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Player: @Drea

NAME: Gwenivere Harrington
ALIASES: Seaborne
BIRTHPLACE: Ocean City, California
OCCUPATION: Hero/Sidekick
AGE: 23
STATUS: dating Wipeout, sidekick to Hellfish(he tries to deny it)


Able to draw on and manipulate the ocean's deepest, darkest waters to varying degrees.


Can manifest and create a sort of electricity that can be used to varying effects.


A decided party girl, Gwenivere Harrington spent the late part of her high school years and the early part of her college years doing nothing but getting blitzed and getting into moderate amounts of trouble. It was all fairly harmless fun until she was on a party cruise at the age of eighteen and the boat was attacked by pirates. It's not something you would expect to happen outside of the movies. But half of the people on board were immediately thrown over, and Gwen was huddled behind a box awaiting her turn when the ship itself capsized; water began to spill into the boat and put everyone in peril. The appearance of the Vigilante known as Hellfish was their saving grace.

Never taking kindly to sea crimes, he started taking out pirates left and right with a minor focus on saving those who had been thrown overboard. Gwen was inspired, however, and started trying to muster her own force, finding out in a split second that if she'd just stopped smoking and drinking her brain into subdual that she could have accessed her powers years before. Water came from nowhere, seeming dark and ominous and wrapping around a few of the pirates, dragging them under much as Hellfish himself was doing, and Gwen began to spark electricity from her fingertips; in no time she felt powerful and was helping almost as much as their would-be Hero.


After that encounter — and after saving her fellow partiers, since Hellfish seemed less interested in that — Gwen became obsessed with becoming Hellfish's sidekick, tracking him down several times and pestering her way into being such... as much as he might deny it and avoid her at almost all costs. The mantle of Seaborne was wrapped around her shoulders, and she became a beacon for the former party-girls turned heroes; as few and far between as that might be. It also opened up avenues into meeting like-minded people, and before long she took up a relationship with a fellow water-based hero named Wipeout and after overcoming his narcissism and self-centeredness, they're now doing pretty well... though she still trawls his Herogram® to make sure he's not trying to flirt with random girls again.


A mutation that triggered early but was dulled by recreational drug and alcohol use; Gwen has power over seemingly ocean-themed powers. She kind of likes that it works out that way because she used to spend a lot of time in the water as a kid and even got nipped by a shark once.

Specifically, for some unknown reason, able to draw on dark water from the deepest known depths of the ocean and form it into varying shapes and blasts, Gwen utilizes the dark water manipulation to create terrifying images of dogs and other creatures, as well as blast her foes with water so dark it dulls the senses when encased.
The electricity that Gwen is able to control looks very similar to that of the deep ocean water she produces; dark and electrifying; it can be used to shock, encase, and hinder her foes in a varied manner of ways; it never seems to harm her, though.
Perhaps a side effect of her powers, et all, there is a near constant trail of bubbles emanating from Gwen at any given time. They follow her like little friends, and she seems both keenly aware of them and surprised whenever one pops up in equal measure.
Her boyfriend and confidante, at least when she can get him to stop talking about himself, Gwen loves Calvin, even if it's hard to admit it sometimes. He really is a good guy underneath it all and does good hero work. He sort of contrasts nicely to her subtle bubbly personality (and an outward sourpuss and standoffishness) with his outwardly cheery and very talkative personality.
Her mentor, though he'll deny it at every turn. Basically bullied into sometimes accepting Seaborne to go on jobs with him, Hellfish usually works alone and doesn't really like Gwen so much as he tolerates her because she's far too persistent for him to be pushing off all the time; he'd do nothing else if he tried. Either way, they make a somewhat dynamic duo.