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Player: @beaconess
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50+3
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Beverly Lemon
Known Aliases: November Yell
Species: Human
Age: 3 months / 20 yrs
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 lb
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Black American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Betrothed to Atarus
Known Relatives: Beaconess Lemon, Zillah Lemon
Known Powers
Willpower / Titan Weapon
Known Abilities
Conflict Blade or Blade of Conflict

Beverly Lemon possesses the powers and abilities of the godess Acanthis. Kidnapped at birth by the Talons of Vengeance and growing in Cimerora, Beverly never had the chance to live life, her mind suppressed by the goddess Acanthis. In the final battle with the godess, Sister Solaris mind linked Zillah with Beverly, who then cloned his mind into his daughter, suppressing Acanthis and preventing her ability to transfer to a new host. Beverly then temporarily shapeshifted into a physical clone of her father, but gradually became to behave less and less like Zillah and shifted back as she processed the experiences that Acanthis had while using her body as a host (having been the Beaconess of Acanthis), and as she gained new expereinces with heroes and villains in Paragon city.

Titan Weapons:Defensive Sweep, Titan Sweep, Build Momentum, Rend Armor, Whirling Smash, Follow Through, Arc of Destruction Willpower:High Pain Tolerance, Mind Over Body, Fast Healing, Indomitable Will, Rise to the Challenge, Quick Recovery, Heightened Senses, Resurgence, Strength of Will Fighting:Kick, Tough Teleportation:Combat Teleport Speed:Hasten Body Mastery:Conserve Power, Focused Accuracy, Physical Perfection Flight:Fly Set Bonus:Tiny Lethal, Smash and Mez Resistance x 4, Large Increased Health Bonus x 3, Moderate Increased Health Bonus x 3, Tiny Fire, Cold and Mez Resistance x 3, Ultimate Improved Recharge Time Bonus x 3, Ultimate Improved Recovery Bonus x 3, Huge Toxic, Psionic and Mez Resistance x 2, Large Improved Movement Bonus x 2, Large Improved Recovery Bonus x 2, Large Toxic, Psionic and Mez Resistance x 2, Moderate Improved Recharge Time Bonus x 2, Moderate Increased Damage Bonus x 2, Small Increased Health Bonus x 2, Ultimate Accuracy Bonus x 2, Ultimate Increased Damage Bonus x 2, Gargantuan Fire, Cold and Mez Resistance, Gargantuan Improved Recharge Time Bonus, Huge Endurance Discount, Huge Improved Regeneration Bonus, Huge Increased Damage Bonus, Large Accuracy Bonus, Large Critical Hit Bonus, Large Improved Regeneration Bonus, Large Increased Fire/Cold/AoE Def Bonus, Large Increased Melee/Lethal/Smashing Def Bonus, Large Lethal, Smash and Mez Resistance, Luck of the Gambler: Recharge Speed, Moderate Endurance Discount, Moderate Energy, Negative Energy and Mez Resistance, Moderate Fire, Cold and Mez Resistance, Moderate Improved Heal Bonus, Moderate Increased Energy/Negative Energy/Ranged Def Bonus, Moderate Knockback Protection Bonus, Reactive Defenses, Small Energy, Negative Energy and Mez Resistance, Small Improved Recovery Bonus, Small Knockback Protection Bonus, Small Lethal, Smash and Mez Resistance, Tiny Energy, Negative Energy and Mez Resistance, Ultimate Fire, Cold and Mez Resistance, Ultimate Increased AoE/Fire/Cold Def Bonus, Ultimate Increased Health Bonus, Ultimate Increased Lethal/Smashing/Melee Def Bonus, Ultimate Lethal, Smash and Mez Resistance, Ultimate Slow Resist, Ultimate Toxic, Psionic and Mez Resistance, Unbreakable Guard Accolades:Task Force Commander, Invader, Elusive Mind, Long Range Teleporter, The Atlas Medallion, Crey CBX-9 Pistol, Eye of the Magus, Freedom Phalanx Reserve, Marshal, Stolen Immobilizer Ray, High Pain Threshold, Demonic Aura, Geas of the Kind Ones, Force of Nature