of a magical land-ship, and eventually straight into the lair of the celestial masterminds trying to destroy that world by removing its magical underpinnings, with only a brief stop to mistake a propagandist for the actual enemy (complete with "hurl a lightning bolt right at the poor actor's face", resulting in the anger of her companions and the frustration of their employers who had to intervene to save the person's life), and one bout of "hit an angel in the face with a magical flying boat", the world was saved, the feckless gods could go back to running it, and she was free to go off and have her own adventures. Somehow, that has taken her to Paragon City, with its ample supply of people she can hurl lightning at without consequences, all the rats she can eat, and perhaps some other sorts of fun while she's at it.

Spell List

Name Description
DarknessControl DarkGrasp.png Clinging Shadows Eirlys can persuade a foe's shadow to hold them in place.
DarknessControl Possess.png Charm Person Why not spice things up with a little chaos, and have foe become friend, at least for a little while?
DarknessControl HeartofDarkness.png Darkness Magically drain the light from the surrounding area to disorient foes.
ElectricalAssault ChargedBolts.png Chaos Bolt A quick burst of energy to get things going.
ElectricalAssault ChargedBrawl.png Shocking Grasp A shockingly powerful punch for such a small person. Get it?
ElectricalAssault LightningBolt.png Lightning Bolt Fun idea! Spice up your first experience with live performances by mistaking an actor for an enemy and hurling one of these at the stage! Gods and allies alike will find it necessary to intervene.
SorceryPool MysticFlight.png Owl's Flight Spend enough time forcibly changed into a bird and you too will grow fond enough of flight to learn how to do it all the time.
SorceryPool ArcaneBolt.png Magic Missile Eirlys was gifted a glove by the goddess of magic and death, Nox, that can fire magic projectiles, to help stop a deicidal plot.
Invisibility Stealth.png Invisibility As a natural illusionist and generally shy forest creature, blending into the environment is almost second nature.